Is there a difference between synchronicity and magic?

Alan Abbadessa Green has been at the forefront of the realm of the Syncromsitics. This is not the stuff of dry academics, his approach is both creative and lively. His insights come from his own direct experiences with powerful synchronicites.

Alan runs a website focused on synchronicity called The Sync Book where he has logged a wealth of videos, podcasts, and articles. He’s also edited two big books: The Sync Book One and The Sync Book Two. These are collections of essays from a mix of vibrant young thinkers and artists on the subject of synchronicity. 

During the interview, Mike and Alan reference a podcast they’d done together back in 2011, and in many ways this is a continuation of that amazing conversation.

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  1. I had an interesting experience with synchronicities that occurred on the 27th of October. My friend Joe had just returned from Europe, where he took a 3 week vacation. I had not seen him since his return, he was apparently very tired and was recovering from the flight. A female friend was visiting me from the East Coast when Joe returned from Europe. On the 27th, we paid a visit to a nearby mall, that has a restaurant called “The Cheesecake Factory”. I had not been there in about 5 years, and I was interested in seeing if their menu contained a super high calorie dish, which had been listed as one of the most fattening dishes in the USA. We did not find the dish on the menu, but we found something that was close to the calorie content, (about 3000) a plate of nachos. As a joke, we decided to buy the nachos for Joe, who has Mexican ethnicity. He loves nachos and we thought it would be a nice gesture for his welcome home. We arrived at his place, intending to give him the nachos, but he was passed out. We talked to his Mother and Sister, and delivered the nachos to them. Interestingly, without our knowledge, Joe had been to the Cheesecake factory on the night of the 26th, when his plane arrived. He went there with his Mom and Sister, but had nothing to eat there, because he was tired.

    In my opinion, lots of energy was implicated in these sets of events. First of all, it involved two people travelling large distances. It also involved a latent wish of mine, to see the high calorie shrimp dish on the menu at the restaurant (which was discontinued btw, although we found evidence of it on a cell phone). I visit that mall maybe 2 times a year at the most, and always by myself.

  2. Thanks so very much for allowing us to eavesdrop on a moving, powerful conversation. It does seem that we live within a dream and, every so often, synchronicities with great personal meaning remind us of that.

    Have you encountered Tom Campbell who wrote “My Big TOE” (Theory of Everything)? He thinks this reality is a simulation. Maybe that is another way of saying that we dwell within a dream.

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