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As if growing up with Visitors and high strangeness weren’t enough, in Jeremy’s adult life something new unfolded and became him. A spiritual energy that came and never left. A pathless path he walked and never stopped to rest along the way. In this episode, walk it with him if you dare.

Here are the two links to Jeremy hooked up to an EEG program as mentioned in the show:

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Video 2

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  1. Hey Jeremy, that was a WOW
    Hey Jeremy, that was a WOW self-interview. In regard to “asian” synchronicity….
    Have you ever been driving on the highway? Sure. Have you seen bikers pass by each other and wave low, acknowledging their bike brothers? WHAT IF those strangers that acknowledged you ALSO had similar energies attached to them. So the energies were recognizing each other. Hmmm..?


    1. I think that’s probable.
      I think that’s probable. Maybe there are folks who can read “energy fields” around someone or know how to read some other tell that alerts them to that person being on their level. Except I’m not schooled in it so I’m unconscious of the fact that I’m emitting this tell.

      There’s a little more to the Asian connection that leads into the Buddhist demonology question in the next episode. Meanwhile, Krishnamurti? Not a Buddhist. So, if these things are just archetypes or some unreal thing, how is it possible that I, a White man with American sensibilities and zero interest in any of it, “get” what Krishnamurti was saying… Krishnamurti, a man from India raised to be a Theosophical cult leader but whom rejected all of that to say “Truth is a pathless land” and then talked about What Is without ever saying what comes next when the What Is mutates… And by “getting it,” I end up experiencing the things Buddhists claim are real but with an eye toward the Falun Gong belief system?

      I mean really. Some neurologist/materialist skeptic explain that one. The only true explanation is that these are universal truths–universal experiences–that transcend and include the body. And so, Krishnamurti knew these things to be the case just like a Buddhist, just like a Sufi mystic, just like a Christian mystic, and so on. But the mystics contextualized their experiences according to their dominant religious cultures that otherwise would have them executed. Krishnamurti had the luxury of being born in an age where that would not happen and the insight to realize that if anyone was going to have a shot at illumination through understanding, they could not afford to have a belief system in which to contextualize it. He gave, as far as I can tell, the purest explanation that there is.

      The problem is, the more polluted the searcher is with knowledge they’ve gained from their seeking, the harder it is to slough it all off because the brain is constantly comparing and contrasting various teachings and so you’d be more likely to say, “Oh, that sounds like Zen Master so-and-so. I already get that” as a means to NOT get it and carry on as the brain-alive self. I got lucky in that I was only seeking “the truth” with no idea in mind of what that is and no data bank to bounce his ideas off of. All I could see was 1.) that this sounded nonsensical, which bothered me, until 2.) I realized, Oh wait. It bothers me because it rubs against the very grain of me and I’m the nonsensical one. I am the illusion I seek to destroy for truth to be the case. CRAP!

      So with that revelation in mind the brain-self program stops seeking because there’s no direction for me to move in that revelation. And in that moment comes real magic.

      It is truly unfortunate that we’ve doubled down on “We create our own reality,” which has a level of fact to it but isn’t the break-through revelation that causes the mutation. it actually is self-fortifying and is appealing to us because we’ve really become this consumer culture that wants satisfaction on demand. What better notion to latch onto? Meanwhile, we’re committing species suicide rather than dying within.

  2. I liked your metaphor of
    I liked your metaphor of weaving the tapestry. I had a nice flash that your experiences are the different warp threads and you are connected to the weft thread which weaves them all together , so they are part of a big design even though they are separate. You do a really great job of explaining things there aren’t words for in English! Looking forward to part 4.

  3. The video reminded me of
    The video reminded me of energy work and some Qigong moves! I can’t wait until the next episode!

  4. First I have to say that I
    First I have to say that I was doing yoga while listening to this podcast and while you started describing the pose of finding yourself bowing like a Muslim on a prayer mat, I was in an asana that looked just like that and I dont know what the odds would be of that happening since I was only in that posture for a minute or two in the hour I was doing yoga. So that made me laugh. It doesnt really mean anything but was just a moment to notice. A Ha, one of those moments. I have no idea what it means except it gets my attention.

    Many of the things you describe I have experienced and many I have not. I was not drawn or pulled to Krishnamurti as you were but to Seth, the material channeled by Jane Roberts. I really want to understand the reality we are living in but it gets more and more unreal it feels like. When I hear you talk about your experiences today I get the sense that this has to do with the possibility/fact that we are more than just the focus personality we experience as being a body on the planet earth. We are part of larger beings or are connected to other beings and we have no idea in this 3d body but we do know in the bigger selves/self. Perhaps there is an oversoul that is the Soul of the connected beings. So you are not just Jeremy , you are a whole bunch of beings and they can be anywhere and anytime or bodiless at this moment. So in your case, you got some help to get your body together from your oversoul or you reached out with your psyche and connected with some other beings to help you manage the trouble with your back because you (the one here living in 2015) were not doing anything to help yourself so the bigger you took over. They seem to be eastern. right? This does not explain everything and is not the theory of everything, but I think there is something there. You channeled the energy. We all can channel energy and information. Some of it is universal and some is individual.

    I was given one of those dreams you cant wake up from that you talked about in the last episode. I kept waking up and going downstairs only to find it was a different downstairs. Maybe the room was a mirror image, or maybe all the color was gone and the walls were white or one time there was some dead relatives talking about ghosts and ufos. Everytime this happened I would run straight to my daughters room to make sure she was ok because this was some freaky shit and as soon as I got there, WHAM I would be in my bed again, waking up again. over and over, it was very frightening.At the end I was opening and closing my eyes and seeing the same thing that looked like a cartoon? I dunno. I finally woke up very freaked out. At least I think I finally landed back in the place I started. It may have been just to show me the nature of reality but it was too much to absorb. Are we just probablities? Endless probabilities with orbiting energies? Like particles and waves. Am I just one aspect of something? And what the heck do aliens or ufos have to do with it? it is all mixed in my experiences as well.
    Fascinating stuff, I am really enjoying your 4 part solo. 🙂

  5. Mind-bending experiences, now
    Mind-bending experiences, now I see why you’re on unknowncountry 🙂 Looking forward to next weeks show. Been great to hear this background to you life so far.

  6. Jeremy, thank you for
    Jeremy, thank you for searching for Truth and staying true to your Self. I suspect many if not most readers, have done the same. Each finds their own way or path.

    Your comments (what we are doing to ourselves, each other, this planet) are important. Open eyes can only occur, imo, when one looks as honestly as possible, within. Disconnects are important in showing where we need to work.

    I think nothing happens without purpose. When we do things to serve without personal benefit, the purpose might be beyond our knowing. Do we have to know what we are doing and why? Who or what is being served?

    It may be that your meditation is serving/healing the planet and all life forms. You benefit by doing what arises within you, as a prayer form… healing happens. Do you or any of us need to know specifically the good we do? Even that we do good with a desire to do no harm. It matters.

    Great show. Looking forward to next week.

  7. Jeremy, while watching the
    Jeremy, while watching the longer video, it seemed to me like snake movements with the hands. Your slapping hands representing a snap from one center to the next thus releasing energy so as to continue moving up the spine. Anyway, that is the feeling I had while watching the video……

  8. I tried to write this earlier
    I tried to write this earlier and had difficulty with my equipment. I listened to the show first, then watched the videos in order.

    As i watched the first video, your movements brought to mind a chant i occasionally listen to. It is part two of “The Freedom Chant” by the Gyuto Monks – “Mahakala.” These chants “are to bring forth peace and bless the planet.” The insert that came with the music says much more.

    When i watched your “standing meditation” it was as if i was hearing the chant and it seemed that you are moving energy through movement rather than music.

    These chants are quite different from anything i have heard otherwise.

  9. i am enjoying this ongoing
    i am enjoying this ongoing documentation of your path through understanding the impossible to comprehend phenomena that seems to want to get your attention… some point in our collective evolution towards a whole and healthy spiritual awareness on this planet I am hoping as a species we will be able to accept that there is a much greater reality beyond our physical senses and it very much wants our participation. When we can find the personal courage to let go of separative religious beliefs, and labels, and intellectual philosophies to explain our own mysteries, I bet there are many who love us in the unseen world who are cheering us on.
    On a side note, when I was just beginning to study Buddhism and Yoga years ago, I often awoke from sleep with my hands in the strangest positions, fingers all this way and that….found out later these were called Mudras in the Eastern traditions and each Mudra had a unique power to open different energy pathways in the body….who knew?! Love your shows – keep up the good work.

  10. You’re the only other person
    You’re the only other person I’ve ever heard of that has had this “energy movement” experience besides myself! The first time it happened, I had a terrible “crick” in my neck. The neck muscles were extremely knotted because I have extra long vertebrae in my neck. One night I received what I’ve always called a “cosmic chiropractic adjustment.” A subtle energy took over in my neck, both moving on its own and encouraging my head and neck to move in ways that “unkinked” the muscles. The feeling is very tangible– not like “maybe I’m feeling this, ” but just as tangible as having another person touch me, only putting their hands inside my body as well as outside.

    This still happens sometimes, especially when I need healing. Sometimes I can request it– asking it to unblock me spiritually, emotionally, or physically. I normally don’t move around as much as you do, but then again I’ve never needed to have my back worked on.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  11. Best interview yet!
    Best interview yet!

  12. Thanks for sharing all of
    Thanks for sharing all of this. When you spoke about seeing the gray face and being in a metallic hallway, it reminded me of an experience I had about four years ago. My husband and I were sailing in the Pacific Northwest. We were anchored off one of the islands and decided to take a nap. It was a pleasant day and the only thing on my mind was feeling relaxed and enjoying the day. I was restful with my eyes closed, when in my minds eye, I started seeing geometric intertwined shapes. They were metallic looking, gray, silver. The geometric shapes started moving. I felt myself being pulled into this, like I was traveling through them and they started passing by me faster and faster. I thought this is weird, but I just let myself experience it. After a minute or so, I was shocked to see what looked like a gray alien face looking at me suddenly through this metallic substance. The sense I got was it was surprised to see me. Since it shocked me, the vision was gone in an instant and I got up. It’s never happened since. Also, the discussion you had about seeing people and different situations before you sleep is also something my mother experiences. She can’t figure it out. She will just lie down and all of a sudden be somewhere watching people lead their ordinary lives. Like she’s an invisible observer in the room. Anyway…it’s all quite fascinating. Thanks for sharing so we don’t feel we are the only ones having these odd experiences.

    1. Oh…and my father and I both
      Oh…and my father and I both suffered terrible nose bleeds. I had mine cauterized when I around 11 or 12. Many other interesting experiences as well.

  13. As I remember Raymond
    As I remember Raymond Fowler’s book about Betty Andreasson and her family “The Watchers” she described in an encounter, pure beings of light in a very energetic setting where they were dancing and being very full of peculiar light and energy. It just seemed so spontaneous and joyous. When I watched these videos and Jeremy’s movements, I got the same vibe!

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