Mike Clelland said this about his latest book: “I wrote about the most difficult time of my life as it was happening, and posted it on a blog. I’d been confronted with a chain of strange events that seemed impossible to understand. I tried to dismiss what was happening, but all the clues pointed to one thing, and I was forced to ask myself, ‘Am I a UFO abductee?’ I started writing ten years ago as an attempt to answer that question.”

In this episode, Mike will be sharing audio excerpts from his new book.

Those blog posts defined a transformative chapter of his life. They are now in a book titled Hidden Experience, subtitled Collected writings from ten years of blogging 2009—2019, a personal journey of owls, synchronicity and UFO contact.  The paperback and eBook is linked HERE.

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  1. Its not easy writing about personal events. Yet Its important that we do because I think we all have some role to play.
    The best of luck with your new book. I am glad its going to be in audio as well. Above all, we have to keep our sense of humor. When I was listening you referred to a contactee named Miriam … i could not get the last name, de cato? I wanted to look her up but could not get the last name. This morning, I was on Youtube and randomly found her. Miriam Delicado. Yep, we sure do get help from the universe. Why? That is the question.

  2. To the author: You are welcome. Thank *you* for sharing your physical and spiritual journeys. Los Angeles county does not have many wild areas, but where I live in Topanga Canyon (near Malibu) is mostly unpaved, almost no street lights, so it’s quite dark at night, with much wildlife presence. We have adult owls here … they make a circuit, coming back to various neighborhoods about once every 6 weeks. Young owls have a very different type of voice from adults … they make a squeaky “awk” noise at night when answering the call of their parent. Based on my work experience as a management analyst, I suggest you consider the possibility that the patterns formed by experiences are always significant. Two other suggestions: 1) Technically, Latinos are considered Caucasians … EuroAmericans like me are considered “Anglos” by our Hispanic/Latino brothers and sisters. 2) Anyone in North America who sleeps in a sleeping bag under the stars should be aware that snakes move around at night … not all snakes are our friends … there are risk factors from a number of other night creatures as well … (I have public health training, so I want you to camp safely.) Hang in there.

  3. PS: The UnknownCountry section titled “Insight” is online at the UnknownCountry website. Please see the header titled “Blogs” … Insight is the 3rd and last option in that drop-down box.

  4. well this was enjoyable and insightful to listen on a early morning; after pausing the podcast and going outside in the dark to shake out a rug I heard the local owl hooting, picking up my pace and retreating inside I just sat down with my morning coffee and did nothing else but listen. Thanks!

  5. Regarding the store employee at the cash register who added coins from her own purse to complete the payment for what Mike was trying to buy that day: If that was the Blessed Mother, then on that occasion, the manifestation of her appearance may have been as Our Lady Of Guadalupe, the patron saint of all Hispanic/Latino populations in the Western Hemisphere. My family and I are moving to a majority Latino neighborhood where there are many depictions of Our Lady, whose skin tone in those art works may range from cream-colored to beige to tan to dark brown. Tradition has it that the way in which she is perceived around the world typically reflects the culture in which she is seen, “one of us,” as it were.

  6. Hi Mike
    It just breaks my heart to hear the amount of suffering a dear soul like you has had to endure. There are some folks who by simply walking into a room bring a bright magnificence to all present. You are such a person. Your spirit is so STRONG and you should never doubt that. Carry on dearest brother, carry on. By the way, LOVE the new book!

  7. This damned thing switched Mike to Mark! Little bits of humour I guess.

  8. Author

    Thanks for the kind words. The book tells a challenging story—it was my call to face the unknown.

  9. Thank you for sharing so much from your book. What a life. I feel as though I know you a lot better now and wonder what other mind altering encounters might come your way? Know that you have a purpose in this lifetime and ‘YES’ that is probably to help others struggling to understand their own other-worldly experiences.


  10. Hey Mike!
    Its really great to hear you read your own writing. Not only do you have a nice reading voice, but you can add the emotional inflections that a random reader couldnt reproduce. I think there is alot of added value there. Yeah, its tough to allow personal introspection out in public, but for the audience looking for the subject matter you present, its more than welcomed. Its the venue. Its not like getting on stage during an opera concerto, dropping your pants and shouting, “Hey everybody! Look at ma drawers!”
    Thanks for sharing, good luck on the book. You’ve already succeeded by bringing your words into this reality.

  11. That was fascinating, Mike, thank you. Whitley was absolutely right to persuade you to go ahead with airing these excerpts and I will definitely be buying the audio book. Please let us know when it’s available.

  12. A cat doesnt think a string is alive. They can see souls and they know a string isnt sentient as we are. They both saw me go out of body when I had a theory as to how to go out of body, and it worked. They understood what it means although they never do that for fun lol. They began to encircle my body, walking around and around again, and I knew they were worried. Was this their way to get me back?.. so… I dropped back in.

    I hope I never have to leave one of them first.

  13. Hi Mike, I’m reading Hidden Experience right now. So listening to these audio clip recordings is a treat. I love what you say about taking the Artists approach to your experiences – a right-brained, rather than a leaflet-brained approach. I also very much like the way you read your experiences like you would a dream, as symbolic and meaningful. To me these experiences only make sense when we use our whole-self to interpret them. They seem somehow to speak to us directly in this way, almost bypassing the rational mind. They draw on images within us to speak to us in our own personal unconscious language. It’s fascinating seeing this play out in your book – it’s extremely compelling. I think it suggests much about the nature of the phenomenon we are interacting with.

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