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One of the all time great UFO researchers, Preston Dennett, returns to Dreamland to tell us about his research into contact experiences. In his new book, he discusses ten new cases that he has researched, ranging from a friendly meeting with a Nordic to some remarkable encounters with various forms of being that attempted to explain power drives and to give messages about our world. There’s even a provocative and bizarre time travel story!

The theme seems to be that we already have the ability to understand very advanced forms of propulsion and much more, but we are filtering it out.

Whitley asks Preston, given that he has been researching this field for 30 years, what he now thinks is going on and where it will lead. Also, what do government insiders actually know, and if confirming information ever is to be disclosed, where will it come from?

This provocative show is a must listen!

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  1. Fascinating show Whitley.
    Fascinating show Whitley. Because of your background you bring out the best in your guests. Hope someday you’ll have Joan Ocean on. When U do, It’ll be interesting to see what she remembers to tell U, that We wouldn’t normally get to hear about.

  2. This was an outstanding show!
    This was an outstanding show! Preston appears to be extemeley talented at getting to the core issues from his contactees. Very well done. Absolutely facinating. I am compelled to look at his books and devour them all. Way to go, once again Whitley. I would enjoy another visit with him on Dreamland if you can swing it.

  3. I agree with everything
    I agree with everything @julianna said. A return interview would be most welcome.

  4. Next year on Dreamland is the
    Next year on Dreamland is the Year of the UFO, so we’ll have him back for sure!

  5. I see the orbs on and off
    I see the orbs on and off over the years, they are a dirty white light kind of yellowish. I also have memories of riding in craft with translucent walls to where I can see the tree tops, talking to the occupants about philosophy. Though I have night terrors waking up in the middle of the night. I guess I’m still having issues with all this.

  6. Whitley, I am really looking
    Whitley, I am really looking forward to next year as, “Year of the UFO.” This should be a VERY energetic/informative year. As a matter of fact since you have put that thought into your intentions, I would not be surprised to see increased activity with the ‘VISITORS’ in your own life.

    Preston Dennett, I am also looking forward to your next ‘DREAMLAND’ interview.

  7. Whitley, this is yet another
    Whitley, this is yet another blockbuster of an interview! Preston Dennett, you are amazing.

    Yet over time I am more uncertain and confused. These experiences — and likewise those detailed by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke — seem to imply various kinds of ETs, traveling in star ships, from different solar systems or galaxies.

    On the other hand, the experiences are intertwined with OBEs, NDEs, teleportation, and other seemingly psychic phenomena. So how do the two relate?!

    And are the ETs actually separate races, or future humans, or spirits? In one recent program with the director of FREE, he saw energy and aliens, but his wife saw angels. What exactly is going on here…? :/

  8. For me this represents some
    For me this represents some of the dangers and pitfalls for people who are interested in the UFO phenomenon. Dennett is one of those who think that the aliens (whether grays, nordics, whatever) are here on an altruistic mission to save humanity. His stories are about aliens who cure people, share advanced technology, and offer mind-expanding experiences. There’s even the suggestion that they can fulfill (or at least arouse) our deepest romantic fantasies. But it’s hard to take all of this seriously. The story he told about somebody who was confronted by an alien who had “Arab” or “Middle Eastern” features was particularly disturbing. I’m sure I’m not the only person who felt that this story fetishized people of “other” racial backgrounds. (The teller of the story and the presumed listeners are obviously white.) Dennet’s continual, nervous laughter shows that he himself isn’t comfortable with the ideas he’s pushing forward.

    Why do we continually give away our power in the stories we tell about ourselves and others? UFOs and aliens are about as alternative as you can get, and yet we replicate age-old paradigms of powerlessness in the stories we tell about them. People are really enamored of the idea that aliens will somehow save us from ourselves, because that lets us off the hook. We don’t have to take any responsibility for our present or our future. They’ll fix it for us. (If they don’t actually fix it, they know what’s better for us.) I for one don’t buy any of that. I think the aliens have their own agenda and are here for their own purposes. Wherever they came from, it was at the expense of time, energy, and other resources that could be spent in many other ways. If they chose to spend it coming here, I think it’s safe to presume that they are doing it because they think it will benefit them in some way. They did not travel half way across the multiverse on a Peace Corps mission. It’s time for us to grow up and to stop conceptualizing aliens like they are father figures or all-mighty lords holding our destiny in their hands.

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