Alan Stivelman directed what might be the most beautiful documentary ever made on the subject of UFO contact, Witness of Another World. Whitley spoke with Alan about his powerful film, and this amazing interview is archived on Dreamland

Alan directed an earlier film in 2013, Humano. This is an intensely personal exploration into the mysteries of shamanism. It tells the heartfelt story of Alan’s poignant journey deep into the Andes, and deep into himself. His two films together make a remarkable combination, each telling a similar story of awakening and transformation. Both present the viewer with an odyssey of subtlety and compassion.

Humano is available on “Films for Action” for free, linked HERE, and Alan’s site is HERE.

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  1. Several weeks ago I heard Alan interviewed by Whitley and also watched ‘Witness of Another World’ and was amazed, and I am blown away once again today by ‘Humano’! It’s free folks, so don’t miss it! It will enrich your soul…Near the end of ‘Humano’ Placido, an indigenous shaman of Peru will talk about human slavery and a quest for ‘gold’ that is reminiscent of the Annunaki and Zecharia Sitchin’s ideas about the creation of humankind, but with a twist, and you will ponder Placido’s mention of a mother elephant that is not as out of place in the Andes as you may think. Thanks for this one, Mike!…And I awoke very early this morning this to an owl hoot-hooting away as well!

  2. This is a terrific interview and Humano is a wonderful documentary/film.

    By the way, there ARE (English) subtitles available, just turn them on in the settings on YouTube and VOILA!


    1. Yes, there are subtitles! Go down on the bottom right to CC of the video in YouTube. Not hard to use at all, and that’s how I viewed it.

  3. Cant find a copy with subtitles! looks like his new film could be ground breaking and hope at least has subtitles. Keep us posted on any news!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful….listening to Alan engages not only the mind but somehow the heart and soul too. Mike as always never missing the gems!

  5. It is also available on Amazon Prime with AP subscription. Amazing film. Thanks so much.

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