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Jeremy Vaeni is off this week. Whitley Strieber fills in reading from the Communion Letters and commenting on three amazing and revealing stories of close encounter. They are from among the 115 letters that were collected by Anne Strieber from over a quarter of a million that Whitley and Anne received after they published Communion.

They were published as the Communion Letters with commentary by Whitley and Anne. The book has been out of print for 10 years, and has now been republished as an ebook for $3.99. It is available wherever ebooks are sold.

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  1. Hello Whitley. Thank you SO
    Hello Whitley. Thank you SO much for reading these excerpts on Jeremy’s show. It made me realize that an experience that I had figured was probably a dream–probably wasn’t. It’s the soul being sucked off the body thing. This DID take place in what I call a “Real dream” –there’s a quality of dream that one knows is far more than a dream. In it I was standing (as an adult) in my childhood bedroom. That house was on a hill with a big flood-field behind it–about a full block–and behind the flood field, across the street were some low-rise university dorms. The sky above the dorms was dominated by a black cloud that was HUGE. A thundercloud for sure, but the rest of the sky was only mildly grey. Then huge bolts of lightning came out of the cloud –MANY and very large, and then a disc… and then a whole squadron of discs. I was so excited and watched them fly toward my little house… but by then the house had disappeared and I was simply standing on a grassy hill where my bedroom used to be. This didn’t distress me. I was excited about seeing the ships, and was thinking I wanted to go with them. Then they started crossing above me, and it felt as if a vacuum force was sucking my etheric body and soul from me. My Self-ness. It was terrifying, and I hadn’t given them permission to take my soul, so I mind-shouted (no words, but thinking like a shout) YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO TAKE MY SOUL. THIS IS AGAINST THE RULES. YOU MUST STOP! RIGHT! NOW!!!! and my soul/etheric body snapped back to me like a rubber band and they flew by in total disinterest. I was sad that I couldn’t learn more about them and sad to see them go, but felt right and justified in not letting them take my soul.

    I have NO IDEA what this was about. I’ve wondered if this was some kind of near-death event (I’ve had others, dream-related, even though I am a robustly healthy person). I’ve wondered if the ‘soul’ I felt them taking was a vehicle for traveling in their sphere–but still profoundly feel that it belongs to ME (whatever ME is) and they weren’t entitled to take it from my body. Very confusing. If you have anysights that will help me understand if this was an opportunity I let pass by me or if I correctly protected myself I’d be very appreciative. (In fact, the other ‘near-death’ was one in which I later decided was an opportunity I allowed to pass by…)

    Thanks for EVERYthing you do, Whitley

  2. Whitley, what a delightful
    Whitley, what a delightful surprise ! I could listen to you read all of those letters with pleasure. I have always wondered about those who saw the visitors as owls or raccoons, but I have never heard of anyone who saw what I did- a Luna moth with the eyes. This was in the late 1980’s in a remote valley in West Virginia. Since that time I have been rather obsessed with the image of the moth and have painted it many times. I even have a tattoo of one as I consider it my spirit guide. Thank you for a wonderful website and for giving us a safe place to share our stories.

  3. Hello Whitley,
    I listened to

    Hello Whitley,
    I listened to you read 3 encounters from the book today. I had 2 signed copies of the book when it was first published – I remember those stories very well because of their high strangeness. I wrote to you about some of my encounters starting in 1989 and you published some of it. I lost both copies and all of our corespondents (and those from Jaques Valles, Bud(the artist in NY) in a house fire in 2004 and I kept thinking, well, no one is going to believe me now! And here you are reading from that book!
    Did I hear you say that the abduction phenomenon has decreased? I had a stunning experience in 1995 when I got the impression that they came to say goodbye to me. I’ve had a few unexplainable experiences in the last 10 years but they have a much different “flavor” to them now. The last one had to do with the Council of 9. At least 3 of them were reptillian. They wanted to speak to me but my etheral body wouldn’t ascend through the ceiling. In 2010 I was practicing Nichirin Buddhism and a one night little ‘cat people” pulled me out of bed and when I looked out my window a stuppa shaped metallic thing descended out of the sky and there was a blue skinned black eyed man in it – of course I’m not going into detail here but it seems to continue for me.
    My name was Bennett back then. I’m thankfully back in California from Chicago. I look forward to enjoying my subscription. Take Care

  4. I remember a grey box
    I remember a grey box spinning in place above my head one night during a camping trip to the Joshua Tree area in California. I had forgotten about it but just today had thought about it again. Thank you, I’ll buy the book soon.

  5. This was just sublime. I wish
    This was just sublime. I wish this was an Audiobook!

    I was given a copy of The Communion Letters last year which I have not yet read – it is strangely the ONLY encounter related books of yours I did not have in my collection and I still don’t why (in my head I think I got it mixed up with Report On Communion which I also own). I will certainly be reading it now!!!

    I also enjoyed your message at the end and was moved by it – thank you.

  6. Communion Letters has always
    Communion Letters has always been one of my favorite WS books. The accounts in it are incredible, and yet not unbelievable(at least for those who are open minded). The Visitors in the trees is one of my favorites, partly because of the matter of fact nature that this family dealt with what appear to be dozens of non-human entities in their trees and all over their property. Perhaps my favorite entry is the one that dealt with a witness who angered her “guide”, and who had to (eventually)apologize to him. She asked if he was an angel and was told ‘…not as you have been taught…’. Perhaps this resonated with me due to an after death contact I had in a dream. My foster father had passéd away from cancer a few months previously. While the family was sad, he’d had cancer and his body withered away to almost nothing and his eventual passing was a blessing. In the dream I was seated in my parents’ home, in a spot I’d often sat. Down the steps walks my father, in a brand new plaid red shirt with tan khaki pants. His body was vibrant and there was a glow about him(not a light, but he seemed so abundantly healthy!). His mostly grey hair was full, and all of this shocked me. My first words to him were: “Dad, I though you were dead…!”. He answered “I am”, but almost with a smile said “….Please tell your mother that you saw me and that I am all right…”. Still shocked but wanting to learn more I replied to him “Are you in heaven…?” And his comment back to me was ” Not exactly, but I am very happy…”. I formed the thought in my head that I wanted him to tell me about heaven, what it was like to be dead, and then it all vanished and I woke up. I took his comments to suggest that our thoughts(or at least mine)on heaven were wrong. Having 12 years of Catholic schooling, this was interesting to me. The priests and nuns had all the answers and the Catechism was LAW. My foster father was raised by priests and nuns in an orphanage and had a similar religious education. That encounter raised all kinds of questions, and Whitley’s recent entries about Ann only reinforced my interest and questioning.


  7. Having own and read mostly
    Having own and read mostly all of your books, Communion Letters is the only one I have not read. Why, I think a little fear I wasn’t ready for it. About a month ago I did order it from amazon; it sits at the post office ready for a pick up. Listening to the few samples helps. Yes this has been twenty years of breaking down the fears. Thanks!!

  8. Whitley,
    Thanks for this! As


    Thanks for this! As each of your ‘Communion’ books were published, I immediately sought them out and bought them, and my most recent purchase was ‘The Super Natural’. From the moment I read a review of ‘Communion’ in our local newspaper years ago, I knew that I had to have it, and when I saw ‘The Lady’ staring out at me from the pages of ‘The Statesman’, I also knew that I had to get the book that day, which I did. She did not frighten me, but she did make me smile, and the way that I recognized her is still a puzzle to me.

    …And ‘The Communion Letters’…I remembered all three of the stories that you read to us, and was reminded again of my own ‘close encounters’. I have received a ‘download’ too, only not from a box, but from a female voice inside a huge crystal pyramid.

    I will be pulling my copy of the ‘Communion Letters’ off of the shelf and reading them again this weekend. Many, many thanks to Anne for reading, editing, and putting these letters together in yet another ‘tool box’ for those of us attempting to understand who and what we are. Her work continues…


  9. What a wonderful surprise,
    What a wonderful surprise, Whitley! I have been reading this book for the first time. So glad i am!

  10. The Communion Letters:

    The Communion Letters:

    The very first book to download on my NEW KINDLE E-Reader…….
    Thanks Whitley.

  11. Wtf! High strangeness indeed.
    Wtf! High strangeness indeed. Have just bought the book. Thank you as always, for unknown country and all your and Anne’s generous work.

  12. I count myself very lucky to
    I count myself very lucky to own a signed copy of The Communion Letters and hearing Whitley read from it, is a real treat. The first one about the people in the trees I have never forgotten…almost stranger than fiction. If these were fiction, some of the letters might just seem laughable…but when you know they are not, they turn into something altogether quite intriguing and often quietly disturbing. This being a clear glimpse of the strange nature of the experience, it is no wonder these accounts would never have seen the light of day, were it not for the perseverance and insight of Anne and Whitley.

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