Why do we talk about the self as though it is something separate from us? Why has host Jeremy Vaeni never interviewed Hank Wesselman? Can only certain people get rid of the Freudian ID?

What do all of these questions have in  common? They came from, or were inspired by, listeners of The Experience. That’s right, it’s time to open Santa’s other mailbag and respond to listener questions! What we find, strangely enough, is that a general theme forms regarding the authentic self and the ending of time.

Let’s go!

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  1. Thanks for your work and unique voice. If you haven’t read The Law of One, I can’t urge you to read it enough. Three quarters of the book is pure gold. The last portion Don, the questioner literally and tragically loses his mind for lack of better terminology. Its a channeling work from the voice of Ra written over a period in the early 80’s. Part of the reason I believe I give it so much credit is things have happened in my life that correlate with his words. I won’t go long winded here but maybe one day I can speak to it.

    Best wishes and Happy Holidays!!

  2. OMG, where have you been all my life, Jeremy? Thank you for: speaking the truth to the incredible amount of b.s. that we are able to generate endlessly through the internet, clarifying the weird confused vibe that I had from H.W. after trying unsuccessfully to read his books and take his classes and wondered what was wrong with me, so succinctly discussing the apparent malware in our mental software, and articulating the cultural fallacies that we are dealing with in terms of other.

    1. Author

      Thanks for listening! Who is H.W.? Am I allowed to ask?

      If you liked this, you will probably love my other show, Our Undoing Radio. Season 6 begins the end of the month. You can find it wherever you get podcasts, or use the player at the top of the homepage at:


      Take Care!

  3. excellent… as always. Thank you, Whitley for what you are doing… at the least your works is helping me grow and hopefully become more who I am…

  4. Aloha Jeremy,

    This is something I love reading every so often. I’m including this so you can refer to it in 2021. By now, you’ve probably heard of Dr. Hew Len?

    I replayed parts of your talk over & over again just to make sure I’m understanding something you said about “dissolving”. If people knew what that is really like, they wouldn’t be wishing for it to happen.

    That’s what happened to me when my crown chakra exploded & I was actually sleeping and dreaming. It was a very real life-threatening experience that changed my life.

    As far as choices as concerned, my very conscious choice was focused on bringing my body back into physical form, as all I could see was a glittering mass of stars where my body should have been. I consciously chose to return because I was a mother with 3 children to raise. My love for them was a clear and deciding factor.

    It took everything I had in terms of ABSOLUTE concentration, focus of WILL and steeling my emotions so they couldn’t waver.

    Spiritual evolution is no picnic, cake-walk or intellectual exercise. In my opinion, “mastery” is a work in progress and involves moment to moment practice. If anyone claims mastery–run!

    The very best path of “no path” is breathing. The only “time” we have is the part of the breath we are currently in. Peace-fully breathing in 2021.

    Mahalo Jeremy for sharing with us.

  5. Many thanks Jeremy! 🤣 You ventured into my ponderings and confusions just right, clarifying a couple of things. The mind is really stubborn, some minds just more complicated than others, minds simply unwilling to notice the truth. I guess that’s why so few people actually self realises. I know what you mean with listening deeply, to sense or feel into that which the mind cannot get. It happens to me quite a bit with others like K (but not with K, perhaps my “wiring”). But the thinking person, the me, always comes back in my case, sooner or later. In your case it apperently didn’t come back. So here’s my next question for you: What is that mysterious force determining who will temporarily get it and who will permanently get it?

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