Ron Johnson has had a lifetime of ongoing contact events, and it’s been a challenge to make sense of what he’s endured. His journey of understanding changed after an experience that involved the healing of a chronic back issue. After this, the fear disappeared, and he entered a new phase of contact. He has spent most of his life in rural Utah, and this lonely landscape is the backdrop for most of his unusual experiences.

Beyond his personal memories of contact, he is also a paranormal investigator and Bigfoot researcher. In this episode, Ron shares some remarkable UFO sightings, as well as some highly charged dreams—and a lot more.

This is Part 5, the final episode in a series of interviews. It has required a lot more than one hour to cover the full expanse of Ron’s experiences His previous episodes are posted on The Unseen page.

His site is Utah Bigfoot Files, linked HERE

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  1. Oh yes!!! This is great!! The more the better!!! Thank you Mike and Ron! I wonder if Ron gets any messages about the earth/environment….where we are heading. 🙏🏾💖🌲

  2. This series has been absolutely incredible. My thanks to Mike and Ron for an amazing, thought provoking series. Ron, your bravery is inspiring. Mike, your light touch on these interview is perfect. You did a wonderful job of allowing Ron to speak while gently guiding the conversation.

    Gentlemen, we can’t thank you enough.

  3. Author

    Thank you for all the positive feedback.

    As I have said in the audio, I was wary to take on a multi-part series without knowing how many episodes would be needed. The whole thing is 6 hours and 20 minutes long. I was relieved when listeners chimed in and said they were enjoying the series. Ron read the comments too, and I know he is grateful.

    A few people had strong doubts about Ron’s honesty, and that is fine. His experiences are SO overwhelming and SO numerous that it could be seen as impossible (or unlikely). You add bigfoot and Jesus into the mix, and it gets even stranger.

    All I can say is I know Ron very well, and I trust him. Also, I’ve met with several of the researchers he has worked with, MarLee Spendlove, Elaine Douglass, and Tracy Austin. I knew Elaine well, and she did not suffer fools, so if she suspected Ron was deceiving her she would have dropped him as a friend, and made her opinions public.

    It has been a wonderful honor to allow Ron the safe space, and public platform, to share his experiences.

    Thank you,

  4. Love this format. Thanks for taking the time to tell Ron’s story in depth.

  5. This was so awesome! I have listened to some of the episodes twice, hear something new each time. Mike, you are a great interviewer! And I feel like I know Ron well now. I hope we hear more from him.

  6. Mike, You’re the first person I heard to describe the same kind of UFO I saw. My partner and I saw a light in the sky that appeared to be square-ish. When it started twisting and turning, I noticed it was paper thin! This was in Portland, Oregon.
    I immediately posted it on Facebook! 😆 Here’s the post:

    Posted to FB 31 Aug 2016
    I saw a UFO in Portland on Sunday!!!!
    (On 28 Aug, 2016)

    Amanda and I were walking through our neighborhood just after sunset, around 8:05 or so. Sunlight was still illuminating the sky and cast some orange lining on wispy clouds. I’ll admit that we had been drinking and were not actually sober. But we saw the same thing, mostly.

    I looked up at what I thought was a drone hovering above us. It looked about the size of one of the professional drones that are 3 feet wide. It was hovering about 30-40 feet above the roof top of a house off of SE Gladstone St between SE 27th and SE 28th Ave.

    As I looked closer for drone propellers, I realized it was slowly turning upside down. It was thin like a deflated mylar balloon. To my wife it also looked thin but she saw a glowing red diamond shape, like a kite but glowing like a flame. I saw a black, amorphous object with four or so red lights shining out of it. The red lights appeared to flash randomly as though they were just reflecting off of a red metallic surface as the object rotated. This was past sunset though, so I don’t know where such a bright, direct light would’ve been coming from.

    I then noticed that the object was fluttering like a flat weightless ash rising out of a fire. After it turned upside down it’s right side rose, then it wobbled so it’s left side rose like the random movements of a falling piece of paper. But it wasn’t falling. It was hovering. Amanda saw this movement too.

    We both saw it pick up velocity in the southbound direction and leave the area quite swiftly. I believe it went in a straight line and was about 50 feet above the ground. The fluttering movements didn’t speed up or change. They remained graceful and almost care free as we watched it travel at a constant altitude over the roof tops. Since it wasn’t very high we couldn’t track it for long. Houses and trees soon obstructed our view. It was surprising how much distance it gained so quickly. I was wondering if it was just getting smaller or further away because it covered a lot of ground in little time. The fluttering motion didn’t make sense either because nothing I know could flutter so peacefully at such a rate of acceleration.

    If I was to force known physics onto this thing I would say it was a mylar balloon suddenly caught in a super strong wind pattern that swept it away. But the air was still that night. The tree tops were still. It was a warm, sunny summer day with a calm beautiful dusk. And it had been hovering at first, without falling.

    So weird. I have no idea what that could have been.

  7. Thanks for this series of interviews Mike and Ron. I have enjoyed listening to your experiences Ron. Makes me think mine are hardly worth mentioning, though there are a few similarities. I too have had vivid dreams of “flying” a vehicle or travelling in one where the front is missing and the view ahead is unobstructed. One dream involved travelling deep into space and having a feeling of intense loneliness.
    Ron’s description of the Big Foot sighting is intriguing. My body was suddenly filled with electric energy when listening to you recall the event. In reflecting on Whitley’s experience in 2019 at the Little Pine Reservation and his vision of another world I wonder if what Ron was seeing were creatures who can move back and forth between the worlds. Here one moment and gone the next. Was the message Ron received to stay back from the creatures intended to protect them or himself lest he enter that world and never return to this one?
    In this time of uncertainty and stress, listening to Ron’s recounting of events, whether real or imaginal, was a welcome break.
    Rickety Man

  8. I had to go back and listen to this podcast again. Ron describes an incident where a tiny visitor appears in his home and stands in the shadows observing him and then disappears when he goes to investigate. Thinking about Ron’s DNA contributions earlier in his life, maybe, I’m speculating here, that visitor was one of his offspring who came by to peek in on his Dad. I don’t know if you have children Ron, but I think you would be a great dad.
    Take Care Ron
    Rickety Man

  9. The Centauri’s were major characters in the 90’s scifi TV show Babylon5.

  10. Thank you Ron for this series of interviews. THEN, when you spoke of a BROWNIE, I was reminded of this.

    One of the most surprising readings Edgar Cayce gave was to an oilman seeking help finding a new oil field. The man asked if he should seek the help of a person in New York City or another in London, to which Cayce replied,

    “Rather had the entity best listen to the voices from within, that present themselves as the activities about the (((entity-or brownies.”)))

  11. Phenomenal interview, thank you Mike for doing it like this. And thank you Ron for sharing your experiences. So much of it mirrors my own experiences. And that has truly meant alot to me. I will definitely be listening to all 5 again.

  12. Wonderful set of interviews. I hope Ron returns, but next time could you PLEASE turn up his volume? I had my speakers on max and could still barely hear him!

  13. Ron’s experiences are another testament to the complexity of the UFO phenomenon. Religion, mythology, and death all seem to play a role here or at least that is what is being projected. That is what I have found in my own experiences. Thank you both for a wonderful series and I hope we will get updates from Ron in the future. I’ll be waiting for sure.

  14. This was a great series of programs. In particular, I love the manner Ron can relate the almost mythical skycap and terrain of Utah with its remote roads and distant mountain ranges into the rich fabric of his experiences. He mentions the exact route numbers of roads and the precise direction of when a craft appeared, like coming from the northeast on one occasion with his neighbor on his front lawn.

    Spiritually, since a child I’ve always understood directions and co-ordinates along with features across particular terrains to have important numinous connections to different realms. The Indians who used to inhabit these areas would know all these portals into other realms which very few would know nowadays.

    Ron’s experiences reminded me about how we’ve almost lost that sense of connecting to the Earth’s vibes that lend us into those other realms, where other possibilities can occur.

    It was truly a magical series of talks that certainly pushed my mind towards the endless frontier with bot a sense of curiosity and wonder. I sincerely hope that Ron finishes his book and also has more podcasts talks over the years.

  15. I don’t know what it is about listening to Ron’s stories… maybe it is the depth in his voice but whatever the true cause, I feel enthralled yet utterly calm at the same time, whilst listening. It may be because it has gone 2:30 in the morning now but having listened to this final part, my mind is singing with silence, as if I have just finished a long meditation.

    We need more people like Ron in the world…and more of us to listen to and contemplate the many levels of his experiences. I can almost feel a warmth, like I’ve been listening to it across a camp fire…I can’t wait to come back, if he has more to tell.

  16. Would love to hear more in depth experiences about abductions. I have no memory of being abducted but have had some odd experiences that sound very familiar and not unlike the descriptions of most ‘experiencers.’ I would just love to hear more please.

  17. This was great! Thank you Mike and Ron! I really enjoyed this. I have had several similar experiences and I appreciate hearing details that help me feel validated. Really, really awesome gentlemen!

  18. What a privilege it was to listen to these interviews. Softly spoken and unassuming though he is, Ron has had incredible experiences and Mike guided him through his stories with class and aplomb. Where on earth do you go from here when “up” has already been reached?

  19. Thank you Mike and Ron for this series of interviews. I appreciate your courage and integrity In sharing a lifetime of experiences.

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