Christopher Bledsoe Sr has endured a set of remarkably powerful experiences that began on January 8th 2007, just a few miles from his home. He was with his son, Christopher Jr, and several friends on the banks of the Cape Fear river outside Fayetteville, North Carolina. What happened that night is one of the most fantastic events in all of UFO history. 

Yet this interview doesn’t cover that complex experience. Instead, Mike and Chris focus on some of his lesser known stories—many of which involve owls. These outlying experiences are fascinating, and they seem to manifest as part of the overall contact phenomena. Something terribly powerful has invaded his life, and it goes well beyond UFOs.

To better understand Chris’s story you should listen to a recent series of audio interviews with Chris on Richard Dolan’s radio show. They explore his most important experiences, covering each very thoroughly, and collectively these paint a clear picture of the challenges that Chris and his family have endured. Together they examine the staggering events of 2007, as well as the mystical Shining Lady. Both those accounts, and a lot more, are covered in Richard Dolan’s excellent four part series. These interviews are required listening to truly comprehend the magnitude of Chris’s story (linked HERE).

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  1. I think that Chris Bledsoe’s story is amazing.

    When I listen to him speak it makes me feel there is something special about him.

    I’m glad you interviewed him. I’m listening to now.

    1. Wonderful interview, thank you.

      I lived in Fayetteville area 2009 to 2010 and again in 2016. Had I known about Chris during those times I probably would have tried to meet him, at the risk of being an annoying fan.

      But I know things happen for a reason. And I guess I wasn’t meant to be there and see these things.

  2. I’m definitely going to listen to Christopher’s whole story. From what I’ve heard so far, in the first 50 minutes, his story is very credible. I’ll have to look for the video of the orb over the pond.
    Recording sightings and getting the story out seems to be really important. I’m glad that Christopher can do what he can do to get his story told.
    I recently had a UFO sighting (see the Out There page) and one thing that had come to me during it was that I should pull out my phone and record the sighting. (Recording a sighting seems so logical, but reading and hearing UFO stories, it seems like many times they do not want to be recorded). Maybe the times are changing and as this phenomena becomes more prevalent, it does not want to stay hidden. This is a stretch, but maybe it is choosing who to show itself to and directing those people to appropriate places where their stories can be told. Like this site and with communicators like Mike, these stories can reach those who are needed to hear them.

  3. Mike, I cannot adequately say how grateful I am that you do this program.
    kudos to Whitley in having Mike here.
    Mike, the ” safe space” you create is what was missing for all the years people had to endure ridicule or worse.
    Thank you Whitley for bringing Mike to us.
    Thank you Anne.
    Thank you Mike for being who you are.

  4. Sacred and compelling. Has to be one of the most authentic interviews I have ever listened to. You are both blessed souls and I am enriched having listened to you both….Let Our World Awake. In gratitude indeed.

  5. I have to say that Unknown Country is a gateway for communion and expansion away from this crazy world. I enjoyed this interview. My wife and I go for walks most days and one thing we always do in warmer weather is pick up stranded worms on pavement and toss them back into grass. We also take bugs safely out of the house. And as someone who used to shoot just about any creature with a pellet gun in my youth, I gave away that gun long ago and feed squirrels, birds, plants, and the soil to make up for my past actions. Something happened inside that makes the plight of nature and the planet critical to me. And Mike, while I used to have bouts of major depression that I was told would continue the rest of my life, those periods of time spanning decades are now gone and never returned.

  6. Can I just second all the comments above. Corona virus has kept us indoors over Easter but listening first to Richard Dolan’s interviews and then yours I am truly grateful for both Richard and you. The emotion from both Chris and you at the end was palpable.

  7. I can’t add much more to what is said above; I agree with pretty much all of it. Have been a member of the UC community for a number of years, and so glad it’s here, but I’m particularly grateful for the addition of Mike Clelland to this site. Mike, I just love, love, love your interview style. You trust your guest; you allow them to tell their own story, in their way, and a richer product is the result. I deeply appreciate Richard Dolan for all that he’s done, and have seen him several times in conference. Just gave one of his books to my nephew for his birthday. But I hastened straightaway to hear the 4 part interview with Chris by Richard, and I must say, it took 4 hours because of the interruptions. I still want to know more about the creature that the Lady handed to Chris; never was able to get clarity on that because of the stacked questions while he was telling his story. Maybe you can have him back on your show again, Mike, and we can hear more about that.

    It was no accident that we heard this show and the 4 part on Richard’s site on Easter Sunday. We hadn’t planned it that way…but it was very powerful, that synchronicity. THANK YOU to both of you for sharing and being who you are on this gorgeous planet that we call Home.

  8. Yes, I would like to know about that ‘creature’ he was given and whether it only lasted for the time of the encounter with the Lady, or whether he took it back home with him afterwards. Also, was it required to help with communicating with her, or did it help facilitate his subsequent healing abilities?

    I also think there could have been more of an explanation regarding the bull knocking him down just before the encounter…was that her, or a guardian of hers, or just symbolic (related to the cows mooing later in the story)?

    But overall, I was utterly enthralled listening to all five interviews. Thank you Mike for your wonderful slot on UC – long may it continue.

  9. Another wonderful interview with another experiencer who goes right to your soul. I will listen to his whole story. Mike, you are one of the best interviewers on this subject, besides Whitley, of course. You guide in a gentle direction that reveals so much and allows the interviewee to feel “at home”.

  10. Thanks Chris, Mike and Unknown Country subscribers for helping me hear this. This interview and the Dolan interviews make for enlightening listening.

    I too am curious about what happened to the tube Chris put into the dog kennel just before the lady entered.

    The bull certainly comes with symbolism. They could have used most any form they wanted, and they used a bull. In addition to those meanings and any protection, could the bull also have run over Chris to get him on his knees for the lady?

    I also wonder what is the mass of an orb, in case any of the researchers were able to make such measurements?

    Finally, what were the messages shown in the craft at the river event and by the lady? Richard Dolan conducted an excellent set of interviews, but left the messages a little sooner than I preferred.

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