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"Bob From NJ" returns to give us more of his lifelong experiences as we delve into wakeup points from a completely different angle: high strangeness and sexuality.

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  1. The peach disappearance is
    The peach disappearance is much more likely to have been the result of theft by squirrels, raccons, or neighborhood children (I raise peaches, this stuff happens).

  2. Hi Eddie,
    Every other year,

    Hi Eddie,

    Every other year, that peach tree ended up eventually dropping a lot of fruit and it was a bit of a mess. What happened that year is that a seemingly healthy tree full of hundreds of unripe peaches went completely bare overnight, with not a single hint or remnant that peaches were ever on it (we looked all around). Not many children around the neighborhood by then, mostly older neighbors, and to get all the peaches would have required climbing or maybe using a tall ladder; and doing all this in a single night without any of us noticing and without missing a single peach. This was in a suburban neighborhood, in a fenced yard, and it was just about 12 feet from government property next door. And as I said, the next year it never shot out a leaf, it was just dead.

    I would be the first person to go with a conventional explanation like squirrels, but the way it happened with no evidence left behind was profoundly strange to my whole family, and unlike every other year that tree was alive. But I guess we’ll never know.

  3. I find it interesting that
    I find it interesting that Bob encountered a being disguised (somewhat) as a fox. I have a ‘guide’ that comes and goes named Grandmother Fox. She’s a bit of shapeshifter too. Oddly enough, she was kind of my little secret until a few years ago when I was in communication with a lady out of Canada who was in charge of the White Buffalo Drum. She and some other ladies made a pilgrimage to Bear Lodge (Devil’s Tower) in Wyoming. When she got back, she sent me an email telling me that she wanted me to know that Grandmother Fox had joined them briefly when they were there. Of course, my jaw hit the floor when I read it, because i had never told anyone about Grandmother Fox.

    She really gets around…:-)

  4. Great stuff here! Fascinating
    Great stuff here! Fascinating guest and excellent engagement as a host Jeremy. 🙂

  5. What a brilliant
    What a brilliant discussion…

    I found the part about symbols particularly interesting, as the only vivid dream I ever had that included symbols, also involved hooded beings. The symbols were all the way around the inside middle of a UFO and were about two or three inches high, on some kind of a silver / holographic / rainbow coloured strip and looked closer to alphabetic characters than hieroglyphics. The hooded beings were just watching, standing well away in a line outside and they had quite long faces with a kind of Native American, or maybe Peruvian look about them. From what I remember though, there was no meaning I associated with the symbols in the small craft.

    Amongst many other things, I thought the last thing that Bob said was interesting, regarding whether there was some kind of shift around the 2000-or-so period regarding the visitors and the general level of interaction. I can only speak for myself in saying that my dreams involving them came to an end around then…but I think that was due to me starting to push that intention. The intention specifically was that I did not want anything to do with them, unless I expressly agreed with it and that I absolutely did NOT agree with it! (I added that last assertion in for a reason…but that’s another dream story).

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