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Picking up where he left off last week, host Jeremy Vaeni shares with us his visitor encounters from adulthood and gives us his latest thinking on how some of them may have come about. But first, he explores synchronicities and Star Wars – a bizarre connection from childhood he had all but forgotten until pondering last week’s episode.

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  1. Excellent second solo edition
    Excellent second solo edition Jer . Thank you for your honesty in not only relating your experiences ,but also how you preface relating these events rational, not over the top, and often coming to different conclusions over time, and lastly always trying to keep the question open.

  2. Jeremy, your insight and
    Jeremy, your insight and honesty make The Experience the most relevant show I have listened to. As I hear you and your guests relate the utter weirdness of their interactions with other forms of being, it is comforting to know that weird is OK! I’ve been pondering the bone-deep FEAR. I am pretty sure for me that it relates to the shattering of the reality construct. If what you thought was real isn’t real, or is only PART of what is real, then how do you proceed from there? The only thing I am sure of is that LOVE [open heart-lack of judgement] figures in somewhere near the top of the list. It has only taken me 65 years to discern this-ha ha! Oh yes, the Trickster and synchronicity let me know if I’m on the right frequency!

  3. Great stuff Jeremy! 🙂
    Great stuff Jeremy! 🙂

  4. Consider this postulate: We
    Consider this postulate: We are 4th dimensional beings, and as such we are able to manipulate 3D reality. However, we are immersed in the 4th dimension (time-stream) and are unable to stop and examine our own true nature, which is, –consciousness moving through time (4D). This point of view is too close to our own position and therefore we cannot step-back and examine it, because we are limited by our own awareness (limits of science?).

    These Visitors may be examples of 5th dimensional beings (or higher), who because of their perspective, CAN manipulate reality in 4 dimensions (and therefore us).

    If this is the case, then –because of our very nature (and theirs), these beings may always linger just beyond our understanding.

    I believe that 4 dimensions is probably the minimum requirement for conscience self-awareness and that is where we find ourselves on this planet. Possibly there are other higher dimensional life-forms who are aware of us and see us as merely part of their landscape.

  5. Jeremy, thank you for being
    Jeremy, thank you for being part of UNKNOWN COUNTRY, and thank you Whitley for letting/making this happen. What a wonderful and insightful place to visit every week…..

  6. Jeremy, what is great about
    Jeremy, what is great about you is how you question, question, question it all and never jump to conclusions… That and how you are willing to share very intimate snapshots of your experiences and also acknowledge your vulnerabilities. Wisdom and guts, and way beyond the need to be cool and hip… Thank you for allowing us in.

    Keep on keeping’ on…

  7. Holy smoke Cyan – that is
    Holy smoke Cyan – that is such a brilliant observation! The only thing I can equate it too is when someone was trying to equate flatland in a 2 dimension to us in a 3 to 4 dimension, or vice versa!

  8. Cyan and Thunder,
    You might

    Cyan and Thunder,

    You might be interested in a book by Barbara Hand Clow, ‘Alchemy of Nine Dimensions’. She addresses much of what you are discussing in a similar fashion. Check it out!

  9. Thanks for reminding me about
    Thanks for reminding me about flatland Thunder. I’ve spent hours contemplating how to relate to a 2D reality. For instance, how could a flatlander tell if a 2D object were hollow or solid by observation. How can we in 3D?

    Take two ‘flat’ objects a coin and a washer. In flatland a person could not observe from the outside if the object was solid (coin) or hollow (washer), they would appear the same. Now in 3D we can easily see the difference, but the 2D observer could not.
    If we try the same experiment in 3D –take a tennis ball and a baseball, how can we observe from the outside whether it is solid or hollow? In 3D we cannot but a person from the next higher dimension would be able to observe the ‘inside’ of the balls easily. Hard to get your ‘head around’ (pun intended) even this simple experiment.

    Cosmic. thanks for the suggestion about the book. Nine dimensions, WOW!

  10. While I’m definitely enjoying
    While I’m definitely enjoying these interviews I find it strange that Jeremy discounts references to hypnotherapy. He clearly is the kind of person who questions and investigates everything and yet it never occurred to him to want to know what he said under hypnotherapy? And the result is that he dismisses it? I would understand if he remembered it all and knew he was being false the whole time but he admits he was there for hours and only remembers a small portion. My guess is hypnotherapy is like everything, works in some cases and misses the mark in others…

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