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Andy Paquette is back. Andy was here recently, but just as it was getting really interesting, we were cut short by technical difficulties. So we asked Andy to come back.

Andy Paquette is the author of “Dreams: 20 Years of Psychic Dreams” as well as a research paper on the spiritual content of dreams for King’s College in London. In his research, he used a dataset comprised of 34 dream journals that contained 12, 224 dream records that you produced over a period of 27 years. His intention was to explore the relationship between veridical and spiritual content in dreams.

He’s also an artist and as he describes it, “My background is all about making pictures: drawings, paintings, and photographs. I like to shoot athletes in part because I wasn’t allowed to participate in sports as a kid, but also because the culture of sports is rich in drama, excitement, inspiration, and even humor.”

He’s known primarily for his work as a CG artist in the feature film and video game industry. He also has worked as a comic book artist.

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    1. The Mystical Underground is available on a ton of podcast streaming apps. I’ve subbed on Google Podcasts and Podbean for now. They are also on many other apps. And you can listen to their older shows on those
      However, this episode is only available on Unknown Country. Currently? Perhaps it will be available for download on Unknown Country later. I’m listening to it on this website for now.

    2. We’re still figuring how how to configure the download. It should be available next week.

    3. Hi Lily. I see this podcast in now available for download. 🙂
      As I was scrolling through the TMU podcasts on Google Podcasts I came across this episode and I believe another one with Paquette from June 10th I think?. And some very nice Indiana Jones fan fic. Way cool. 🙂

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