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This week we examine a lifelong experiencer’s encounters with the highly strange, honing in on the question of wakeup points. Was there a dangling carrot early on? Was there a specific incident where he became self-conscious that there was a pattern of oddness in his life? And what came after? This is part one of two leading into an experience roundtable about childhood events. Only subscribers get to hear it all, so click that subscribe tab and partake in the quality conversation you’ve been scouring the net for!

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  1. Jeremy and Bob/New Jersey.

    Jeremy and Bob/New Jersey.

    I found this to be a wonderful and thought provoking interview. So I am going to post a few things that came to mind while listening to the conversation. While not wanting anyone to think of me as a ‘whackadoodle,‘ Graham Hancock posted this blog today and it gave me the courage to post a few of my own personal experiences.

    Also, it has not yet been conclusively demonstrated that (DMT is produced in the living human brain, PINEAL?), but there are strong reasons to believe that it might be. Could naturally occurring DMT be the elixir of life? I have never ingested DMT but what if we ALL possess it and that it is a gift provided by nature?

    From the Graham Hancock blog……

    “That with DMT there is an overwhelming sense of entering into a seamlessly-convincing ‘alternate universe’ that feels ‘more real than real’, often densely populated with a variety of strange objects and other highly complex visual content, including what appear to be sentient ‘beings’, coupled with the equally overwhelming sense of receiving a download of structured and significant ‘information’ most of which, however, proves difficult to retrieve once back in the ‘normal’ alert problem-solving state of consciousness.”

    My experiences……
    1…..When I was much younger, before 50 years of age, I had several dream-like experiences that started out with me sitting on a small train. Looks like this. There were other people riding on this train with me. THEN, I always felt I was given a few seconds to make up my mind and to decide if I was going to be afraid/scared out of my wits OR if I was simply going to chill into the experience. The repetition of being on this train gave me those few precious moments to decide about the fear thing. This was then followed by objects floating in the sky above the train. My point being, because of the train setting and the repetition, perhaps we are given those few moments to make up our mind as to how we are going to handle this emotionally.

    2…..Monday December 12, 1994:
    I go to bed and while settling into sleep (laying on my stomach) there is a bolt of fire that starts at my tailbone and traveling all the way up my spine then seemingly out the top of my head…..Immediately I go into this dream-state.

    DREAM: I am in a hospital public bathroom taking a shower or bath? Everything here is white; I come here always to cleanse myself. I am now thinking that since I am always using this place and not staying here and paying for a room then maybe I should not be using the bathroom. But why not, it is a public bathroom?

    SHIFT: Now I am on a clear quartz-like crystal escalator with unseen entities around me. (Very aware of their presence but cannot see them)? I am half way between earth and heaven and going up. A voice tells me to look down at the earth. Upon looking at the earth the colors are very bright/vibrant unlike any colors that my physical eyes have ever seen. I turn my head away because the intensity of the colors hurt my eyes. Now I am preaching about the Prophecies of Edgar Cayce.

    Tuesday December 13, 1994: Real time not a dream. I wake up with a headache that gets worse as the day goes on.

    Wednesday December 14, 1994: Could not get out of bed with this headache, took a day off from work. My eyeballs are on fire and I cannot touch them. Never have I experienced a headache like this. I took Nuprin for the next six days and am now starting to develop a bladder infection with blood in my urine. On the seventh day I could finally touch my eyes without the pain.

    3…..One week before my mom passed in 1993 she wanted to tell the family about her recent experience. Mom was ALMOST blind but on one night shortly before she died, she saw a man working on repairing something that was placed on the end table. She felt like it was my dad who had passed in 1991. In life, he had a radio and television repair shop. She reached out for him but there was nothing material to hold onto. A day or so later she was looking out the living room window and instead of the street she was familiar with, it was a totally different place. Not good or bad, only different. She did tell us it was pretty/pleasing. She repeated these two experiences several times to the family before her passing. Her life here was over a week later. Her mind was still excellent and she never exaggerated.

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