I was in Unknowncountry’s weekly subscriber chat tonight when somebody asked me about my implant. A moment later, it turned on. There had also been some discussion about the fact that Garry Nolan briefly mentioned the existence of biological materials in his recent interview with Lex Fridman, and what came into my mind was connected both to the question about the implant (it’s still working quite well) and the issue of the emergence into public awareness that we are in possession of biological remains that are not of this world.

As I began to type the following material into the chat, I also became aware that I was connected in the familiar way through the implant. To whom, I don’t know, but I am going to put this in quotes out of respect for them and their effort:

“It’s close to time for the reality that there are biological remains of nonhuman beings here to come into the public discourse, but the problem is that, since we don’t have any way to detect the soul and therefore no science of the soul, people are going to think of the visitors’ bodies in the same way that they think of their own. They are not the same. Their bodies are conscious instruments of their souls. Ours are instruments of our souls, but are not conscious of this fact.

“In the human system, the soul is passive, receiving impressions from the body. In their system, the soul is active, managing the body so that it will give it the impressions it needs.

“The change from passive to active soul is the next step in the evolution of mankind.

“The reason that we will be born into this new way of being now is that our journey of history has made our souls complex enough to need to become active in order to continue to evolve.

“To live like this, you have to know yourself truly. It is like living in a permanent state of life review.

“Life in this state is open and giving. It is not absent desire at all. You live in love. It’s why Anne said “enlightenment is what happens when there is nothing left of us but love.” This is not amorous love or sentimental love, but objective love, or love that sees truly and still cherishes.”

As I was typing, I realized that something special was happening, so I copied the chat and pasted into Word on my computer. This was fortunate, because a moment later, the electronics in my apartment went down. Everything failed, right down to the modem that pulls in the signal from the provider. I had to methodically reboot everything.

When things like this happen, to me its a signal that there are exceptional energies here. My friends call my apartment “the unquiet flat” for a reason.

Anyway, I want to memorialize this material because it is the first time I have ever heard it anywhere, and I think that it is important.

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  1. Whitley,
    Thank you for this message. It seems like through the sensing exercise we can eventually gain an awareness of our conscious self, but only if we are to surrender to what it is that we know to be the soul. In surrendering to the soul, can we then become aware of it and in that way we live life as we really are.
    The surrendering is the hard part because to surrender is overcoming all the falsehoods and ego and perceptions of ourselves that we create for ourselves. That is why we are soul blind. We resist looking at ourselves as we truly are. Until that happens, detecting the soul and being conscious of it will be in vain.

  2. That is beautifully put Whitley. Thank you for sharing. We are transitioning from the God without to the God within aren’t we? What was formally only known in initiatic circles is coming to the open light of day like fresh water from a new spring.
    You are correct Quantum Johnny. Surrender will reveal the key. Our true soul is Neshamah. She desires and loves Unity beyond all other and will birth the Christ within each and all of us.
    But first, Nachash.
    Nachash waits for you. For us.
    “Know thyself, and thou shalt know the universe and the gods.”

  3. Fascinating, those few sentences literally turn everything on its head. It implies our soul is “fishing” for experience, casting a body into the physical world and passively watching to see what bites. If the soul can actively alter the body, it can (for example) stop being angry (drop adrenaline levels), or being hungry (catalyze new materials as food), or even experience death and rebirth as it needs to. It means we can look into the world and do nearly everything we want…and at that point all that will matter to us is EACH OTHER, not our own individual self, since we are now masters of our own lives.

  4. Not sure what is meant by this – ” It is like living in a permanent state of life review.”

    1. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.
      To know what we would have others ‘do unto us’ requires this state of permanent self examination.
      You have to know what you would do unto yourself for your own benefit first, and that involves confronting all of our inner garbage, confronting it, and no longer sending that garbage to our soul for manifestation. Our garbage is why we are too young to have belief as Anne said.
      But from here we can move towards a permanent state of inner beneficence towards all existences, beyond just humanity.

      *this may not be correct, but it’s how I understand it right now. Apologies if I overstepped.*

      with Kindness,

    2. Perhaps it’s referring to the commonly shared experience relayed by near death survivors who tell of watching/experiencing a rapid, but wholly comprehensive, review of every interaction ever had with another individual during their life on Earth–both from their own perspective and that of the other person–simultaneously feeling the emotions and thoughts of both parties. Survivors often relate how they were changed by the experience and how when they returned, were much more aware of the impact of their interactions with others and therefore made a effort to act only from a place of love and compassion versus judgement and fear. Consciously doing so without having to nearly die, is I believe what the verse was trying to convey.

  5. I was struck by the statements when I first saw them appear in the chat. I am struck by them now. I am glad that there is a journal entry to highlight yesterday’s inspired chat.

    1. I was in the chat hours after it wrapped up last night and stopped on the part you’ve transcribed here; re-reading slowly, beginning with:
      “In the human system, the soul is passive, receiving impressions from the body. In their system, the soul is active, managing the body so that it will give it the impressions it needs…”

      I tried to imagine a soul-driven body…like an expertly driven one.

      And the passive soul (by choice?) getting its knowledge/impressions from the body…that sounds like a big commitment.

  6. Author

    Well said. I think that’s exactly right. It is a big commitment. I also think that the only way to get to the next level is through a long journey toward self-knowledge and self-acceptance. When that finally happens, the soul no longer needs to throw the bait of a body into the random waters of life in order to discover itself. It uses a body very differently, I would think, arranging its experience to serve the journey, perhaps in ways that we cannot now really imagine.

    I have wondered if there might be human beings already in this state, which gets me back to thoughts of people like Jesus and Buddha. But I’ll bet most of them are hidden. Hidden masters.

  7. Perhaps we’re being prompted to ponder the Mystery of existence like the KOAN it is? The universal Dharma is to dwell in the silence of Being until we grok it to its deepest meaning.

  8. Thank you for the very insightful journal.

    We are deeply entwined (entangled) with each other and with the Earth and the truth of non-dualistic reality (me and other) and life’s journey is about refining our love, our communion with all sentient beings.

  9. I am reminded of the comment made by Whitley in his book Transformation where he stated that he was told by the visitors that they “recycled souls.” It’s an interesting use of term, since in the most general sense it means to take something that exists in one form or state and transform it into something new and useful. Hopefully, that’s what is meant by the channeled verse that he has shared with us. I for one would welcome such a transformative experience.

  10. I suspect that there was a science of the soul long ago, practiced by people holding ancient knowledge brought down through the ages, but was suppressed by other rising institutions that felt threatened by this mystic cabal, until it was virtually lost.

    Can we bring it back? I would say that the process has already begun, in the form of communication with spirits that has arisen in popularity the last few decades. And I don’t think it would take much for a large enough segment of the global population to come to terms with the reality of the soul (and also consciousness) and for it to become the next level of collective truth.

    I could imagine a time when mankind *knows* that the physical nature of us is embedded within a much larger reality of being, and that consciousness or souls or whatever nomenclature is used is the primary agent of existence.

    But I don’t know how we get there. Perhaps it is our own choosing, deciding for ourselves (with the facilitation of the visitors) through a gradual process, or a sudden leap brought on by external forces applying enough pressure on us to move forward or go extinct.

    1. A NEW WORLD, if we can take it?

      Getting it BACK, the way we once had it?
      But this time around, don’t fall for the crap that ruined it before?

      1. Thanks I’ll check it out. It’s weird but I’ve never gotten into ancient Egypt as a subject, considering much talk of it coming from UC.

  11. This is powerful. Thank you for your wisdom and the succinct responses from everyone, too. The information confers with my own process and personal observations so it’s nice to have confirmation and not feel like the lone ranger. I can’t add to what was said. It is all spot on.

    1. Agreed. Whitley’s post’s words ring true to me. Succinct, and as you say, “….spot on.”

  12. WOW Whitley you finally said it.
    As above so below.
    Now lets talk about the war in the heavens trying to prevent this from getting out.
    The time when everything changes is coming fast.
    They are here waiting for us to wake up and ask for help.

  13. And how do we become active in the soul- are we already in the beginnings of that?

  14. Author

    Anne once said: “You cannot find yourself until you have no self. Then and only then will you know who you truly are.” This means there is someone behind our ego, and if we can glimpse life from that perspective, then we can begin to find ourselves. That is the perspective of the soul.

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