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We often talk about using intention to manifest the Super Natural or "call in" UFOs. But what about just good old fashioned paying attention? What if UFOs are always around but we’re too distracted with other things to notice them? This week, Jueno returns to explore this question, and many others, by way of examples in his life.

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  1. Good show, thanks. I missed
    Good show, thanks. I missed the first one I’ve got to go back and listen to it.

    Jueno, I am from Kansas near McConnell air base too. It is a part of the country where this type of stuff is ridiculed and rejected. I feel for you.

    Jeremy. . . Does intent interfere with surrender? I feel like it can but maybe it’s a limit of language. There are different levels or types of intent that we don’t have words for. Like an egoless intent or something if that’s even possible. I don’t know.

    1. “Does intent interfere with
      “Does intent interfere with surrender?”

      If you are asking in the spiritual sense, intent and surrender are the same if it’s coming from you. It is the brain that projects the self, not the self, who must give up the seeking, because seeking and seeker are one and the same: you. So, there is nothing that you, the self, can do to surrender, as that becomes your intent. And the unconscious intent behind that conscious intent is to remain intact, in control, alive as you know yourself.

      Real intent/surrender of the brain is simply the understanding that no answer, including this one, will make the stageless stage that transcends and includes all come 1st-person-alive in and as you. THAT is understanding for the sake of understanding, which is hard to do because I just gave it to you as a factual answer. The antidote to the fault of this communication is to read it and see the totality of what’s written. Just see it without the movement of judging yea or nay, or checking it against your knowledge and experience, if that’s even possible.


      If you’re asking in the “calling them in” or “manifesting high strangeness” sense, I’d say that the quality, the depth of intent matters. And so, similarly but not exactly to the above, if I may put it bluntly, one must surrender the adult bullshit of safe, false answers to the childlike wonder of Mystery that you feel in the gut as you’re trying to give voice to it–a glimmer of fear wrapped in giddiness. Giving voice to discovery, not asking the universe to see the allegedly discovered.

      You get what you need, not what you want. We often mistake this for the phenomenon hiding and then overlay a sinister myth to that. But it’s only ever where we’re at (personally and culturally) that determines the self-negating aspect.

  2. Thanks Jeremy,
    I always want

    Thanks Jeremy,

    I always want to know HOW to DO something. But sometimes it seems as though the answer is to do nothing and relax or wait into it. Enjoy the moment.

    Every moment of bliss I’ve ever experienced just sprang up out of nowhere. I didn’t do anything. And still even with this experience i try to recreate those moments by doing something. When will I learn? Lol

  3. Jeez Jeremy, is there anybody
    Jeez Jeremy, is there anybody besides me who are not having experiences??? I’m beginning to think I’m going to get left behind,,,

    I’ve had a couple of strange experiences (2) and the feeling I have is that I was evaluated and REJECTED. Anybody else?

    1. whole life I felt the whole life I felt the same way, as if sighters were some sort of exclusive club. At a relatively late age (63), I finally had a couple of UFO sightings less than fifty feet from my front door. The woman, who was also my neighbor at the time, that shared both experiences with me (her condo is just 30 feet from mine) kept trying to grasp at an explanation for our experiences. Drones, helicopters she kept saying to me, but these objects flew in a manner that wasn’t recognizable for anything that flies here on earth and they were totally silent. But I never felt evaluated or judged by anyone I cared to share my experiences with, on the contrary people seemed to understand in a vague somewhat compassionate way. The thing I wasn’t prepared for was a feeling of dread in the days following the sightings and wishing I had never seen those things in the first place. I always thought being a witness would be an exciting or enlightening experience on some level, but it sure didn’t turn out that way for me. Whitley has stated that it seemed to him the purpose of these alien craft being seen by us earthlings was a deliberate attempt on the part of the extraterrestrial folk to make themselves known to us. That’s about what it felt like. Like..look! I’m here!

  4. Hey C_A,
    its all good.

    Hey C_A,
    its all good. REJECTED? Probably not. firstly, you are “seeking”. Thats a sign that there is a tiny little voice whispering in your ear. You already know “things.” It is truly possible that you are getting answers internally, but need to sort them out. Hence, like alot of folk… like me, it is ALWAYS a learning experience to listen to others and how they digest these things.
    Second, along that vein, is that funny question, “was that for me, or for someone Im going to tell the story to?”
    Kinda like my “angel in taco bell” story. i never thought of it till members who post here brought up the idea that MAYBE it wasnt about me experiencing that. MAYBE, i was on the periphery and just kinda got pulled in. Never discount yourself. Listen to that little voice that whispers wisdom in your ear. Like my son watching the tablet learning how to count from a 2 dimensional image rather than 3 dimensional blocks. =)
    YOU are here for a reason.
    rock on.

    1. Thanks HG, needed to hear
      Thanks HG, needed to hear that.

  5. Aloha Jeremy,
    Diving In.

    Aloha Jeremy,

    Diving In. Would love being on your show. I sent an email but it was returned. How do I reach you?

  6. Mahalo. Will send.
    Mahalo. Will send.

  7. Approach Teleportation and
    Approach Teleportation and Time Travel like a computer hacker. The physics of matter are an obstruction to Teleportation and Time Travel, but this obstruction can be bypassed. Energy can be used to hack into Unity. Aim and emit high frequency random (or maybe skilled*) laser pulses of brief duration at an object until it reaches Unity. Then, fire one last very high frequency burst upon the object, it should be loosened up sufficiently to instantly traverse space at least, if not time. The disappearance of the object is not proof however, but is interesting. With practice, one should grow more adept at directing the object where one deems. Manipulating Unity should enable nascent phenomena. Getting an object to resonate at unity is like playing a musical instrument. With enough jiggling and energy, the object begins to enter into Unity.*Alternately, start with regular pulses then gradually work up to full randomness. It might also be more feasible to start with lower frequency pulses (to grab the physicality of the object) then eventually elevate to higher frequency, briefer, random pulses. This is essentially “moving up the chakras” using Kundalini flow. Making sure the object was accepting energy input might also be an aspect of this process which could be evaluated via feedback mechanisms….This would enable one to dictate more accurately how laser pulses and object flow progressed, culminating in random, chaotic pulses and the full immersion of the object into Unity.

  8. I travel backwards through
    I travel backwards through the darkness that has been my life, to the point in time of my only Bliss. There I stay, then travel forward a different way.


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