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Is life itself a shared dream embedded within consciousness? If so, what might Visitor phenomena represent? In part one of a two-part interview, scientist-turned-philosopher Bernardo Kastrup joins us to discuss some of the ideas in his latest book, Why Materialism Is Balony: How True Skeptics Know There Is No Death and Fathom Answers to Life the Universe and Everything.

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  1. Jeremy and Bernardo Kastrup,
    Jeremy and Bernardo Kastrup, thank you for this interview. I have been a dreamer my whole life and when I discovered Edgar Cayce in the 1970s, I started recording dreams. Today I currently belong to a small dream group in my city. I want to share a snippet of the dream I had on January 12th…..Looking forward to the interview next week. Again, THANK YOU.

    First a note referring to THE MIND OF GOD in this interview…..And an experience from my life.

    (Yesterday, January 11th, I needed to add a new toothbrush to my shopping list. While at K-Mart, Colgate had a special on a toothbrush for only a $1.00. I purchased the toothbrush and was thinking, WOW! What a coincidence).

    THEN THE DREAM (Only included the first part of the dream here).

    DREAM: I am at K-Mart and putting this same toothbrush into my shopping cart. I am thinking how unusual that I should find a brand name product so cheap. THEN, in the dream a voice says, “This is no miracle, you and everyone are parts of the mind of God. What you refer to as a synchronicity is nothing more then the mind of God hearing and responding.”

    The new age is upon us. In the new age the subconscious will replace the consciousness we now know as our waking state of being. Here’s what a famous psychic had to say about it a long time ago. Edgar Cayce (1877-1945). As the consciousness of the entity becomes nearer to that one consciousness, that is, as the body-conscious, the physical or sensuous consciousness, and the subconsciousness,becomes nearer in one, or nearer in accord with each, the visions, the dreams, as are seen, are more profound in their presentation…..reading 900-240.

  2. I really don’t know what you
    I really don’t know what you were trying to achieve with this interview. Could you perhaps tells us what you were after here?

  3. Wow, the discussion here was
    Wow, the discussion here was great! I think Bernado Katstrup made some really interesting observations about the interrelation of consciousness, experience and reality. I’ve always been interested in the evolution of how reality is described and understood. Yet at it’s core the descriptions always seem to point to the same thing, only changing their analogies to suit the times. Even someone like me, whose only consciously (currently) experienced one facet of reality, can come to partially understand it.

    Plato had his cave where shadow puppets of realer things danced upon the walls. Shakespeare said all the world’s a stage, and we mere actors coming, going, and playing our parts. I believe he shared Bernardo Katstrup’s view of reality being like a dream. And nowadays we have the matrix and the discovery of the holographic universe by quantum physics.

    Personally I think massively multiplayer role playing games are fairly similar. The rules of the RPG world are created by consciousness (humans) through computer code. Just like in our material reality the sky is above, the earth is below, and you can’t walk through walls (unless there’s a glitch or you hack). There are characters or avatars created and moved consciously, and a person can create more than one avatar. Each one has their own individual type (mage, warrior, rogue, and healer) and skill set. Furthermore, in this digital world you can make choices that affect the story. Meanwhile there are also events that are preset and cannot be changed, you can only choose how you react to them. There are many entities within the RPG world that are not moved consciously, but only by the code. These include the scenery, buildings, animals, and non-player characters. Actually, I think only the code itself and player avatars, are acted on directly by human consciousness. The rest just follows the code. And finally, there are more than one RPG’s; similar to how we theorize that there are parallel worlds or multiple universes. Still the digital world is flat and two dimensional compared to our 3D world which caters to all the senses.

    We try to recreate our own material world within the digital realm; but to what ends? On the surface it’s for entertainment purposes. But could it also be a reflection of our own material reality and what may be beyond it? Just as the material universe lies beyond the digital one, what may like beyond our material one? It’s sort of like if you are in a forest, you can’t see the forest for the trees. However, if you go up a hill or mountain you can see the whole forest. A person who sees the whole forest could then make a model and show it to those within, who would now have a better idea of where they are (should they believe the model). This is also like the shadow puppets of real animals in Plato’s cave, it’s not nearly as complex as the real thing, but it gives you a general idea. But it seems we’ve come quite a ways since shadow puppets.

    On another note, what if those in the digital world became conscious somehow? Wouldn’t they start to wonder about their place in their world as well? And what lay beyond it? They may even create their own representations. But then things would start looking like an infinity mirror. And I wonder what we’d do if we noticed something like that happening. I guess it would add another layer to what we call reality. Existence is really an amazing and mysterious experience.

  4. LOVE your posts, Carollee! I
    LOVE your posts, Carollee! I find them to be illuminating almost all the time.

  5. Check out Nanci Danison = you
    Check out Nanci Danison = you tube channel- quite enlightning on a multiple subject matters.

  6. Great interview with lots to
    Great interview with lots to think about and listen again to before the second episode.

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