William Konkolesky has documented his childhood contact experiences in a book titled Experiencer: Raised in Two Worlds. He is also the State Director for the Michigan chapter of MUFON. William has approached his life of strange experiences in a way that is both honest and grounded. His insights come from deep personal challenges and facing this most powerful of mysteries. His website is HERE.

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  1. It’s always great to find out about a book that delivers a cogent account of first-hand experiences with “the visitors”.

    I met Shirley and George Coyne back in the late 80s. At that time, their story was that only Shirley had CE4 experiences while George only had a CE2 — when a UFO hovering nearby caused his pacemaker to fail — requiring replacement. I began wondering about this when William explained how Shirley gave the “nothing to see here” response when William walked into their room and asked what was happening. I wonder whether they might have been keeping George’s contact experiences under wraps all along. Of course, he might not have begun having contact experiences until after the point when I met them (around 1988 or 1989).

  2. Wow!, that was a great interview. About the “sparklies”,
    I have heard that that is how some people perceive spirits, instead of like “seeing a ghost”. I want to thank you both for sharing your experiences.

  3. I know this episode is a couple of months old now but I was listening to it while flying down to St. Louis for business and wow, what a fantastic hour.

    Years back I had watched some of the interviews that Mr. Konkolesky mentions on youtube and he’s still the same articulate and extremely thoughtful person now that he was back then.

    Thank you to Mike and William for such an enlightening conversation.

  4. Good interview. The frustration continues with what to do with this information. It’s fascinating and I’m always wanting more. I’ve had my own out-of-body experiences and finding that they tie into experiencers is a bit eye opening and kicks in my “yikes” factor.

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