Join Trish and Rob for a conversation with… Melvin Morse is a former Critical Care Physician who studied the near-death experiences of children at Seattle Children’s Hospital. He has published several books and scientific papers on near-death experiences, spiritual healing, remote viewing, and the entire range of spiritual visions surroundingread more

Bret and Julie Oldham are a husband and wife paranormal research team who also wrote a book together titled, Afterlife Encounters: Ghosts, Spirits, and Near Death Experiences The fear of death is perhaps our greatest fear, yet their book is filled with heartening true stories of encounters with those whoread more

If Consciousness is the Source, force, substance and essence of the Universe – as many mystics believe that it is – then everything that exists would necessarily be a manifest expression of Universal Consciousness. There’s certainly nothing new about this notion. What is new is the growing intersection of quantum physics and ancient mysticism, and the application of leading-edge science to understand Near Death Experiences.
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