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Listeners have been asking for a chronicle of host Jeremy Vaeni’s experiences. This begins a miniseries on them starting in early childhood, bringing us through high school and ending on an adult experience with broad, elegant implications for how reality actually works.

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  1. I am glad you did this
    I am glad you did this because after last weeks show when you offered to co-host, I was going to suggest that I interview you because I have never heard your experience.
    You are doing a great thing in the world. Thanks for giving people a place to talk about their experiences.

  2. Jeremy. I sooo enjoyed
    Jeremy. I sooo enjoyed listening to the past experiences of your youth (Pt 1-Childhood) and am anxious to hear what you have to say in next weeks installment.

    I too wonder if those individuals who are obsessive/compulsive in their behavior could be more prone to experiencing the paranormal/metaphysical? My guess would be, YES.

    You also mentioned the photo of John Lennon, you could not seem to reach/touch the photo during a dream. Well, I was thinking there might be a few people listening to this who have not associated John Lennon with UFO’s. Here are a few websites.

    John Lennon UFO Encounter New York 1974

    John Lennon- Nobody Told Me…..

    “There’s UFO’s over New York, and I aint too surprised…” – Nobody Told Me, from the album Milk and Honey.

    ― Edgar Cayce

    “Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.”

  3. The Ouija board thing that
    The Ouija board thing that you brought up made me remember about how I was always reluctant to try that out. More to the point, at one time I started to seriously consider maybe getting one to try by myself.

    Now, EVERYONE who talks about this says, “NEVER try using a Ouija Board alone!”. At the very moment I considered this, a strange double-tap sounded in the wall I was next to. So I said, “Okay, I can take a hint.” and stopped my thinking about this.

    Now, I wonder could I be brave enough to attempt to mess around with this and if there is something to it –can it be scientifically tested? Has anyone ever tried to actually study whether a Ouija board can serve as a communication link or is that a road to insanity?

  4. HI, Carollee
    Thank you for

    HI, Carollee

    Thank you for those links to the John Lennon UFO encounters. As I was reading the article, a thought popped up: I wonder if John and May Pang’s sighting might have coincided with any of Whitley’s sightings back in NYC? I know that he and some others reported sightings, even right over Manhattan, somewhere back in that time.
    Fascinating to ‘imagine’ (Sorry) that John Lennon was also an experiencer like that. Now I’m seriously regretful that I’ll never be able to talk to him about it – nor will Whitley or Jeremy.
    Thank you for all your posts. They’re always think pieces.

    1. DaveGarf, thank you for your
      DaveGarf, thank you for your kind words.

  5. I was just thinking about
    I was just thinking about what you said about hither and thither and the first thing that came to mind was left and right. Maybe I’m taking things a bit literally, but where we are now we can go left, right, forward, backward, up, and down however we please. We take such freedom of movement for granted, but is there a certain kind of understanding that goes with being able to move in those directions rather than moved by them (or seemingly so) like we are by time?

    If our perceptions were oriented in a 2D world rather than our 3D one, we could only go forward and backward, or left and right depending on what direction we faced. So would we have a similar experience of up and down there as we do with time here? Does the necessary understanding have to do with the place we perceive ourselves to be within the dimensions perhaps?

    Great show, you always give a lot of food for thought.

  6. I smiled when I saw the title
    I smiled when I saw the title of this episode. I too am glad you have chosen to record your experiences here. It seems like the right time.

  7. “I understand hither/thither
    “I understand hither/thither and in that understanding shall neither be swept away nor carried on the seas of time.”

    Very interesting…is this not essentially the same message that the MOTK imparted to Whitley?…

    The Key (first edition) 2001 by Whitley Strieber

    What are psychics? (Page 20)
    “A part of the electromagnetic field that fills the nervous system rests a few centimetres above the skin, outside of the body. This field is an organ, just like the heart or the brain…” “…It may be imprinted with information from anywhere and any time. With it, you may see other worlds, you may see the past and the future, you may see into the lives of those around you. You may haunt God…” …”The ability to control this organ can be developed.”.

    How? (Page 20)
    “Many practices will work, but best is to meditate in such a way that the mind is concentrated on physical sensation…”.

    You are saying that we don’t all have souls? (Page 16)
    “…To remain a separate being after death, there must exist the ability to maintain the structure of the radiant body by the action of attention. This is why we have been so insistent that you meditate. Otherwise we will loose you when you die and we don’t want that…”.

    How does a person evolve this radiant body? (Page 17)
    “The imprinting of essence with experience requires effort and attention. It is the object of all “paths” and “ways” to higher consciousness. It is the object of real prayer. To begin, you must meditate. Who does not meditate, disintegrates.”.

    Appologies if there are any mistakes in “The Key” quotes above, hopefully not, as I typed this out from a physical copy of the book.

    1. Sherbet UFO, that is one of
      Sherbet UFO, that is one of my favorite quotes from the Key!
      No one will ever, in their life, receive more valuable and practical advice/information than those words.
      I like to couple those passages with this one (Page 44-45 second edition)
      Whitley asks “What is God?”
      The Master replies “An elemental body is a mechanism filled with millions of nerve endings that directs the attention of God into the physical.”

  8. On a different but related
    On a different but related note…

    I have just been watching a BBC Horizon program called “The Creative Brain: How Insight Works”, where they look into creativity from a neurological perspective. Amongst other things, they reveal that unusual experiences cause a measurable increase in the creative ability of the brain…one of those being the ability to connect seemingly unconnected pieces of information.

    So if the universe were giving you subtle hints regarding its non-randomness…what better way than topping it off with an undeniably unusual experience, to force your brain into linking them together into a cohesive whole?

  9. Anyone else having trouble
    Anyone else having trouble downloading the mp3? It goes to “page not found”
    HTTP error 404

  10. I believe MOTK was a
    I believe MOTK was a SUBJECTIVE experience of the highest order. As the years pass since I’ve read the first edition, I find I’m absorbing more of this information as I glance backwards. Now the information doesn’t seem as harsh as when I first read it. It’s actually now more sweet as opposed to when I first read it when I just wanted to spit it out. Thanks Jeremy for sharing your experiences.

  11. Jeremy,
    The no-drugs


    The no-drugs thing…I was the same way and for the same reasons. I still am. While I am never sure what is really happening with odd events, I can at least be sure that I have not been influenced by drugs or alcohol. Oddly enough, when I was younger, I had opportunities to indulge, but always politely said “No”, and no one ever applied the old peer pressure to get me to conform, nor did they give me a hard time. I think it’s because they realized that I was being authentic and also not judging them. I am very grateful to this day that I stuck to my personal ‘just-say-no’ policy!

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