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Did something change recently to cause abductions to end for experiencers en masse? Were we left to spread our wings and fly, so to speak? And are we still being tested occasionally? If so, for what? These questions are only the beginning.

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  1. I was thinking about the
    I was thinking about the points made about this notion of the goal to life…and just wrote the following…it’s a bit indulgent, so appologies but hopefully food for thought…

    …Is it to improve ourselfs on some level, or to attain a state that allows us a different perspective, or maybe to just experience being human? (As I was pondering this question, I asked the question out loud “What is the purpose?” and the second I did so, I accidentally kicked a box at my feet. As I brushed it aside I noticed that it was a box from a camera lense I bought several years ago…Hmm, is the lense a clue? Going with that for a moment)…maybe the purpose is to try and fine-tune our focus somehow…to allow us to perceive subtle energies that we are not normally aware of, as during the meditation exercises focusing on body sensation, that Whitley suggests? Another analogy came to mind and that is of an artist…some say driving is an art…so how much more might life itself be? Of course anyone can have a go, even painting by numbers but if you really want to create a work of art worthy of your imagination and spirit, then surely you need to learn the craft, learn to feel the canvas, so that when you put fingers or brush to canvas, it really means something…and is what you intended it to be.

    …but then again, maybe it’s all just a face-painting side-show in the circus of life…we payed for the rollercoaster, are we supposed to step off it for a while and learn how to paint too?


  2. I do not believe that ancient
    I do not believe that ancient cultures such as the Egyptian managed to accurately understand the visitations they experienced, and that this confusion has continued for thousands of years now up to 2016. Why? Hum.

    And… I have a burning question:

    Yesterday I watched a video of an African-american woman in New Orleans singing and playing her clarinet like you can’t believe. Astonishingly masterfully. Brought tears to my eyes. So now tell me:

    Why are ET’s repertoires so limited? Slicing cats in half, plucking out cow gonads, sticking do-dads in our ear, and communicating the obvious “you must save yourselves!” messages in coded symbols. Big deal. Why don’t they demonstrate some artistic or creative sense? Why don’t they deliver astonishing metaphysical one-liners? They’re a buncha boring weirdos with few talents other than technology, it seems.

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