Why are Bigfoot witnesses surrounded by the same strangeness that plague UFO experiencers? This episode explores these mysteries with researcher Timothy Renner. He’s an author, artist, musician, podcaster and Bigfoot researcher with a focus on his home state of Pennsylvania.

Why does the researcher become part of the research?

Timothy has written and illustrated four books, and the latest is titled Don’t Look Behind You, subtitled Following Ghost Roads Into the Unknown.

He as also the host of Strange Familiars, a weekly podcast that focuses on extremely unsettling stories told through witness interviews and historical research.



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  1. Excellent interview! I can relate to many of Timothy’s experiences, as I’ve had similar. Synchronicities were especially frequent in the first year of my discovering this aspect of the wider Reality. Based on my many odd experiences, I think Sasquatch falls under what UFO researcher Raymond Fowler calls ‘Para-physical Beings’, similar in many ways to the ‘UFO’ occupants. It’s very, very strange, but makes going out into the woods extremely interesting!

  2. This was my introduction to Tim – Thanks Mike for the great interview. Loved the content! Heading over to Strange Familiars right now!

  3. Fascinating! Many thanks to Mike, to Tim, and to Nature herself.

  4. Have you ever considered setting up a hidden trail cam near one of the cairns? You may not necessarily record anything or even reveal a truth, but who knows? I feel, at least, you would get a reaction. My big concern, though, is I wouldn’t want the phenomena to get offended resulting in a negative reaction. Please be careful if you consider doing this.

  5. Curious possible instance, too, of Timothy’s “synthetic terror” resembling MIke’s artificial terror while floating in his tent–which was also part of the owners’ experience at the Skinwalker Ranch (book Hunt for th Skinwalker). Another spoke on the wheel.

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