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Last week we met "Jim" and talked about his Visitor and paranormal experiences from an analytical point of view. This week he returns to narrate his time spent studying under a martial arts master from a spiritual point of view. Once again, and as always, we are confronted with the fact that we don’t know what we’re capable of and the eternal question: Who are we?

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  1. Yup! What is reality? All
    Yup! What is reality? All the age-old questions – seems each must answer for oneself.
    Is it all about the questions we raise, the experiences we have, or how we live our life? Or…?
    And just why do we want to know? What do we do with our answers such as they are? (In my head it is Jeremy’s voice i hear ask the questions.)
    Does it make a difference beyond the apparent support shared, when we gather to share our stories? How? Why?

    We know… and yet not-so-much. How wonderful! I personally enjoy the discovery and updating as new info comes along. It is magical and work i choose. Others do not so choose and they cannot understand why i do.

    Listening to Jim has been a real trip. So much energy and many important things to share. Thanks, Jim. These were great interviews.
    The something non-physical about martial arts cannot be learned with the mind.The repeated effort by the body, creates a “complete circuit” and from which one simply is… and frees the mind to not “think” what to do next, or ow! that hurt! or i’m losing. Rather, it seems to be an integration where we are – not what we do not what we think… it is more than that.
    Martial arts fit the culture(s) from which they arose… and our thinking minds fit our culture. So i think to understand the world. But experiences which are not “thoughts” cause a knowing /be-ing. An integration of mind, body, spirit… and martial arts can move us into that. As can many other things.
    Perhaps, when one is fully there, then there is no winner/loser but recognition both are “one” and both “win” when they get to this point. I sense a “prime directive” which only appears when the student arrives… There is a loser in a battle, until the next opportunity to become “one”….? The lesson is that no one wins, when one is asleep or dies.

  2. Jeremy and Jim…..Really good
    Jeremy and Jim…..Really good interviews and leaving me and most likely others much to ponder…..Jim, I am thinking you have the kind of mind/curiosity that even as a child had you looking up to the stars, WONDERING, how far do the stars go, where does the universe end??????

    Here is a scene from the MATRIX. Sorry, I just couldn’t help

    Matrix – Neo vs. Morpheus

  3. Keep getting page not found.
    Keep getting page not found. Want very much to hear this interview with Jim

    1. Hi June, I was getting the
      Hi June, I was getting the same thing when I tried to access the interview via the mobile app.
      Switching to the full site and downloading from there worked for me.

      1. Thanks. I went to my laptop,
        Thanks. I went to my laptop, was using ipad and was able to listen. This Jim is remarkable. I am downloading both programs.

  4. With regards to the martial
    With regards to the martial art related super powers, I remember watching a program on TV several years ago, where the presenter was tested on how often he could predict an oncoming (mock) attack…he was then put through some extreme training, where he was made to stand for several minutes under an ice-cold waterfall, to the point of exhaustion…after this he was tested again and his predictive abilities went up significantly – very interesting…maybe I should try the odd cold shower myself 🙂 I think it might have been the same program, where they showed a guy ringing a bowl like a bell, using a blast of directed chi/qi whilst yelling at the object…he could floor opponents without touching them, in a similar manner…and also where a martial arts guy gave a demonstration of directed qi from his fists, that according to the presenter / interviewer felt like a pulsing electric field.

    I think this was from a fascinating series on BBC 3 called ‘Mind, Body & Kick Ass Moves’…,_Body_%26_Kick_Ass_Moves

    Yes after reading it, am sure this was the program I was remembering…here is an extract from the Wiki description about Episode 2…

    “…At Shasui Falls, in Japan, Crudelli is introduced to the concept of Satki (described as “telepathy.” The actual term, however, is “sakki,” and it actually means “killing intent/qi” or “a thirst for blood”). Aoki explains that one can learn to detect Satki, and by doing so can learn to predict an opponent’s moves, thus acting before the opponent has chance to strike. Aoki explains that to develop Satki, a person meditates in standing in a heavy waterfall – something which forces the temperature of the body to fall considerably. After ten minutes in the ice cold waterfall, the person’s mind and consciousness opens enough to detect Satki. Aoki also describes what he called vacuum energy, which he uses on his opponent when Satki has been detected. Once Satki is detected Aoki uses vacuum energy in two ways, either to stop his opponent or send them running in the other direction…”

    Here is an extract from YouTube, about the bowl/bell ringing (at the end)…

    I’m still trying to track down a clip about the waterfall.

  5. John Hagelin gave this
    John Hagelin gave this lecture on “Consciousness is the unified field”.

    He mentions during the later segments of his speech that levitation might have an explanation that involves the unity field.

  6. Here is an excellent ‘reality
    Here is an excellent ‘reality show’ video about martial arts (Shaolin) and consciousness. Be sure and hang in past the first 30 minutes or so, and once they get away from that huge touristy Shaolin monastery and move on to the real thing…Well worth it! I really learned some things from watching this, and I FINALLY understood how to coordinate my breathing while working out and doing other physical activity. Actually all 3 episodes of this show, ‘Extreme Pilgrim’ are fascinating!

    1. Cosmic is right. Took that
      Cosmic is right. Took that sage advice and watched all three episodes – MARVELOUS!
      The priest is not your run-of-the-mill Anglican vicars; he truly loves his calling and his work, and is very sincere in finding how religions motivate people into seeking a higher truth.
      What I came away with was how many similarities the three extreme examples of religious practices, Shaolin Buddhism, Coptic Christianity (monks) and Hinduism share. No mention was made of extreme Islam…
      THANK YOU, Cosmic Librarian, for sharing that link with us!

      1. You’re welcome, Dave! While I
        You’re welcome, Dave! While I do not have religious leanings myself, what came through in all 3 episodes was the common thread of love and devotion, as well as the kindness and integrity of the people encountered during these journeys.

    2. Thanks for this. I just
      Thanks for this. I just watched it back to back with the next episode in India. Why are we looking for aliens again? It’s striking how foreign to ourselves we all are in the world.

  7. dammit, i can’t compete on
    dammit, i can’t compete on an intellectual level ….. all i want to do is give Danci Danisons you tube channel out and let the seeds grow! awesome stuff!

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