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Melvin Morse is a former Critical Care Physician who studied the near-death experiences of children at Seattle Children’s Hospital. He has published several books and scientific papers on near-death experiences, spiritual healing, remote viewing, and the entire range of spiritual visions surrounding the dying process. He was described by NBC News as doing more than any other scientist to prove the existence of life after death.

His international best seller Closer to the Light describes the near-death experiences of children. His second book Transformed by the Light, documented the long-term positive transformations of children who had NDEs. His third book Parting Visions detailed the shared dying experiences of children and adults. His latest book Where God Lives discusses spiritual neuroscience and how our brains are connected to the Universe. His books were co-authored with science writer and documentary filmmaker Paul Perry.


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  1. Always thrilled when you have a new installment, this one is no exception! The guest Dr Morse has fascinating reports & by the way it’s always great when John chimes in! Thank you for another great show worth listening to again & again.

    1. Thank you! We thought he was a terrific guest. And yes, Jon should chime in more frequently!

  2. I found this episode with Dr Morse to be very interesting because my father who was born in 1909 was electrocuted while working on the Guernsey Dam WPA Construction Project when he was 14 years old (he lied about his age to get the job). When I was young I thought my father was “out there” because he kept telling me that he had met God and had this NDE. When he did die at the age of 80 he told me on his death bed, “ don’t worry about me, I know where I’m going, I have been there before.”

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