In two previous episodes we heard about a Facebook group dedicated to identifying “super powers” in people and then developing them. Now, Winter, the creator of said group, is here to explain who she is, how this came to her to do, and where she wants to take it. 

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  1. Come on, Tyler, come join us – we would love to have you study, participate, and observe.

    Also, Jeremy – you need to come check it out 😉

  2. I will be listening later today. I would like to check out Winter’s group, but unfortunately I am not willing to join FaceBook. I dld work with a friend of mine way back in college on psychic abilities, with some success, so I look forward to hearing what Winter has to say.

  3. I’m just wondering, if you teleport, what determines which bits go with you? I’m assuming your clothes go too, right? And what’s to stop you teleporting into a solid mountain, or a bank vault, or 5000ft into the air, etc.

    Also, is hovering just an extreme version of telekinesis…just constantly pushing the floor away from yourself?

    And what happens if you try to read your own mind? Do you get some kind of screeching positive feedback?

    Oh, so many questions!

    I hope these burn tracks actually work for everyone and not just the ‘gifted’ among us.

        1. And thank you both! After my posting above, I began listening and got about half way through the interview…and that’s all I am saying…🙄

  4. I just want to say that Winter has been really kind and considerate to me. I got the tape for health clearing last week. My older brother was rushed to hospital on the weekend and I reached out to Winter . Sadly this morning he passed away. Winter went above to a complete stranger to offer comfort and I really appreciated it.

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