Laura Bruno has had a lifetime of remarkable experiences. She talks with Mike about overcoming debilitating brain trauma and dedicating her life to helping others heal. She has used her psychic and intuitive skills to resolve soul wounds that hold us back from our full potential. In this episode she does a mini astrology reading for Mike, to help him to better understand his own life experiences. 

Laura is a medical intuitive consultant, tarot reader, Reiki healer, astrologer, artist and life coach. She’s also a Reiki Master Teacher and provides certification classes for novices and master teachers. She offers soul readings, intuitive life path assessments and general intuitive guidance for career, and relationships.    

Laura is the creator of Lyme Journal: A Guided Recovery Workbook and Reiki Level 2 Symbols: A Guided Practice Journal. She also wrote a book about her own health experiences: If I Only Had a Brain Injury, with the subtitle: A TBI Survivor and Life Coach’s Guide to Chronic Fatigue, Concussion, Lyme Disease, Migraine or Other “Medical Mystery.” Her guided journals are available on Amazon and you can order If I Only Had a Brain Injury HERE.

Her blog is titled, simply enough, Laura Bruno’s Blog.


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  1. I am still getting advertisements for “Dreamland” even though I am a subscriber and definitely logged in. A bit annoying especially since I am enjoying this interview very much. Keep the great content coming Mike/Whitley. is my first podstop these days 💓

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  5. Same issues. A subscriber but only get free shows for Unseen and Dreamland. The adverts are informative, but I would enjoy skipping them over 😀 thanks.

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  7. Wonderful show. I really like its conversational nature. It is important to me that you have a personal relationship with your guests. It adds a great deal of depth and meaning to the story. Laura’s story was very compelling, very interesting. I look forward to hearing more, when she returns.

    I would also encourage you to continue to tell your stories, repeating them over and over. As your base of listeners grows, New listeners will be hearing the stories for the first time. So… Repetition is good. :-).

    Whitley repeats his stories many times, and I am always appreciative of the fact that he is willing to tell these stories over and over again, so that some of the finer points, and some of their nuances can sink in over the course of time. The repetition is important.

    Great job!

    1. I second this sentiment! And btw, all-that-is appears to be playing divine sounds through each of your voices, such a wonder-full effect! Thanks for reading your own text Michael, and Laura if you can also, please read your books for things like (if you haven’t already). Such relaxed maturity and spontaneity, music to many ears on many levels!

      PS Any thoughts on the text “Healing Lyme ” by Stephen Buhner? Looking forward to (hearing an audible version of?) the mystic side of lyme disease/text mentioned in the show (if available/forthcoming, apologies if this was discussed and I missed it).

      1. Thank you, Stephen and Jesse. I noticed that about the sound frequencies, too. Very musical! I have not recorded any of my books to date, but might at some point. Thanks for reaffirming the idea.

        I think Stephen Buhner’s great. He really gets the trauma pathways aspect of Lyme, and he has very good insights into herbs. My take is more mythic and initiatory than his, but there’s a fair amount of overlap. Some of my clients have had good results with his protocols, others not … which just confirms there’s more going on than just the physical. Always. 🙂

  8. Michael, forgive me, but I cannot believe you take all these New Age practitioners seriously and give them a public forum. Lyme disease is a horrible disease. To equate it to some sort of spiritual awakening is almost obscene. But hey, I was trounced on Whitley’s forum for not being a New Ager, since I guess that is a prerequisite around here. Really sad.

    1. I’m sorry you feel that way, William. I can assure you that I in no way trivialize the horrible experiences of my Lyme clients. I nursed my (then) husband through Chronic Lyme, and I also survived my own infection with Lyme. It IS a brutal, existentially crushing disease, and I do not take that lightly.

      The emails I receive from people who’ve read my writings on Lyme disease, as well as comments from clients with advanced, Chronic Lyme, share a sense of relief, a “clicking in,” profound gratitude, and a feeling of finding the blessings and especially the Meaning within the trauma. It’s like Victor Frankl’s ability to survive his concentration camp experience by finding meaning.

      Those I know who have completed the “initiation” for lack of a better term, are living deeper, more joyful and meaningful lives than they ever imagined they could prior to Lyme. That in no way invalidates the journey or the scars they acquired along the way, but those soul wounds also triggered much deeper healing and inner peace.

      I realize how from a superficial look, other people would consider me a New Ager, but I am actually NOT a proponent of New Age fluffy luv-n-lite. I find it toxic, disabling and disempowering, but I’ve learned not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Some tools and concepts, taken much deeper, can heal in profound and loving ways. “Know thyself” is powerful advice and balm, and sometimes it helps to have someone reflect that self back to you. I consider this sacred work, and I wish you well.



      1. For clarity, I define “New Age” as diluted and distorted Mystery Teachings that people swallow because of the “truth signature” while not discerning that there may be poison and lies tagging along for the ride. At its worst, luv-n-lite callously victim-shames and/or spiritually bypasses opportunities for real growth. True Love and True Light nurture and heal, whereas New Age platitudes act more like a sugar rush and/or superfoods laced with toxic heavy metals. Not a fan!

  9. Great show, and how sweet to be able to listen to Mike´s lovely interviews in this format now!

    [I´ve been dabbling just a little with astrology and since you´ve been open with your birth data, Mike, I couldn´t help myself checking out the asteroids “Minerva”(Athena) and “Glauke”-a version of the greek word for owl- in your chart. So… Minerva sits close by Neptune -(one degree away) and they are making a nice triangle (“Grand trine”) to Jupiter/Chiron that Laura B. was talking about as well.
    This is sort of as could be expected but still very cool. Astrology is really all just one big synchro :)…. BTW I have a Grand trine in Water almost at the same place. One more reason I´m hooked on your stuff probably:D ]

    1. * ….the other point of the triangle would be Glauke* sorry missed that!

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