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Join us this week for a one-of-a-kind roundtable discussion about experiences of high strangeness in childhood and beyond. Sometimes commonality lives in the differences. What does that mean? We will find out together.

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  1. Love you Mace! (EE)
    Love you Mace! (EE)

    1. Aww….I love you too,
      Aww….I love you too, EE.

      What have I done with the scheme I mentioned in my previous post? The coordinate conjecture is that units by necessity occupy different coordinates in space-time, they are created in that fashion. Space-time coordinate A is in a different position compared to space-time coordinate B. They are units as individuals, and are relative to each other. This has distinct advantages, it seems that such a system more closely approximates reality at large. It is more generative as well. Instead of 10 units that are redundant, one has 10 unique units. On the flip side, since one is not longer comparing things that are the same (apples and oranges, limes and peaches, etc.) operations that functioned before no longer can be performed using current mathematical methods. Consider 2 divided by 2 as an example. If the units in this problem are distinctly different, as time and apparently space dictate (through the number’s generation in space-time, which is part of the imagination of the creator) then 2 divided by 2 cannot simply be 1. Furthermore, addition, subtraction, and multiplication are all augmented. The functions take on new meaning. I’ve broken typical mathematics by making all units individuals, which then become completely relative to each other in an abstract way. I believe this is a more accurate way of looking at reality, and may prove useful at some time in the future.

      In these scenarios, adding 1+1+1 seems to become a case where one is adding the total properties of the individual entities then calculating its combined result. Kind of like adding up scissor, pencil and spoon. They join to form a new amalgam. This is like adding up the total waveforms of the objects, creating a new waveform.

      If one looks at the coordinate conjecture problem from a perspective of connection, then each bit of information or energy still retains that endowment of containing the whole within the part. However, it is always from a unique point of view. With interconnection, all paths lead to the same destination, but the individual routes are different.

  2. Also zeroes and ones…
    Also zeroes and ones… 010011 on off…

  3. Great Episode. The majority
    Great Episode. The majority of the UFO community {In general} would be better spending their monthly meetings playing Dungeons and Dragons pretending to be clerics and wizards. They would learn more about themselves than they would about some of these well researched and documented whistleblowers, “It was green and in the sky at 12 noon, it pulsed some light and told me to meet it at seven eleven with a large slurpee at 3pm.. Here is the photo, the 13 witness signatures and document written in ink from a 18th century fountain pen”. Yeah sure…..


    This article seems to be an example of what I was talking about regarding adding waveforms. The article states that “the muon and the electron should be equivalent, so there should be no difference”. The electron and muon are imagined to be virtual duplicates, so when a muon is coupled with a proton and it creates a different radius than an electron paired with a proton, it is problematic. It appears that this may be a situation where electron and muon are not equivalent/duplicates, and their own individual natures create different substances.

  5. I think that every instance,
    I think that every instance, coordinate, energy, iota is part of that huge, multiverse stew you mentioned, Jeremy. Nothing is duplicated exactly! Everything is off kilter compared with everything else, and for this reason we need to constantly employ feedback and consider adjustments, to determine our relative position at any given moment. It is indeed a continual unfolding of relative realities. Once we believe something is a duplicate of something else we shut down its energy, closing the door that would illuminate its existence, and paint it grey. We stop learning about its true trajectory. Pigeonholing reality into such a format that is impossible is a perceptual trap, one that leads to deserts and dead forms. Every moment is nascent, nuanced, a member in its own niche. Treating energies/iotas/coordinates as individual entities enables one to see the big picture, enhancing comprehension as a whole. This means that the unit system in Mathematics (1=1) is not correct. The first “1” (aforementioned in parentheses) is indeed itself, but there are no perfect clones, no unit can be duplicated precisely. Avoiding the distinctive nature of reality creates a muddled, incomplete version. Consciousness subjectively observes itself and others, and this is a delicate, subtle process.

  6. I wonder if it is possible to
    I wonder if it is possible to reach one’s hands into “subspace” from any given point in our physical Universe, then obtain material items from a parallel universe. This reminds me of an Einstein-Rosen bridge, whose portal allows one in this case to acquire artifacts from another Universe. That is a long reach, indeed. I had a vision of a man being able to achieve this in an empty space surrounded by spectators, he was pulling objects seemingly out of thin air. When one reaches into the subspace of pure potential, one might be able to accomplish such a feat. Perhaps that is how Jesus made the miracle of the loaves and fish manifest, he piped them in from another Universe in the Multiverse. The apparent proximity of parallel Universes, which has been designated as only several centimeters away from our own, may make this feasible. Subspace acts as a bridge between the two Universes.

    Or maybe all material items from any parallel universe are available. Subspace has no set range, and it does not matter how far away a universe is relative to our Universe.

    1. Didn’t Carlos Castaneda, in
      Didn’t Carlos Castaneda, in his books about his magickal teacher, Don Juan, indicate that Don Juan could supposedly do that? Also, if you’ve never read any of the “Chronicles of Amber” fantasy novel series by Roger Zelazny, you’ve a treat in store for you. The main characters do the reaching-through-portals-to-obtain-physical-items-from-elsewhere on a regular basis. Cheers!

    2. Hi, Mace!
      I agree with much

      Hi, Mace!
      I agree with much of some of what you say, however, I tend to see reality ( this world,subspace, parallel universes, bridges, wormholes, whatever) a little differently. For me, it is like this one huge web that connects ALL, and if you vibrate that web in a certain way, you will connect to another part of ‘the web’. Lots of things can make the web vibrate, including feelings and emotions that can affect both the macro and micro levels embedded in the web.

      “…Perhaps that is how Jesus made the miracle of the loaves and fish manifest, he piped them in from another Universe in the Multiverse.” Indeed, and perhaps, in this case, that vibration was the deep love and compassion that Jesus felt for the people during his sermon on the mount. Likewise, when John mentioned in the round table that he and his wife heard their dead dog, Boo, on the stairs, I wasn’t kidding when I stated that “Love manifested on the stairs.”

      Keep in mind that vibrating the web and manifestation are not just about love and light, which is why our deepest thoughts, feelings, and emotions are so important. This is not the same thing as ‘The Secret’ or the power of intention (puh-leeze!), because there are also things going on deeper levels of consciousness that have an effect that we may to be aware of, and this is why meditation is so important. (And I confess that at times I can be a real slacker when it comes to traditional meditation, but I find a nice long walk in nature will usually get me back on track!)

      1. Hi Cosmic. I see that
        Hi Cosmic. I see that specific frequencies exist in their own niches. If you vibrate at a particular frequency, you will active a sympathetic reaction and resonance with that part of the web, as you put it.

        Would you agree with the idea that all of these frequencies have a place where they ultimately connect, a confluence where they all converge? That’s what I mean by subspace. Such a confluence is a singularity, where time stops.

        What is the difference between Time as a singularity (where time stops and all events happen simultaneously, and our worldly notion of time? It seems that it is the central point from where time is perceived. At a singularity, the central point is fixed, unchanging. All energies (frequencies) are merged with that point, in interconnection. The central point remains halted, static. In our experience in the Universe, the central point is not fixed, it keeps on moving down the line, time moves from past to present to future, like this:
        1 1 1 (the ones represent the central crux). What is responsible for this action? To speculate, I will return to the singularity that existed before the Big Bang explosion. Time did not exist there, and all forces were connected together in one aggregate. When the big bang occurred, the forces separated, and the energy flew apart. It later formed into galaxies, which continued to fly apart. The galaxies, however, were still connected at a fundamental quantum level, yet flying apart. Does this increasing band of separation create the splitting action of Time? If so, can it also accelerate into a quickening as the distance between galaxies becomes greater (and the rate of expansion burgeons to beyond light speed, in galaxies that move with respect to each other)?. Is the moving apart of galaxies and other phenomena responsible for the creation of time as we know it, with past, present and future moving as points along the arrow of time? Do we feel it happening? The moving apart of galaxies would then a part of entropy in general. Entropy is thus about division, while interconnection is about unification. When objects that were once linked completely become separated by distance, time ticks. This may explain why we feel upset when a friend dies, lovers are lost, or possessions are pilfered. Separation, as the reason for time passage…

        In the brain, events transpire during a lifetime that cause the brain to expand and enlarge, so the separation phenomenon would occur in the human brain as well. DNA would also undergo an expansion that would cause it to begin to disintegrate.

        To sum up, change is not always good and entropy is an example of this. When the change promotes separation and division, it is damaging. Is time damaging? Yes, of course it is. Time in the Universe has no depth, and it may be getting increasingly superficial, thin. I imagine it as a crisis. I guess we will see what ultimately happens.

      2. Cosmic, I wanted to send you
        Cosmic, I wanted to send you this essay concerning the difference between the microscopic and the macroscopic, and why matter of a certain size does not easily relate to and merge with quantum (or subspace) reality.

        Okay, let’s start at the Big Bang singularity. All forces of nature were combined into one aggregate there. When the Big Bang transpired, the resulting explosion divided nature into the four forces: Electromagnetism, the Strong and Weak Force, and Gravity. The Universe was created. This division in nature eventually created two separate fields, one for masses separated from the quantum world, and another for the quantum reality. Quantum reality became a type of subspace, one that the Universe was embedded in. Fundamentally, since all energy had been connected to the Big Bang at the inception, all energy was linked to the quantum field, but ONLY at the quantum level. In a larger context, the bigger objects were not connected to the quantum field on the macroscopic level. Why would this be so? Is it due to a separation of forces, that keeps matter from melding with the quantum field? Do separate forces by themselves represent prominences, that stick out and form individual, unbalanced niches? Do collections of forces in a piece of matter create prominences that move in conflicting directions? Is disharmony what causes a object to rut in space, occupying its position? With regard to quantum reality, are large pieces of matter like having a puzzle with a few pieces missing, so that the whole picture is not revealed? Are the solutions to these puzzles lurking within other pieces of matter? Is the connection with quantum reality merely a case of balancing the proper forces in an object with the correct proportions, then the object will immerse itself in the quantum flow? Basically, this would be akin to reversing time and bringing all the galaxies in the Universe back together as an aggregate again, but on a much smaller scale. At the singularity, forces were balanced perfectly and blended into one entity. A perfectly balanced form of matter would be an exotic form of matter, one that is able to seamlessly merge with quantum fields. Or, maybe the same prospect can be induced energetically, by bringing matter back into harmony with the quantum fields, matter would “melt” into quantum reality, then be saturated by it. Perhaps very small particles of matter have no problem melting with the quantum field simply because they do not have enough separate components in their makeup to draw themselves out of the subspace ether. Once enough separate and unbalanced (conflicting) components are brought together, a large piece of matter will express itself in the macroscopic world. Multiple prominences that combine in a conflicting manner may create a piece of matter that is “moving in many directions” simultaneously. Balancing the forces correctly, however, might undo this property. Thus, the solution to getting macroscopic matter to blend with quantum fields would involve careful attention to balancing the forces in an object holistically, so that conflicting tensions are dissolved. This might be achieved by manipulating matter on the nanoscale, building matter from scratch. In essence, the connection to the quantum world for large pieces of matter is always present, it just has to be revealed by the creation of the correct exotic object. Pieces of matter in our day to day world violate the principle of perfect balance, thus bringing themselves to inhabit our macroscopic reality. The initial Big Bang singularity gives us the basic formula for bringing about a perfect symmetry that will move an object into the quantum background. Getting the forces in an object to holistically and harmoniously blend together, then moving the object as one blended entity, might enable such feats as teleportation. Moving the exotic object like a waveform, rather than a physical object with definite positioning, might make this technique possible.

        1. Mace,
          “Would you agree with

          “Would you agree with the idea that all of these frequencies have a place where they ultimately connect, a confluence where they all converge? That’s what I mean by subspace. Such a confluence is a singularity, where time stops.”

          Yes, that makes perfect sense, even with the idea of reality as a ‘web’. If you visualize a spiral web, with all the intersections/connections and a singularity at its center, it more or less covers all the bases of your concept, AND is also part of the web itself. With the right vibrations or frequencies, one could connect both to everything and no-thing, or no-time. While physics continues to search, experiment, and attempts to prove with sophisticated math (and supercolliders) that there is a unified field ’theory’ that explains it ‘all’, I am at a point where I simply accept that everything IS ‘unified’. While classical physics and quantum physics are not married, they are certainly living together. 🙂

          1. Cosmic: one aspect in this
            Cosmic: one aspect in this that I wonder about. If the Universe encourages separation as a general rule, who will knit all those separate threads together? Is it eventually up to us, in the long run? Is that one of our reasons for living, a goal that is hewn into the fabric of the Universe’s reality? Is it our mission to unify with our consciousnesses that which has been torn asunder?

            I’m thinking back to those galaxies flying apart again. In 10 billion years, we may not be able to see the galaxies that have accelerated beyond our vision. We may be adrift in a lone galaxy, far apart from all others. At that point, will we find a way to bring the inhabitants of those distant galaxies back to us, so we can have a conference about the disordered state of the Universe? Shall we then fix the Universe, uniting it into a complete whole?

            If that is the prophecy, I note it here.

          2. “…one aspect in this that I
            “…one aspect in this that I wonder about. If the Universe encourages separation as a general rule, who will knit all those separate threads together?”

            First off, while it may appear that the Universe encourages separation, there is one major factor that you may not be considering: Gravity. Without gravity, there would be no sub-atomic particles, no atoms, no molecules, etc. Gravity is the binding agent of the Universe. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be building supercolliders.

            I don’t feel that it is up to ‘us’ to fix the Universe and make it whole. Define ‘us’. Humans? Beings in other dimensions, on other planets?. Reality is all about duality, and the fact that our Universe is flying apart, while also forming galaxies, stars, planets, etc. is an example.

            As human beings, the only thing that we are really here to do is fix ourselves and bring about balance by understanding ourselves and who and what we really are. (And never discount ‘love’, another binding agent in the Universe) To do this, we must have a wide array of learning experiences, and maybe even the Universe ‘knows’ that will take lots of time. If we think that we are here to fix the Universe, that seems like arrogance. The Universe does not need to be repaired…It just IS. It is also perfect and beautiful in its imperfections. If the whole shebang is just a hologram, then maybe we are just along for the ride, until we wake up and understand this is not ‘reality’ at all, but just a construct. If that’s true, then if everyone wakes up and gets it, the program will have fulfilled its purpose and bleep out of existence and begin running a new program, or go just go into re-runs (I hope that is not the case!)

            “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Until then, we should be working on ourselves and our souls, and assisting others to do the same, even if they are from planet Qrozog, have horns growing out of their heads, and one big eye, and eight legs.

          3. Cosmic: I realize that
            Cosmic: I realize that gravity is a binding agent for matter in the Universe. However, according to what I submitted before, the concept of the separated forces, gravity was also a force that was separated at the big bang inception. In order to harmonize, the 4 forces must come together in the proper configuration/proportions to return to the quantum field. If the theory is correct in its assumptions. While gravity may meld together matter to some degree, the separated forces are mismatched, so they cannot harmonize effectively. Gravity is just one of the forces.

            I am reminded of what Marianne Williamson said, when she “broke into a million pieces” and later recovered. This may be the model for uniting the pieces back together. Consciousness can do that, given enough time. Wayward pieces can be captured and united.

            I think that we access the quantum field periodically while we are present here in the Universe. Love is a prime example of this, and is ubiquitous in our galaxy. Really what I am talking about is uniting matter with itself, and that would mean rocks, matter in stars, mineral deposits, etc. I believe that we have an impact upon the Universe as a whole, but matter is generally not brought into alignment with the quantum field by our emotions, if it was we would see matter disappearing constantly. I think our emotions affect living things and consciousness the most, rocks, metals and matter in general are not so subject to us when we emote. By putting the puzzle pieces together, we align information, energies, and forces together so they are harmonized. This is an intellectual process it seems.

            Perhaps I am wrong about matter. Maybe we can have a large influence upon it. I think our powers are currently limited. By ignorance, and in the interim only. We must learn how to accomplish matter unification.

            I do not think it is arrogant to think that humans and aliens might be responsible for tying the Universe’s energies together and uniting them. After all, we are inhabitants, and that may be part of the journey. If we do meet for a “Superconference”, we may deliberately bring about the end of time. Or, perhaps some massive entity will unite all the energy using its consciousness in some distant era after the Universe has dissipated into heatless light….

            I thought this quote was apropos: “Everything is OK in the end. If it is not OK then it is not the end”.

  7. Hi Cosmic,
    I was listening to

    Hi Cosmic,

    I was listening to the podcast on my commute home and as soon as the story began about time stopping, I saw a large flock of doves, easily 30 or 40, right along the freeway and they began to take flight as I approached. I was worried about hitting them as they were flying only feet from my car.

    As soon as I saw this, the entire story about the time stopping was in my mind. I could have stopped the podcast and finished the story, but I listened on. I suppose it was a moment of deja vu.

  8. Hi Mace
    I understand it like

    Hi Mace

    I understand it like this.

    In the quantum world everything in the universe is just information. The thing about information is that it has to be stored and retrieved. The Physical universe has a limited used by date. The non physical quantum fluctuations have a little longer, but eventually they will stop too. The other most important part of this quantum mechanical information field is that observation of itself is crucial to its functioning. { This is something that science has to get a handle on. Some scientist already do. The observer effect} If we take the theory of the big bang and say that everything came from a certain point in space. We could say it was the size of a pin head. We could also say that it had no mass at all. Because everything at this point is just non physical information. At this point the requirements for gravity and time are now irrelevant. This juncture in time and space really dose not exist. A zero on a number scale. In our time line it could stay like this for a fraction of a second or a billion years. This information will eventually choose to reformat itself on some hard copy…. for a temporary amount of time. On one side you have the number One on the other you have negative one. Flip a coin and this awareness {information} will start to expand either way. Because its self aware each part of the hard copy physical universe is connected to the whole, from its own natural vibrations keeping the information stable.

    1. Si: energy may be strings of
      Si: energy may be strings of encoded information, or maybe information rides upon the energy. Observation and consciousness are certainly important, they draw energy and information out of subspace and into our present realm. I don’t know why energy is apparently immortal, as Science believes it to be, I am stumped on that issue.

      I don’t know what would cause quantum fluctuations to cease, are you suggesting a deity will stop it, or it will simply run aground on its own?

      I agree that non-physical energy in the singularity was different, however, I think that that condition can be created again, using normal matter that is configured properly. I think we both concur on the nature of the singularity, that time did not pass when it was in that state.

      Have you heard about the quantum eraser experiment? It is interesting.

  9. Johnny,


    Coincidence? Synchronicity? Deja vu? Give it any name you like, but you had your own ‘experience’, and it was all about time(ing). It’s also similar to what happened to Jeremy during the session when he saw a message come in from Susan that… wasn’t there. Cool story, and I am glad that no doves were harmed during your Experience, and apparently their timing was perfect.

  10. Hi Mace,
    I’ll have to check

    Hi Mace,
    I’ll have to check that eraser out at a latter date.

    “I don’t know what would cause quantum fluctuations to cease, are you suggesting a deity will stop it, or it will simply run aground on its own?”

    Lets look at a single electron, its natural oscillations are so intense they are fast as the speed of light {maybe faster}. It is the natural oscillations that allow information to be stored. In a experiment at the university of Michigan. Electrons were seen to store information temporarily by firing photons into them. Photons and electrons have this dance naturally. Its called the zero point energy. At absolute zero the quantum world still dances. Electrons and photons are seen to interact with each other. Constantly refreshing and restoring information. Observation of the electron allows us to see only 1% of it while the rest of it seems spread throughout the universe.

    Back to the electron after a period of time the oscillations will subside this would be long after the material universe has ceased. To restore the natural oscillations, another big bang is initiated. If we want to get technical the electrons would allow information retrieval and storage throughout the entire spectrum of light etc…

    1. SI: I comprehend what you
      SI: I comprehend what you were saying now, thanks for the clarifications.

      I see how a physical object can store information (for a long period of time), I guess that can’t happen the same way in the quantum world.

  11. Hi Mace,
    In regards to

    Hi Mace,
    In regards to energy carrying the information like you were saying i guess this is true of the quantum world, like the electron example. But how energy came to be, to store it is a real question. My thoughts at the moment are the two are part of a whole. An example is the DNA molecule. It is neatly packed into a cell. If you stretched it out it would measure a metre of encoded information. It can only be seen by very strong microscope. The information it contains would fill 1000 books. But encoded in its own structure is a self editing tool ? ! The DNA is useless unless inside a cell and needs a system to survive. In turn the system on the outside and inside the cell cannot survive without it. So i suspect that the information in the quantum world is the same.

  12. “If one created a spaceship
    “If one created a spaceship that had all the forces in it arranged neatly so they were balanced with and in harmony with the quantum field, such a spaceship could perhaps travel anywhere unimpeded by our time stream. A spaceship as a complete work of art, rather than one that was put together without empathy.”

    …And maybe we are the ‘spaceships’, once we get that balance and harmony squared away…

    1. Living things may have 100’s
      Living things may have 100’s of major and minor chakras that allow them to harmonize energetically with quantum reality. Once enough kundalini energy is flowing in the entire body, the quantum fluid may be accessible. Our bodies may be spaceships, capable of going anywhere, and to anytime. Even if our bodies contain dissonant matter, the chakra system may make connection to the quantum field feasible. Those chakra channels could eliminate problematic imbalances. The bodies of living things can be molded intentionally by the owners, unlike matter in rocks or metal, which is more stable.

      The body may contain a natural bypass system.

  13. Hey Whitley, Jeremy, and
    Hey Whitley, Jeremy, and All,

    I originally wrote this as an email to Jeremy, but was unable to find an address and maybe that is the intent and for the best. Share, share, share. Force me out of my comfort zone.

    I could not wait another decade to write. I am, 52, a civil engineer by trade (left brainer), and “non-experiencer”. I have read all of Whitley’s books since Communion and have been a subscriber of his and Ann’s before it was even a thing. I have not read much on the subject outside of their work because his credibility, in my mind, cannot be exceeded. He is clearly a man of unquestionable integrity. I have written Whitley a total of one time in all these years. I wrote to tell him that there was at least one “non-experiencer” who was paying close attention and understood something was going on. He has since gone out of his way to acknowledge us every time he talks about the strong link between subscribers and experiencers. This was not my intention and I feel bad every time he goes through the verbal gyrations not to “exclude” us.

    Now to you, Jeremy. Great work! I continue to find it absolutely fascinating to hear rational, intelligent experiencers talk in a forum where they have no fear of judgement or ridicule. Their and your experiences clearly inform the conversations in ways this non-experiencer does not intuitively think. I am so busy processing the conversations, I could not possibly participate in one. It reminds me of the old golfing joke that ends, “For the whole back nine it was hit the ball, drag Harry, hit the ball, drag Harry.” Thanks for dragging me along.

    I think a good example of the difference in processing was an interview you did with a gal, not long after you began “The Experience”, where she casually mentioned seeing a grizzly bear as part of an experience. You were like, “yep, yep, uh-huh” and I was like, “WHAT?” I was dying to know more about seeing a grizzly bear outside of the context of Glacier Park. Where was she at (location and situation)? How did it first come to her attention? What did it do? How did it leave? Had she ever seen a grizzly under normal circumstances? All very physical, left brain questions.

    I say I am a non-experiencer because I have not seen or felt the presence of any otherworldly beings, ufos, ghosts, etc. I have had exactly two experiences in my life that I am aware of which qualify as high strangeness to me. One is, while completely awake as an adult, I heard in my head a female voice say to me, “it’s natural to levitate up.” There’s a bit more to it, but that is not why I am writing.

    What finally made this email happen was your most recent round table and talk about childhood, cartoonish weirdness. As a child, I spoke with a mushroom. In my defense, the mushroom started it.

    I was about 4 years old and my mom and I had returned to our home from some “out and about” chores she had taken me along to do. She then proceeded directly into the house and I lollygagged, as is typical of a 4 year old with no agenda on a beautiful sunny day. I heard, “Psst, psst, hey Keith.” I looked around, nothing. Again, “Hey, over here.” The sound was coming from the opposite side of a small, flat topped, hedge that separated our front yard from the neighbor’s.

    I walked to the hedge, bent over, and looked down. I saw a couple/few of what I would call toad stools. Just normal looking toad stools. Then, one of them began talking to me. I knew which one was talking because the cap went from convex to concave as it spoke. I was amazed. First, that a mushroom was talking to me, and second, because I learned what the underside of a mushroom cap looked like. When the cap flexed into the concave position, the “fins” on the bottom side of the cap became exposed. It flexed in time with the words as it spoke. Not one full flex for each word, but with varying degrees of flexure and amplitude depending on the syllable. I was 4 and bent over at the waste, so it was very close and the fins were clearly visible as it spoke.

    The fins are the one thing that anchors this experience in reality for me. I had seen toad stools before, but had never considered the fact that the underside of the cap might look any different than the stem or top of the mushroom.

    I was amazed and I knew my mom would be too. I picked it and took it inside to my mom. The mushroom did not protest prior to being picked and it did not have anything to say as we made our way to my mom. I carried it open handed and told her I had found a talking mushroom as I showed it to her. There it was, a talking mushroom, taking up a good portion of my left palm. Together we looked at it for second or two and… nothing. I explained the circumstances to her and how disappointed I was that it wasn’t talking anymore. To her credit her response was, “You picked it and that is probably why it wasn’t talking anymore.”

    I felt bad that I had picked it because she did not get to see it talk, but I didn’t feel like I had killed a mushroom. I just made a mental note NOT to pick the next talking mushroom I came across. I have yet to see another.

    What did the mushroom say? Here is another point where I can relate to experiencer stories, I don’t know. I have asked myself a thousand times when hearing stories like this, “How do you NOT remember what a talking mushroom said to you?” I don’t have an answer to that. Maybe what it said was not the important part. What I do know, is that to this day, it is the strangest thing that has ever happened to me.

  14. Wow, Keith! What a great
    Wow, Keith! What a great story! Perhaps you somehow got the one and only great experience that you needed, and as a result it opened you up just enough to get the curiosity and questions going for a lifetime. My personal feeling is that EVERYONE has at least one highly strange thing occur in their lives, and it may occur at any age, although most people probably blow off these experiences, or simply find them so strange that they develop some kind of amnesia! With young children, they may be told “It’s Just your imagination” ,or ” It’s all in your head”. When most children get discounted in this way, they get the message quickly that their experience is ‘not true’ or that it simply does not matter. It sounds like your mother handled it just right!

  15. How did matter come into
    How did matter come into being? I Imagine that is due to an energetic dissonance, like I mentioned above. If this dissonance is not resolved, matter remains in a sticking out position (conflicting prominences jut out), and it occupies our Universe. It then obeys the flow of time as we know it, with a continually moving center creating past, present and future. Time is therefore created by inequities in matter that don’t resolve immediately, the inequities remain unresolved and persistent—mass is created by a composite of dissonant frequencies that do not resolve completely.
    Once matter is brought into harmonic resonance with the quantum field, either by balancing the matter’s energies, or by possibly bringing it into energetic alignment with the quantum field, all conflicting tensions caused by inequities will be dissolved. In essence, all matter is still connected to the Big Bang singularity, so it is intrinsically connected to the quantum field.

    Mass is created by a composite of dissonant frequencies that do not resolve completely.

    If one looks at the construction of living things, the matter within them is arranged haphazardly, from many different sources. Also, these sources change as time progresses. Large rocks and minerals are haphazardly arranged too, with fairly random pieces coming together. If one created a spaceship that had all the forces in it arranged neatly so they were balanced with and in harmony with the quantum field, such a spaceship could perhaps travel anywhere unimpeded by our time stream. A spaceship as a complete work of art, rather than one that was put together without empathy.

  16. I imagine that when atoms are
    I imagine that when atoms are super cooled, the reference for time is altered. Time becomes a fixed point, rather than one that is in motion. Past, Present and Future all become one interconnected framework. Dissonances in atoms that are usually active at higher temperatures are smoothed out by the cooling process, and groups of atoms can then be simultaneously linked together casually, once they are returned to their wave states. The atoms are linked in accordance with each other, and all other mass in the Universe. Time stops and timeless reality reigns. If time has stopped, does that mean that nothing can move? This appears to be a contradiction. However, it may be that even though time has halted, atoms can still move around and also be affected by waves like light or microwaves in the timeless realm. No net passage of time would be registered inside of the timeless zone, though. When Scientists are observing a BEC or super cooled gas that is in a quantum state, they may be observing a timeless state.

    Time in our Universe is dependent upon entropy and dissonances (a moving arrow of time), while timelessness is created by interconnection and a fixed point (singularity) for time.

  17. I would like to say that if
    I would like to say that if one considers the Universe as an entire organism, it acts overall in accordance with quantum forces, the puzzle pieces all fit together as a whole. However, on the smaller scale of singular macroscopic objects, examined individually, quantum vibrations do not transpire. Macroscopic and microscopic conditions differ. Conflicting and unresolved frequencies (dissonances) in objects create an uneven composite form, which places the object in physical reality. However, I believe that a portal to the quantum realm can be induced even for objects, if they are brought into the proper balance frame. The energies in an object should arrive at a confluence where all forces are cancelled out and balanced. The object should behave like a single, balanced, integrated waveform, in order to penetrate the quantum realm. Tensions created by dissonances must be dissolved, they must dissipate into the ether.

    Dissonances are caused by different chemical compounds in an object, impurities, asymmetrical regions, atomic compositions, balance of forces, etc. Every object we know of creates frequencies that are unbalanced in some manner. Otherwise, they would inhabit the quantum zone. Objects are comprised of unique structures, which creates and defines their physicality. The larger an object is, the more conflicting frequencies it usually contains.

    The Big Bang was a situation where the perfect balance of the singularity was fractured, and separate forces were created. The notion of time passing (past, present, future, being transitory nodes) is an indication that inequities in matter have not been resolved yet, in the short term. The law of entropy (law of thermodynamics) is the process of matter separating from itself. A cup breaking is a good example of the law of entropy occurring. However, tie enough energy together, in the proper balance, and time will rectify itself into a singularity. This singularity is where time halts and all energy is bound together—time becomes a fixed point. Entropy creates a moving point.

    Therefore, it is possible to circumvent the law of entropy if energy is interconnected to the degree that time begins to slow down enough to a halt.

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