Mike Clelland started a blog in 2009 to try to make sense of the odd experiences that were unfolding in his life. His writings were a sort of public diary, written in real time as the experiences were happening. All the clues pointed to one thing—ongoing UFO contact. Those blog posts defined a transformative chapter of his life, and are now in a book titled Hidden Experience, subtitled Collected writings from ten years of blogging 2009—2019, a personal journey of owls, synchronicity and UFO contact. The paperback and eBook is linked HERE.
This episode has a series of images to accompany the spoken words. These photos and illustrations will help tell the story. These companion images are lined HERE.
This is a follow up a previous episode where Mike shared a series of audio excerpts from his new book.
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  1. I laughed, I cried, I got the metaphysical chills several times-in other words a perfect experience for me. The tent incident sounded almost like the beginning of a shamanic journey. On 6.9.14 you had a post on your blog titled “the reoccurring message” regarding the connection between ufo experiences and shamanism. Have you ever purposefully done shamanic journeys?

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