On this episode we will explore magic with my guest Michael M. Hughes. 

Michael calls himself a “magical thinker” and he shares the experiences that shaped his outlook on the deepest of mysteries.

Michael is both a ceremonial magician and stage magician, and well versed in the history of magical traditions. He’s also an author and political activist. His books include the horror trilogy titled Blackwater Lights, and the 2019 book titled Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change.

For more on Michael and his work, his site is linked HERE.

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  1. please – you and Whitley – stay OUT of politics. What if you’re WRONG and this is the path for America?

    1. Lisa, you might be more comfortable living in China & listening to their broadcasts.

  2. Author

    Lisa, I knew full well this might be a “hot” topic, and I worked hard to frame this interview in a very neutral way. I believe strongly in free speech, and Michael Hughes did something bold. I don’t need to agree with his motives or views to find his story fascinating. I could just as easily talk with someone on the opposite side of political fence, and I wouldn’t add personal judgment to the interview. Actually, I’m purposefully lining up some guests to balance out this most recent show. Thank you for your comment.

    1. Mike, I appreciate your attempts at trying to make an appeal to balance in an effort to defend the choice of guests while ultimately lamenting that you feel a need to do so. Perhaps it is the general level of incivility we are currently experiencing in this country (and perhaps world-wide) at the moment. There is certainly far too much tribalism (of the bad kind) and demonization of ‘the other’ going on at the moment.

      Now before most of you reading this start agreeing with me too earnestly I should say that I lean squarely to the right on many (if not most) issues so I am coming at this from the other end in comparison to most people on this site.

      Despite not agreeing with pretty much anything Mr. Hughes said in relation to politics I am nonetheless eager to listen him to broaden my understanding of the variety of the ways in which human beings interpret and understand their existence – and perhaps enrich my own.

      1. Author

        Reply to Corvinus,

        I very much had people like you in the forefront of my mind while creating this podcast. Michael’s story is remarkable and I didn’t want to offend anyone by letting him tell it.

        Michael and I spoke before doing the recorded interview. I was very concerned his public stunt would come across as something angry and mean—but after talking, I realized his motivations, while sincere, were playful. I feel we both kept the discussion light hearted.

        I feel strongly that there needs to be an open dialog in our country, without sinking to heated emotions and rage.

        For me, this was a FUN interview!

        1. @ Mike Clelland…

          You’re right…Micheal Hughes definitely did *not* come across as angry. He is intelligent and compassionate, and he has a very playful side. He’s also incredibly articulate about the connectivity within creation and between all creations. Thank you for doing this interview with him.

  3. Another excellent interview. As Michael and Mike pointed out, spirituality and politics are conjoined, as well they should be. If anyone finds the interview offensive they can surely just turn it off. I appreciate this site because of the different viewpoints.

  4. As a liberal Christian open to metaphysics, I do *not* thank Mr Hughes for feeding the fires of fundamentalist fear by invoking demons in his (otherwise good) binding spell. Stunts like this get jackasses like Jim Bakker and Pat Robertson to work their followers into a frenzy. I enjoyed the D&D nostalgia (I was playing it in college during that same period!) and UFO experiences; but I am concerned Mr Hughes helped revive satanic panic: and that is counterproductive. I *did* appreciate his and your magical view of the Universe, in which we all are bound together. Thanks for a fascinating interview. Well done, Mr Mclelland!

    1. The Jim Bakers and Pat Robertson’s are your responsibility to handle. Maybe you should burn a few candles to save their souls from backing the demon called Donald Trump.

    2. The problem with the current politico-evangelicals is their inability to ever laugh at themselves, even a little bit. The rigidity and inflexibility of their thought processes, and their fear-based orientation, pretty much assures that. I, for one, am glad that Michael Hughes, and others who are party of the binding spell effort, aren’t tip-toeing around in secrecy and letting these politico-evangelicals intimidate them into silence. I hope you can get there for yourself, Michael 144000; don’t be afraid of their smear tactics and take them to task for it, from within the framework of your faith.

  5. This was the best podcast I’ve heard this year. Ya’ll hit the nail on the head at the end there. I think you are going to have difficulty finding anyone on the right wing that is as profound and open-minded as Michael.

  6. Wonderful show! Loved his Light sense of humour and the world wide binding spell. We need all the help we can get with The Donald! If this is THE path for America then surely it is making the choice for Light or making the choice for Darkness.

  7. If this spell is keeping the mad man lost soul from completely ruining are country then I am appalled to think where we’d be without it! we need HIM to find love and self worth!

  8. Being an independent and not liking either party I usually avoid any sort of political discussion like the plague.

    Reading some of these comments I almost did not listen to this .

    What a stupid mistake that would have been.

    I learned a lot about magic and true spirituality.

    I especially realize now how limited I was thinking and that It’s not just about how river pollution will affect little me. It is also about how it affects the river’s true
    essence /being or whatever we want to call it.

    My one objection is to the author having to explain himself for having interesting guests!

    1. I understand what you mean about almost not listening based on the comments. I almost shied away on that basis, as well. But as you say…what a mistake *that* would have been, lol! I’m so glad that you listened…and, you apparently did *listen.* You got the point, the main point, of Hughes’ message, IMO. Good for you!

  9. I really liked this interview, thank you.

    So, as I am reading this from https://www.ancient-origins.net/ last night and trying to understand the seemingly magic surrounding the ‘Ark of the Covenant,’ I am left wondering just what the heck the ARK was all about other then what is described in the BIBLE? Did David and Solomon both know how to access ALL the power it contained? Could they have actually called up entities living in other dimensions? Some of this suggests new information for me. FACT OR FICTION??????? WILLIAM HENRY, help us to understand this.
    As Wise as Solomon: The Powerful King Who Magically Ruled Israel…….

    “As for manpower, Solomon conscripted slaves from non-Israelite tribes, including the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites. When the Temple was completed and the Ark of the Covenant placed within the Holy of Holies, Solomon celebrated by offering a sacrifice of 22,000 oxen and 120,000 sheep. After that, there was a feast lasting 14 days.”
    “Considering the Temple was an architectural marvel, it is no wonder that some of the later legends about Solomon revolve around it, one of which being the king’s use of demons for its construction. The story of how Solomon gained the power to control demons can be found in a pseudepigraphic work known as the Testament of Solomon.”


  10. This was a stunning interview in which I was fully engaged and that referenced my own path with ancestors, candle work, tarot, trans-dimensional and UFO encounters and of course, actually seeing the Trump Biding Ritual performed on YouTube in 2016. This interview is absolutely stellar! Please ignore the naysayers and just listen.

  11. What a nice gift. It starts out a bit on the slow side, this interview. But it gets better all the way through…and the last 15 minutes or so really focused down on the main point: how connected we all are.

  12. I love hearing open minded & open hearted humans having these conversations! Absolutely incredible interview! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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