First, we spend half an hour with Dr. Jacques Vallee discussing the extraordinary new documentary “Witness of Another World,” made by director Alan Stivelman. Available for streaming now, it’s the story of an Argentinian gaucho who, as a boy, encountered a UFO in a field and simply walked on board. As Dr. Vallee investigated the case, he realized that it was one of the most incredible in his experience. He then returned to this man 40 years later and interviewed him again. What he discovered was emotionally powerfu, which you can hear in Dr. Vallee’s voice in this deep and searching interview.

Then, director Alan Stivelman tells us of the powerful experiences that led him to the Juan Perez story and to what happened in his and Juan’s lives after they met. Both men were profoundly changed by coming together and making the documentary, and the material about reconnecting a very isolated man with his roots, and finding there a new vision of the whole close encounter phenomenon is riveting and unforgettable.

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  1. Holy cow Whitley this show was AMAZING! Listen up free dreamlanders. I have listened to many interviews this filmmaker gave on other shows and they don’t come close to the one done here! In part because of the type of questions Whitley knows and intuits to ask! Let’s all dig deep and support in whatever way we can Whitley’s contribution to this field. Make a generous contribution $$ or become a member. Pretty please. This interview is akin to an epiphany!

  2. What kind of mark did Juan receive? I wish I knew what it looked like.

  3. Wow, I watched the movie on your recommendation, Thank You!

    So glad Juan found his way home. It really makes me understand what people like Mr. Strieber have struggled with, all these years.

    Whitley, you are truly a courageous soul, just what we need to understand this perplexing and intriguing (I was going to say, phenomenon). But, it is not like that at all.

    This is the human experience, the visitors are certainly here, no doubt. But, feel that WE define what their role is.

    Now, I realize what Phillip Corso said, “A new world– if you can take it.

    The term ‘take it’, can have several meanings…

    In this context, I don’t think it means ‘If you can endure it’. Rather, ‘Can you reach out and make it a part of you?’

    We must meet the Visitors half-way, and come from our natural place of power. Humanity is not the victim. The Visitors do not want abuse or subjugate us at all.

    They are looking for a dance partner.

  4. I’m so glad this interview happened. Plugging in to listen now. I thought that documentary was highly moving and luminously beautiful, and the wisdom of the Guarani Elders spot on.

    1. Yes, I agree with all the comments. The movie was very powerful, full of emotion and great wisdom.
      The interview with Alan added an additional depth to the whole story. Seeing this as a shamanic journey allows experiencers, like many of us listening to this, to gain new insights into what is happening in our own lives.

  5. This episode was Dreamland at its very best. I can’t wait to watch the documentary and have no doubt it will be as powerful an experience as described. The humility, intelligence and courage of each of these men – and I include Whitley, of course – radiating from this episode seems to me to be a clear illumination of the path forward.

    There was something present in this episode, just like, as Whitley said, Witness to Another World is as much a message from us as it is from the visitors. I don’t think that the timing of this broadcast and release of the documentary just days before Whitley’s new book about communication becomes available is coincidence.

    We lucky few who have made Dreamland part of our lives are truly blessed.

  6. What a blessed film this is. I bought it and will watch this from time to time, to help me reach out and remember connectedness.

    Juan looked familiar somehow; I won’t say more than that because I can’t be sure, but the way he’s lived his life since the encounters sounds so familiar.

    A wonderful film and please don’t hesitate to watch it.


  7. This is a spectacular interview from beginning to end. Dr. Jacques Vallee and Alan Stivelman, two remarkable people and surely two angels in the life experience for Juan Hernandez.

  8. The documentary is about Juan Pèrez. However, in the show description and throughout the show, Whitley refers to Juan as Juan Hernandez.

  9. Amazing interview and very believable. Mr Vallee comes across as very intimate with the subject matter, very passionate and emotional.
    Something incredible clearly occurred. I’ll watch the documentary.

  10. Finally finished the film. Not easy thing to as the subtitles sometimes get lost in the scene background and I had to rewind and replay often. and some have said it could have been much shorter and I agree. But I must say the over all theme is quite interesting well beyond the event nd personal development of Juan and film maker. The tribal descriptions of how are reality is constructed sounds like something our physicists are finally putting together. its not about matter or energy or the 4 dimensions we experience. We probably are not even aware of the tip of the ice berg of true reality. But this all begs the question – why was Juan the target of this? Why then? Why did it take this long to expose? Did Shakespeare’s players on he stage of life itself scripts get lost in the mail? Curious to see where the filmmakers next venture goes.

  11. Amazing interview! Will have to watch the film. I know personally so many people can’t talk about these things especially, with their families. So much judgement. No wonder some people are driven to live in isolation. Glad it sounds like Juan went thru a healing.

  12. This film is remarkable and I am DEEPLY touched by Juan. His sweet face stayed with me for days and his story has remained in my heart and mind. The director’s talent is sublime and I look forward to seeing much more of his work in the future.

  13. This is a very touching story! The documentary is superbly done and I must say one of the best I have ever seen!

    Juan’s story resonates with me on a deep level!

    The only thing I have found annoying in the interview is when Jacques Vallee, mentioned Juan’s credibility in referring to his grades in school . I find this narrow-minded among many researchers as they try to examine the credibility of a encounter witness. ( They want to know their grades, what their education level is, how much many they have in their bank accounts, what their occupation is etc.)

    If they do not fit in the narrow-minded world view then they are considered less credible.

    This is another reason why so many experiencers shy away from, sharing their stories for fear their lives will be picked apart and examined under a microscope.

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