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"Melanie" is one of those experiencers with clear, vivid memories of a range of high strangeness and spiritual experiences. And thanks to her unprompted honesty about what else was going on in her life as these experiences were unfolding, we may actually glean a clue as to the nature of abductions.

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  1. As absurd as stressing out
    As absurd as stressing out about the accessories for your fish bowl. As absurd as what we do every every day in this fish bowl.

    Powerful show, thank you for sharing!

  2. Hey Jeremy & Melanie. Thanks
    Hey Jeremy & Melanie. Thanks for sharing. Its kinda like therapy isnt it.
    =Whirring sound=
    what about this. I have heard that out of body usually initiates with a whirring sound, almost like a chainsaw followed by popping sounds. MAYBE thats a clue.
    = You cant have a conversation when within a few minutes youre being laughed at=
    some years ago, i might have mentioned it before, my coworker “scientism” follower would respond fairly quickly, “Only a F*ing idiot would believe that.” So, yeah.
    =We are you, you are us=
    WHAT IF …. they ARE us. Time bending on itself… everything is happening at the same moment. with a “soul/spirit” not being held by time & space “could” exist at different time, then why not in different “incarnations?” OR … is it just on the level of evolvement on the old species tree? Note: Whitley mentioned the “tag” line from a woman he said had interactions with the visitors…. Melanie the same person, or was this a repeat of a theme at another location?

    Cool show. Personal note: I have kept carpet remnants from the house Im currently living in… Sunflower gold shag. HA!

  3. Melanie, thank you for
    Melanie, thank you for sharing. I am amazed by the variety and frequency/numerous experiences. You are a strong, amazing woman.

  4. I appreciate you coming
    I appreciate you coming forward with your experiences Melanie. Some of my experiences have been triggered by strong emotional events. It’s like something in my awareness briefly opens up and a connection is made with something incredible. So much of my early life I worked to keep my emotions it check, especially those related to sorrow and loss. Later in life when things happened and I allow the release, wonderful things occurred.

    Now of the matter of your “tour”. I had a very strange dream 2 nights before this interview was posted. In the dream I, and 2 women and a small female child, take an elevator up to where we see a saucer shaped ufo. In the bottom is a small circular opening that we can climb up and into into using a ladder. Looking around I can see what looks to be a control area to the right, in the middle is a circular wall surrounding what I take to be the propulsion unit, and to the left is a winding staircase leading up. The outside wall next to staircase is covered in a fuzzy material that looks just like a shag carpet. We hear voices coming from above so quickly depart fearing we will be caught. We head back to the elevator that opens up and several people come out as we enter. At that point I awaken thinking that is one heck of a strange dream. I kept remembering the dream later that day, my mind always going back to that shag carpet and thinking ET’s got a funky side when it comes to interior decorating. When you started talking about the shag carpet Melanie I couldn’t help but chuckle. Life’s mysteries continue.
    Rick Man

  5. If anyone is interested in
    If anyone is interested in reading this, I highly recommend reading everything not just part. Also, printing it out is a real plus and high-lighting things that you might want to research on your own. I FEEL IT MIGHT ANSWER SOME OF THE QUESTIONS PUT FORTH IN THIS INTERVIEW.

    And in particular the Leydig and pineal glands were cited in the Cayce readings as serving a pivotal role in the opening and closing of the door to higher consciousness at a physical level. These two glands were called the “seat of the soul.”

    Note that the activity that is awakened rises from lyden and then passes through the reproductive organs. This is a key point – the lyden gland is not in the reproductive system (in terms of anatomy) but its activity stimulates the reproductive organs (in terms of physiology). We will be coming back to this point later because it is easy to become confused about the location of the Leydig gland and the difference between the Leydig gland and the cells of Leydig. Here is another excerpt that concisely defines the seat of the soul with regard to the Leydig and pineal glands:

    … the genitive organism [reproductive system] is as the motor, and the Leydig as a sealed or open door … Hence these may literally be termed, that the pineal and the Leydig are the SEAT of the soul of an entity. (294-142)

    With regard to the pineal as part of the “seat of the soul” (along with Leydig gland), consideration of the pineal as a system makes the relationship between Leydig and pineal even more fascinating and mysterious. The Leydig is within the pineal (i.e., pineal system) as was described in the following explanation of the source of seizures in a case of epilepsy:

    (Q) From what part of the body do the [seizure] attacks originate? and why does body lose consciousness during attack?
    (A) From the solar plexus to that of the lyden [Leydig] gland, or through the pineal. The lyden [Leydig] is IN the pineal, see? (1001-9)
    Fascinating, isn’t it?!

  6. Wow. What a brave soul. All
    Wow. What a brave soul. All these years having these unexplainable events with no one to confide with. It makes this interview to the world even more amazing for her honesty. Makes many of us still shy to talk about our experiences, so inspired. Please bring her back again.

  7. Melanie & Jeremy,

    Melanie & Jeremy,

    Your courage is astounding. Thanks for sharing.
    So very brave.


  8. Melanie sounds truthful to
    Melanie sounds truthful to her experiences as a child would be telling that he has taken by small friends (aliens) to visit “Mars” or the “stars in the sky” No need to invalidate her experiences as –i think was said – archetypal, springing from a hightened state of mind. Who wouldn’t be in such a state knowing something so weird like that could happen any time? At 5 years old, no one is stressed out to the extent of triggering such experiences… Very honest and straightforward , very helpful to understand that this could happen to anyone. Or is our mind so much complex than we think? Myabe some people are developing some other kind of mind, which can traverse some other states we poor mortals at base level can’t do right now, and so, she might have been chosen for an “enhancement” of the kind that opens the mind to travel new routes not preconceived by the pressures of societal influences and mores. I think my humble musings about what could be happening here are as valid as any other one from any person using special wordings grabbed from psychological textbooks tat may or may not be on the marl about anything –psychology is like quick sand, everything is temporary, a “maybe”, a current stance, a constant probing… –Great interview. Many thanks

  9. Those ‘Alien interior
    Those ‘Alien interior decorators’ need to make an appearance on ‘Queer Eye for the Alien Guy’.

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