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American ufology takes it as gospel that gray aliens are here abducting people onto their ships. If this is true, then why isn’t it happening in Poland? Why don’t they see grays? Why don’t experiencers feel as though they are being abducted? And why do the alleged objects in the sky change in shape with time and cultural context?

UFOs Over Poland: The Land of High Strangeness author Piotr Cielebias joins us to talk about numerous aspects of Polish ufology in an interview he deems as the one containing the best questions he’s ever been asked.

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  1. If as Whitley and Anne have
    If as Whitley and Anne have suggested, the Earth is indeed an engine of consciousness, and the suggestion during this interview that UFO sightings have a mind expanding effect on experiencers / viewers is also true, then could the source of this Super Natural experience be the Earth itself, I wonder?

    Assuming the Earth is conscious, maybe they are Earth thought-forms?…a thought intended into being for us to ponder…to hopefully expand our conscious awareness in turn? The impossible to expand our view of the possible.

    Great interview.

    1. This is what Jeff Ritzmann
      This is what Jeff Ritzmann hypothesized on the final episode of our first Paratopia run: These beings might be Earth communicating with us. Who better to care about environmental issues and about evolving us in ways deeper than logic than Mother Earth?

      1. That’s interesting…I didn’t
        That’s interesting…I didn’t think I’d heard that one before but I could be completely wrong…maybe I was putting my own spin on something I had heard elsewhere…probably, who knows…anyway…

        Yesterday whilst I was pondering this, I wondered that if all planets are conscious, then do the subset of ‘aliens’ who are our interstellar cousins see UFOs in their skies too?…and are these UFOs in the realms of what they might regard as being future technology?…But if so, what could be so advanced in their skies that they would be in awe???? Maybe, if we evolve to the point of not needing our spiritual doors opening, so to speak, that the UFO phenomenon will have no need to continue to haunt us?

        I may have got that from Jeff too, who knows?!

  2. You suggest that the greys
    You suggest that the greys must be a manifestation shaped according to our culture, because in Poland people don’t get abducted. You could be correct. On the other hand, couldn’t there be various species of ETS interacting with us in various ways across the planet, just as French, Belgian, English, and Dutch invaders carved up different spheres of influence in colonial Africa, and had somewhat different relationships to the inhabitants?

    1. To suppose that aliens from
      To suppose that aliens from other planets behave just like us is to assume that sentient beings throughout the universe/multiverse have exactly the same consciousness and that where we are in our headspace now is somewhere near the top of the pyramid.

      I certainly hope that is not the case!

  3. Yes Jeremy and Peter, there
    Yes Jeremy and Peter, there exists a world between ‘thing and thought’.

    Weird manifestations are something we do to ourselves in the guise of the ”Other’. This alter-intelligence knows us very intimately and it stays one step beyond whatever our latest concept of it is.

    Meanwhile though, we are well on our way to blowing this whole shee-bang to Bits. I think if the aliens (smirk), give half a damn about this Planet or us, then maybe it’s time they come out and help humanity, (and themselves) find a way to fix this mess and into a better world before it’s too late.

  4. Great link t.elf…Terrance
    Great link t.elf…Terrance McKenna…wow, he was really something.

  5. Hey, haven’t listened to the
    Hey, haven’t listened to the show yet checking in w you gals and guys I’m still glistining in Jeremy’s “I am ”
    moments .

  6. Hey Jeremy, you really should
    Hey Jeremy, you really should interview Linda Madden Dahl. She has deeply studied Seth’s teachings through Jane Roberts, and can probably give you and your listeners a very clear perspective of these and many other events.

    In a nutshell according to Seth: 1. every single event and thing that we experience is created by the individual; 2. every individual exists in its own universe and is constantly creating events and things; 3. every universe blends with other universes to create mass consciousness events and things; 4. we’ve come here to learn to purposely manipulate energy to create events and things to experience in our individual universe. 5. if we want to be the new human, then our concept of linear time no longer works for us as it forces us to think in terms of cause and effect. Events and things are created by associations, or what Seth calls Significances. This is a major one because it forces us to be aware of what we consider significant enough for us to put our thought or energy into – thereby creating events and things that are associative to that thought.

    It’s really quite simple when you read it, but to apply it is another matter (unless you create a thought template that programs you to associate simplicity with deliberate thinking)

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