Jean Walker has had a lifetime of unusual contact experiences, and these are told in her book: Family Secrets, One family’s true paranormal experiences.

Jean talks with Mike about her remarkable life. She is brave to speak so plainly about such strange and disturbing experiences. This interview recounts a long list of strange events that happened to her as well as her family. These include psychic incidents, precognitive dreams, UFO sightings (lots of them), poltergeist events, ghostly apparitions, near-death experiences, out of body experiences, fairies, gnomes and amorous elf-like teenagers! 

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  1. So, Jean Walker just wondering if the intense mating you described might have been an exaggerated visual to show you that these entities are earth entities and this is how they reproduce? Only guessing here. There are two other websites that might hold your interest. AND, if  ‘The Mysterious Little People of Madagascar’ truly do exist then why have they not moved forward in the evolutionary process? Are there any ‘Hobbits’ still thriving and if there are why have THEY not evolved biologically?

    Flores, Indonesia

    NOVA science Now…….

    Well, then here is this?????
    “In later years there was a 1924 sighting made by the American politician, newspaper reporter and explorer Chase Salmon Osborn, who claimed to have seen a pair of the dwarfish creatures engaged in a bout of rather noisy and rough mating.” 

    “So what are we dealing with here? Is this some sort of unidentified primate? Are these creatures a relic population of human ancestors or protohumans? Are they some other type of animal still unclassified by science? Are they nature spirits or some other type of supernatural entity? Or do they exist merely in the realm of folklore, legend, and the human imagination? The only thing we know for sure is that the natives of the regions where these creatures appear see them as very real. Whether they truly are or not remains to be seen, and Madagascar holds one more mystery close.”

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