Ron Johnson has had a lifetime of ongoing contact events, and it’s been a challenge to make sense of what he’s endured. His journey of understanding changed after an experience that involved the healing of a chronic back issue. After this, the fear disappeared, and he entered a new phase of contact. He has spent most of his life in rural Utah, and this lonely landscape is the backdrop for most of his unusual experiences.

Beyond his personal memories of contact, he is also a paranormal investigator and Bigfoot researcher. In this episode, Ron shares some remarkable experiences with animals, as well as his dreams. Ron also tells a series of unsettling contact experiences—and a lot more.

This is Part 4 in a series of interviews. It has taken more than one hour to cover the full expanse of Ron’s experiences His previous episodes are posted on The Unseen page, and Part 5 will be next week.

His site is Utah Bigfoot Files, linked HERE

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  1. Fabulous – I will really miss listening to Rob when this series is finished.

    A couple of points that resonated with me….

    1). The first time I tried to induce an OBE, I had a vision of a light being standing in the doorway of my bedroom…and just prior to that. I was floating in the room and was able to see everywhere about me at once – 360 degrees. When I think about it now, I can hardly comprehend that kind of sight but at the time, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world – I didn’t force it, it just happened.

    2). Years ago I had a hyper-vivid dream, where I got the chance to fly a UFO. It was a gun metal colour from the outside but from inside, the top section of the ‘front’ half (where all the control panels and symbols were), was transparent – I could see the neighbours houses through it, as it sat in the back garden. The controls in this thing were telepathic and I sat on the floor when I flew it….straight up, then down and over the houses…certainly not to the edge of the Milky Way – I don’t think I even managed 100 metres!

    Compared to the ocean of Ron’s experiences, mine feel like a single drop, wrung out of a cloth.

  2. So happy to hear another episode with Ron Johnson. Excellent interviews.

  3. Great podcast! But I was wondering,
    did you ever ask Ron why he was supposed to be transporting frozen humans to another dimensional planet? Did he ever ask his teachers about that?

    1. “why he was supposed to be transporting frozen humans to another dimensional planet? “..I so agree Robert. I was surprised that this was just passed over like it’s not shocking

  4. What an absolutely great show, this guy is fascinating and Mike is a fantastic interviewer. Really enjoying this series!

  5. Hi Helen, I have found him on Facebook but didn’t think it was appropriate to post a direct link to his profile here, without permission. Just do a search for people with his name…there a quite a few…but not many educated at ‘Mira Costa High School’ 😉

    1. If he has a public Facebook page, it is ridiculous not to give us a url so we don’t have to look through a long list of Ron Johnsons to find his profile. Give me a break!

      1. Yes, you have a point. But I just question then, why it wasn’t included as a link in the description.

        But since you don’t believe his story anyway, what do you care whether it’s posted or not? Other than to post a gripey comment just for the sake of it. Or perhaps for the good of the community? Give me a break… if you thought that, you would have taken the small amount of effort it takes to find and posted it yourself.

  6. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe all this, even though it is entertaining. I feel he jumped the shark when he said that Bigfoot prays to Jesus.

    1. I agree that the part about Bigfoot praying to Jesus was a stretch…but didn’t that happen as part of a dream, or vision? I would have to listen back to it again to be sure…but if it were, that would be subject to all sorts of personal beliefs and symbolic overlay, wouldn’t it (and should accordingly be taken with a grain of salt)? However, Ron’s ‘real life’ sightings, I find compelling and find them harder to dismiss, so I am trying not to throw the baby out with the potentially tainted bathwater.

    2. Why not? If Jesus is a link with the Almighty, why not?
      We are all linked with the One.
      Years ago, I saw a criticism of praying to Mary. Catholics get a lot of undeserved abuse about praying to Mary. FYI—- None of them think of her as God.
      The reason they pray to her is the same as going to someones mother to put a good word. In for you..
      What son cannot listen to his mother?
      Life is a continuum. We are all one.

  7. Very moving and accessible. All of this information is so valuable. Thank you, Ron, for opening your soul to us.

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