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Author and researcher Preston Dennett is here to talk about his most recent books, The Healing Power of UFOs  and Schoolyard UFO Encounters. Both these powerful book force the reader to consider the overall agenda of the UFO occupants. Something is playing out with an very specific purpose. Preston speaks at length about the hundreds of strange cases that make up these two important books.

Find out more about Preston at his site, linked HERE.

Also, here’s Preston’s 2017 interview with Whitley on his book Inside UFOs.

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  1. Hi Mike! YOU ARE AWESOME!….but why so many typos? I noticed in your book too. Don’t mean to be annoying…..just a weird thing I noticed. I loooove your show, thank you so much. You are perfect. Except for the typos ;)…haaaa

    1. Author

      Jennifer, I fixed the typos! Sorry about that. Thanks for the kind words.


      1. 😉 You really are amazing. I’m so happy there is another high quality podcast to listen to. They are hard to find! Thank you again. Sorry for being so critical of typos :+)

  2. I always look forward to listening to your podcast. The folks that you interview are fascinating. I am looking for the link where you interviewed Preston before but cant find it. Keep up the great work.

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