Mike Clelland’s Unseen Podcast: Certified hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith explores the hidden memories of close encounter witnesses. She has been working with experiencers for over 30 years. Her work began with a focus on PTSD, and this soon overlapped with the UFO contact experience. Yvonne sees her work as a wayread more

Yvonne Smith and James P. Lough join us to tell of their work with close encounter witnesses. Yvonne founded CERO, the Close Encounter Research Organization, in 1992, and, as a certified hypnotherapist, has been working with close encounter witnesses ever since. Here, they open up as never before about what they think is really happening in the close encounter experience and why hybrids are real.

This is a powerful, provocative and shocking edition of Dreamland and is not to be missed.

To learn more about the Close Encounter Research Organization, click here.
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Ellen and Sam go into detail about their experiences during that high-strangeness night at the Coronado Hotel in San Diego. Listen as they compare notes with each other and tell Whitley about the experience of being abducted, and the shocking realization that they were not alone.

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Two weeks ago researcher Yvonne Smith took us through the Coronado Hotel mass abduction incident. In this program, two of the people who actually had the abduction experience while attending the conference tell us, for the first time, about their experiences in close encounter, and, in the second half of the show, the startling experience of being involved in one of the only documented mass abductions in history.

Ellen has had an implant removed by Dr. Roger Leir, and she describes that experience as well, and its fascinating and unexpected aftermath. Sam tells of many UFO experiences dating from childhood.
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