Art Bell was one of my dearest and oldest friends. We had not spoken together for about a month before he died, but the friendship remained strong. I can recall how we first met. Through my publicist, he sent me a tape of his late night show, which was then in the process of breaking out into a national phenomenon. He had heard me on Larry King’s old late night radio show on the Mutual Network.

I don’t remember what subject was covered on the tape, but Anne and I both loved the ambience of the show, its sense of mystery and excitement, and Art’s voice. I agreed to be a guest, which was the beginning of a long association with the show and a deep friendship between me, Art, his first wife Ramona and my wife Anne.
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A message from Whitley Strieber: At 10:30 on the morning of Friday, April 13, Art Bell died. He passed away peacefully in his sleep, and there is at this time no known cause of death. The family had hoped to delay an announcement of his death, but the story was released by the Nye County Sheriff’s Office against their wishes.

Art was beloved of many millions of listeners and fans. He revolutionized late night radio with his famed show, Coast to Coast AM, which remains a popular feature on stations around the country, hosted by George Noory. He was also a dear friend of mine. We were born just three days apart in 1945 and over our 30 years of friendship we shared many wonderful hours together on the air and as friends in our private lives.
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Legendary radio host Art Bell is returning to the air on September 16 on Sirius XM Satellite Radio with a late-night program called ‘Art Bell’s Dark Matter.’ Art ended his regular hosting of Coast to Coast AM in 2002, and has not been on the air since Halloween of 2010. The show will air from 10PM to 1AM Eastern Time, and Art will have total freedom to do exactly what he wants. Unlike terrestrial radio, satellite broadcasts are not subject to the constraints imposed by regulatory authorities. The program will not compete directly with Coast to Coast AM, which starts nationwide as ‘Dark Matter’ leaves the air. ‘Dark Matter’ will cover the paranormal, UFOs, shadow people and all the wildness of the more

Whitley will be on Coast to Coast AM radio with Art Bell on Thursday, Janaury 4, starting at 11 p.m. Pacific time. He’ll be talking with Art about global warming, UFOs, his new novel The Grays and the new novel he is writing right now. This will be an exciting show, so don’t miss it!

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