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In this, the fourth and final installment of host Jeremy Vaeni’s experiences, we learn about a second type of energy that has come upon him three times as of yet. And the third time was the charm.

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  1. Hi,
    Is anyone having

    Is anyone having difficulty downloading “The Experience” now that they’ve gone to Windows 10?
    Thanks much!

    1. Hi Bruce,
      I have noticed that

      Hi Bruce,

      I have noticed that there is no right-click menu option to ‘Save link as’ within the Windows 10 Edge browser – apparently Microsoft are ‘working on it’ so I have read. I am not sure what the work around is at the moment, other than to install another browser. I know from personal experience that this functionality works fine in Google Chrome and I am guessing it will work in other browsers too, like Mozilla Firefox.

      Also using Edge, left-clicking on the MP3 link seems to stream properly for ‘The Experience’ but not for ‘Dreamland’.

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  2. I am trying so hard to
    I am trying so hard to understand, but not getting it. Then I just listen and let it enter naturally and I still don’t get it. Maybe if I knock myself unconscious with headphones on I will get it.

    1. Kim, don’t worry or try so
      Kim, don’t worry or try so hard. Just be who you are. Jeremy’s journey took years for him to make sense of his experiences – and he lived them!
      Your own experiences of every kind, are your journey. Jeremy might not get it, if you shared yours with him!
      I think Jeremy is just trying to help us all come to know ourselves…Jeremy, if you would, could you write a couple sentences of what you hope would come about through your sharing?

  3. Hi Jeremy, I really enjoy
    Hi Jeremy, I really enjoy your show, and these last 2 episodes have been most fascinating! I had a couple thoughts I wanted to share after your last show.
    I read a lot of NDEs, and what seems to be the bottom line to the most detailed accounts is that a) everything is connected/we are all one; b) the purpose of life is simply the experience! (no pun intended). Even though it seems like a pain in the butt to us a lot of the time while we are here, evidently it’s pretty amazing to be in these bodies and experience this kind of life. Another thought regarding the “choice” you felt that you had – if there is really no time, then you are already that star being, or all-that-is, but this little you in this body isn’t aware of it while you are focused in this body. As long as you’re here, you might as well experience life as a human (or maybe that’s why you made that decision?) Anyway, you have given me lots of great food for thought. Thanks for all your great shows!!

  4. Truth is. There are
    Truth is. There are universals, yet they are uniquely experienced and understood.

    life is an opportunity – to experience, to learn, to know, to become, who am i? It is personal, individual,unique … until it isn’t.

    Thanks Jeremy for sharing your depth with us. You are not alone. I am sure , since i read so many comments by experiencers who listen to your show and to Whitley’s as well.

    Is the experience a doorway, a gathering place, a place of learning, a place of acceptance, energy, peace, love…?

  5. Hi Jeremy
    After listening to

    Hi Jeremy
    After listening to this last podcast I’m reminded of the great work done by Jane Roberts and Seth, the non-physical personality that entered our time/space through Jane to teach us about the true nature of our existence. You seem to have gotten there on your own but there’s so much more to know! If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you read “The Nature of Personal Realty” by Jane Roberts, a Seth Book, one of many brilliant books dictated by Seth.

    Also, Lynda Madden Dahl is a writer who has extensively researched and written about the logic behind Seth’s teachings, would be a most interesting person to interview.

    To quote Seth:

    “Your experience in the world of physical matter flows outward from the center of your inner psyche. Then you perceive this experience. Exterior events, circumstances and conditions are meant as a kind of living feedback. Altering the state of the psyche automatically alters the physical circumstances.

    “There is no other valid way of changing physical events. It might help if you imagine an inner living dimension within yourself in which you create, in miniature psychic form, all the exterior conditions that you know. Simply put, you do exactly this. Your thoughts, feelings and mental pictures can be called incipient exterior events, for in one way or another each of these is materialized into physical reality.”

    The Nature of Personal Reality
    Session 613
    September 11, 1972

    I love all your shows!

  6. Part 4 was great! The
    Part 4 was great! The experience you had was realer than real. Thanks for taking us along for the ride. I ran across an old cajun saying-“-What you done swum in, believe in!” You have surely swum deep in those waters!

  7. Hi Jeremy,
    A great episode.

    Hi Jeremy,

    A great episode. A thought I had a few nights ago was about what an experience of consciousness would be if one was completely outside the body and not connected to a brain? A realization I got was that our perception in the body is based primarily on memory. Memory, as we understand it is time based. You seemed to hit on this quite well, in that when we are experiencing a oneness, time is perceived as all is now. Memory in time is a way of putting the past into the present so that we are aware of ourselves. Is this a default way we perceive because our innate nature, consciousness, experiences only the present. We don’t really experience the past or the future, but only the present. When we are in our bodies, our consciousness is primarily locked into a time stream. We are distracted by life, so our consciousness is not paying attention to the whole picture. In meditation, we can allow ourselves to focus on a larger picture. At that point, the formless awareness, our real I, begins to take shape and the brain, the buffer between the outside world and our inner world can start to blend together.

    If we were in this formless awareness state without a body/brain connection, what would memory be to us? How would we perceive anything? Maybe that is why the entire Visitor phenomena is so bizarre, because it taps into the more fundamental part of ourselves. We remember things because we are in time. If we were outside of time entirely and outside of body, what would we truly be experiencing? I think, as you say, we would experience all events as now. The illusion of the past and the future would fade and the eternal now would be our experience. Could that explain, in part why memory may be so troublesome during unusual encounters? Because what we think we know as memory is nothing more than a piece of the eternal now, a piece that we summon to the forefront, to where our attention resides. The brain is a tool to focus awareness so that this life, this experience, has meaning. Our true self needs no filter, everything is now, awareness is everywhere.

  8. Thank you so much for
    Thank you so much for describing such profound experiences in such an honest and light-hearted (in every sense) way. You hit it out of the park! Yes – the Play of Consciousness. That’s what it is. I found all of the “solo” shows deeply interesting.

  9. These are profound
    These are profound experiences.

  10. Wow Jeremy, what an
    Wow Jeremy, what an episode…it is great to hear these amazing experiences and fascinating insights from you. I am glad I read ‘Urgency’ a while back, which gave me a grounding in the terminology that was flowing thick and fast in some parts, especially at the end!

    I am in the middle of reading ‘Star Maker’ by Olaf Stapledon, which is an amazing vision experienced by the main character that seems to span the entire life cycle of the universe, in incredible detail…and in a couple of chapters there is a description of stars being conscious beings, who are interconnected and in direct communication with all other stars in their galaxy (and I assume, the universe); Not only that but that they are emotional beings who react to the antics of the inhabitants of the worlds they give life to. I had not conceived of stars being conscious beings before then and was intrigued to hear you make mention of it.

  11. Jeremy, I’m a Buddhist monk
    Jeremy, I’m a Buddhist monk in the Tibetan tradition Google ” The Heart Sutra ” . Will write when I have more time. It May help. or then again it may just confuse you more. Peace

  12. Your I AM experience reminded
    Your I AM experience reminded me of a favorite poem “Taliesin” It reads in part..”I have been a blue salmon,I have been a dog, a stag, a roebuck on the mountain, a stock, a spade, an axe in the hand,a stallion, a bull, a buck,…I have been dead, I have been alive, I am Taliesin.” Taliesin means “radiant brow”.

  13. It occurs to be that since
    It occurs to be that since the nothingness is comprised of objects, energies or ideas, there at least two ways of looking at the scenario: first of all, somethingness can be extracted from nothingness, individual objects from the void. Second, if one ADDS object plus object, energy plus energy, concept plus concept, these may culminate in a cancelling out of each other. Therefore, an accumulation of enough substance, added together, results in a breaking down of space-time, eventuating in a formless void. Once enough energy is gathered, this naturally happens as a consequence. This may be partially why we deem it important to accumulate stuff, because of that underlying dynamic of form mutating eventually (when one has enough stuff) into the formless. However, we are generally not aware that we should be doing this with kundalini energy, rather than with physical objects. Hoarding objects may be a manifestation of consciousness’s desire to accumulate objects until form erodes into the formless. It may be a way to inform ourselves that “more is better”, although formlessness is the ultimate goal.

    My surmise is that examples of the formless are available to us at various junctures throughout the journey. We don’t have to wait until we live out infinity and all of time in order to find confluences where nothingness is revealed. These confluences may not amount to the totality of formlessness, but may be a piece of it. Formlessness may not be an “all or nothing” proposition, we may be able to experience segments of the void.

    All in all, somethingness may arise from nothingness (with nothingness being the Mother). However, nothingness may also arise from somethingness (accumulation and cancellation factor). There may be a liminal area here, a threshold where nothingness is reached after enough somethingness is compounded and melded together. Then time simply breaks down and quantum leaps are accessible.

  14. One thing that has perplexed
    One thing that has perplexed me is the nature of time passing in the Universe. I seem to have a memory of watching it occur, deep in the recesses of my mind. I have the feeling that when I observed it, I was surprised that the whole of time for the Universe did not unfold immediately, instantly. Instead, it by passed quite slowly, creatures began to inhabit the Universe at a slow rate, following evolution. What causes this apparently slow unfolding of time in our universe? Is it something that is rooted in atoms? Does a separation of form from the formless create a local time dimension? Does lack of change create a dimension that is distinct from more rapid change? Are there levels of discreteness and distinctness in forms?

    If so, maybe there are things that refuse or are resistant to change. Maybe these are ultimately part of formlessness, as all things are, yet the interpretation of time is different when one is in proximity to these form(s). Maybe there are places where time plods along at an incredibly slow rate. Perhaps this is where demons dwell, such as what Jeremy mentioned.

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