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We often think of experiencers as a bridge between our reality and another. But what if we’re really a bridge–or perhaps a super highway–for our world and several others? This week’s episode focuses on the experiencer who compartmentalizes various paranormal phenomena in his life because they don’t seem to intersect. Is he not the intersection?

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  1. Great analogy Jeremy. I
    Great analogy Jeremy. I can’t wait to listen to the show later this evening!

  2. Wow. Stunned and awed. Jim’s
    Wow. Stunned and awed. Jim’s missing time and getting lost as a youngster in Baxter State park reminds me of the exact situations that children disappear in National Parks in the Missing 411 series by David Paulides….there is an element at work here, a dimensional flux that individuals fall into, one that some never come back from. From the sounds of it, the tentacles of the high strangeness, paranormal are wide and far reaching into the realm of the faery and extra, inter dimensional beings. I think Jim is lucky to have had the opportunity (?) to come back to tell of his experiences.

  3. I am from Millinocket, Maine
    I am from Millinocket, Maine which is only about 20 miles from Baxter. I spent a lot of time in those woods. It is dense remote forest. I have lived a life of strangeness and a number things happened there. In the same general area is the well known Allagash abductions.

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