1. Thank you for the in depth podcast, it was the first one I listened to and seemed right on the money for what my husband (Pisces with a TON of VIrgo) and myself (Gemini with a Ton of Leo) are going through.

    Curveballs are certainly being thrown and we listened to this while trying to stay strong. It is very appreciated how in depth you go vs. just Sun Signs. 🙂

    1. Thank you! November has me kind of freaked out (Gemini, Capricorn moon, Scorpio rising) , and I figured other people may be as well.

      1. I am freaked out but that’s been the norm for way too long,

        Gemini, Aquarius moon, Leo rising here
        Thanks so much for replying, sometimes it can all be too scary with how unstable a lot of the world is.

        The internet can be incredibly toxic but sites like this enable the good to shine through. 🙂 thank you again and hoping us Mercurial ones can find some sort of stable stability in matters. Sending good vibes and all the best!

        *us “twins” are tougher than we look 🙂

  2. That gemini sun is bolstered by your Aquarius moon which always urges you to look beyond what your left brain has seized on. And that Leo rising means a brave persona. That, at any rate, is the short story!

    1. My husband is like “ohhh yes” when I read that to him though he knows a lot on this but mostly Sun Sign information. *my Mars is in Leo too but I’ll pretend am not giving out my chart since some people get cagey about it, lol. 😉

      When I was well enough to travel to visit a family member in Italy there were tons of ancient mosaics of the zodiac in various locations and tons of Iconography that a lot could be deemed occult. People recoil from that and perhaps with the dark end, wisely so but people don’t get it means something is hidden and then we put the spin on it.

      Gearing up for next week on a lot of fronts but it does seem for every constant smack thrown my way there ends up being some purpose but the amount of suffering that goes on makes me want to help to the point I feel like Atlas. Anyways, hoping you have a great day/week

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