Bert Janssen is an author, crop circle researcher and flamboyant story teller—yes, thats what it says on his site, and that’s accurate! His most recent book is The Organizing Principle, with the subtitle, There are No Coincidences. 

This is a high energy conversation about the power of synchronicities, crop circles, Carl Jung, squaring the circle, and a lot more.

Bert produced a set of videos to accompany the books, and he carefully explains some of the very strange geometries that are embedded in crop circles and ancient sites, and there are a lot of visuals to help better understand the complex designs. (videos linked HERE, and Bert’s site HERE)

If you liked this show, there’s a previous interview from 2013, on the podcast series Hidden Experience. Bert, his wife Heather and Mike talk about a tangled cluster of strange events during one of their tours in England.

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  1. Mike, so glad you are back! Really missed hearing your interviews. This is a great interview. BUT, did you notice what happened here? The fact you forgot to introduce Janssen at the beginning reflected your discussion on how the present can affect the past. In fact, it was exactly at the moment when you guys were talking about this that you suddenly remembered you forgot to introduce your guest and had to go backwards, as it were, to introduce him! I think it was a marvelous synchronicity.
    Also, his name is misspelled right next to his picture.

  2. Mike I made a couple of comments today on Red Pill Junkie. You may not see them because I was a week late.
    The main idea I wanted Whitley and you to consider is the addition of Red Pill Junkie to your Podcast stable.
    This person is wise, erudite, interesting and brings another dimension to this site that will only benefit the site and add a whole bunch of subscribers to it. Thanks for all Whitley and you do. You both have no idea of the anchor you both are to the conversation of the Unseen.

  3. The book that Janssen’s friend bought for him seems to be a Dutch translation (titled “De Meesters van het Verre Oosten,” rather than De Wijze Meesters…) of a 6-volume work, “Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East,” by the British-and-American Baird T. Spalding. Some portions available in Swedish and in French, too, according to Various Web sites can be Googled about him & his writings, or referencing his work.

  4. Mike
    Really miss your interviews. Why is it on hiatus? Hope you are OK.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Author


    I have been swallowed up in some personal work, and this has taken up a lot of my time. I will be getting back to recording the interviews soon.

    Part of it has been the news and the ongoing issues with the virus. It has left me feeling overwhelmed, and it’s been tough to get motivated.

    I apologize to everyone.

    There should be a new episode up this week!


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