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In this second conversation with last week’s guest Verna Hutton-Ely, we travel the world to sacred sites as she regales us with tales of the sacred and the strange from her life. But first, did host Jeremy Vaeni have a prophetic dream about… Brad Pitt?!

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  1. Ok Jeremy, I dont know you
    Ok Jeremy, I dont know you well enough to be certain….
    If the dream “details” are specific = important. now, it can be known by clearing your mind then see a picture or think of Brad Pitt. What emotion does that evoke? Same with the Embassy Suites. In Africa, he was active in charity work. Charity for the poor does not equal Embassy Suites. Africa, Embassy Suites… money conflict? So, we turn our eye to ol’ Brad. His hair flowing, relaxed clothes…a “greenish” hue. Some would say, very “earthy”. if you can remember the number of shots(more than one) that might be indicative. What part of the body was shot? Was there blood or did he just fall? Im under the impression that an ecological attack might be seen here. Nature will recover. It all hinges on your “sense of feeling” about ol’ Brad. I could go on, but I think ive overstayed my typing.

  2. I’m so excited to hear more
    I’m so excited to hear more about the Serpent Mound! I could never find anyone around here that knew anything about it. I live about 2 hours from there, and will definitely make the trip, maybe even this week!

  3. Regarding ‘Brad Pitt’: I am
    Regarding ‘Brad Pitt’: I am more inclined to feel that ‘Embassy Suites’ is more about an actual ’embassy’, possibly an American embassy in some part of Africa, and of course, Africa is a large continent with many countries. In your dream, I think that you latched on to Brad Pitt because he is a symbol of America, and a very ‘diplomatic’ one at that. Make sure that you write all of the information that you remember in a journal. You probably won’t have a clue about what this dream may be predicting until it actually happens, and then you will know immediately.

    Regarding Serpent Mound: I remember a life as one of the ‘designers’ of Serpent Mound. Interestingly, that life ties directly back to a life in Egypt in assisting with designing the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, as both involved the same ‘technology’. So, Lee’s story of her adventures at Serpent Mound make sense to me…By the way, I have never been to Serpent Mound, but I am curious about what I might experience if I go there for a visit!

    1. Cosmic Librarian – I would
      Cosmic Librarian – I would love to meet you at the Serpent Mound. If you ever decide to make the trip please let me know and I’ll meet you there. There are many other sites in the area that are worth the time to experience like The Siep Mound and Fort Ancient.

  4. Well, after thinking about
    Well, after thinking about this for a few days, I have decided to post a dream plus a few comments.

    Jeremy, flaws and all I still, “LOVE BRAD PITT.” I hope he has a better year in 2017.”

    Verna Hutton-Ely,  my congratulations to you in living such a full and adventurous life. I have really enjoyed these interviews. The dream below is sychronistic to the last part of the interview. HEALING PLANTS.

    OK, now the dream:
    I went to bed on January 30th, and the dream-experience probably took place in the early morning hours of the 31st, for some reason I felt the need to pray with more intensity.

    01/31/2017:                                                                                                                  BOTANICALS

    I have gone to bed and am praying. (I pray every night.) TONIGHT, especially, I am calling on the Christ/Jesus to enter my full consciousness and to guide me in what is left in my earth life sojourn. I am now slipping into sleep when I hear a voice inside my head say, “YOU NEED ME,” but is a question or a statement? It does not matter because I SAY, “YES, I DO.”

        DREAM: I am in my house with the original large dream group. No one has been appointed a teacher for this gathering tonight, so I have stepped in and start teaching about botanicals.

    The beginning statement from me is, “YOU ARE THE HEALER, you must do it yourself.  YOU are the one that heals your own SELF.”

    I have an assortment of vials, bottles and all sorts of containers in front of me that are  filled with expensive herbs, essences and fragrances.

    I say to the dream group, “these alone are only a temporary make you/me feel good remedy simply by inhaling their scents, but alone they are not true or permanent healers.” I then go on to say, “I do not know anyone who can heal with plants and herbs in my circle of acquaintances/today’s world. They do not know how to talk to botanicals anymore. They do not know how to communicate with them so that they can release their own particular plant secrets.  Plants can talk/communicate; the ancient ones knew how to do this. It is a lost art of nature communication.”

    Linda B is with me now and I tell her, “pay more attention on how to talk to the things you purchase, do not buy them thinking that is enough, it is not.”

    We are all seated in my second bedroom and it is way to crowded here but it will have to do for now. The laying on of hands will have to wait for a much larger room. I now see that my dresser scarf has fallen from my dresser onto the floor. This gives me the opportunity to explain that whomever did this was not focused or the dresser scarf would still be on the dresser untouched. “THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING, DO NOT BE DISTRACTED, STAY FOCUSED AT ALL TIMES.”

    Another question is asked. “What if I am in a place like a tavern, can we apply our healing tools there?”  I answer, “this is not the ideal place but practice what you know to do wherever you find yourself. BUT, be aware of unseen or negative forces while in a low vibrating place such as this.”

  5. Lee, I enjoyed listening to
    Lee, I enjoyed listening to you talk about the Serpent Mound in Ohio. It’s a powerful site with powerful earth energy. I brought my boyfriend there. Like your husband, he’s not an “experiencer,” but he felt waves of energy coming up through his feet, pulsing upward through his body. I felt something similar but didn’t say anything at first because I didn’t want to influence his impression. I’m sure you noticed the terrain is markedly different in the immediate area: Hilly and rocky, whereas most of the land in that part of Ohio is flat. The terrain got heaved up when a large meteor strike happened there millennia ago. The presence of the meteor buried deep in the earth is probably what makes the Serpent Mound one of the most magnetically anomalous sites on our planet. Unfortunately I neglected to bring a compass with me during both my visits. (But we know what we feel, don’t we?) There is a similar serpent mound in Argyll, Scotland that I almost got to see…my two traveling companions were intently focused on driving on the “other side” of the road, so they missed the turn. Unfortunately they didn’t want to go back. The first time I visited the Ohio Serpent Mound in 2008 or 2009, I met Ross Hamilton, author of “The Great Serpent Mound: Book of Wonders & Mysteries” and “Giants of the Ancient Ohio Valley.” I purchased both books in the gift shop at the site. Ross gave me a personal guided tour. He pointed out a natural outcropping of rock just below the mound, visible from the path by Brush Creek, that looks exactly like the head of a giant reptile whose body would be buried in the earth where the Serpent Mound is situated. Ross is a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge about the Mound Builders culture, Native American legends and history, sacred geometry, astronomy and more. I found him once on the internet and I would recommend that anyone planning to visit might want to look him up. I would also suggest spending at least a few hours at the Serpent Mound…take time to meditate, rest in the earth energy and see what comes. I believe the Visitors Center is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, but the park itself is open 365 days a year. There are many, many mound sites and even entire mound villages in the Ohio River Valley, but I believe the Serpent Mound is the only surviving effigy mound. Happy Trails, fellow travelers!

  6. I’ve seen something I thought
    I’ve seen something I thought was the moon, it was so big and bright and beautiful that I made a note to myself to go outside again later in the evening for a better look, thinking it was such a spectacular moon. It was gone. And the ‘real’ moon was in a totally different place in the sky. Weird. And in a different phase.

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