We may never know what really happened during the infamous Rendlesham Forest Incident, but with Nick Redfern’s new book,, the plot just thickened.

Was it a UFO incident? A psychological experiment? How certain is Nick of anything? We’ll talk about that and more–A LOT more!

The Rendlesham Forest UFO Conspiracy: A Close Encounter Exposed as a Top Secret Government Experiment is available on Amazon HERE.

Also, check out Nick’s Martians: Evidence of Life on The Red Planet HERE.

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  1. Nick is a very prolific, interesting writer. He has an open mind, and those with true open minds are seekers that keep some of the the the questions open as well. I have studied, and experienced a lot of high strangeness myself, but I have never stopped learning and being willing to explore other directions. I do agree with much of what was said by Jeremy prior to the interview. Is now a great time for ‘disclosure’? Really, we need to add more ‘stuff’ to the chaos going on right now? Cheez, I do want more answers and will never stop exploring, BUT…Priorities, people! We should, first and foremost, do our best to take care of our ourselves, each other, and the other living beings on our planet, as well as our planet itself.

    As usual, Redfern left us with tantalizing questions! Mars…I may have to contact Jeremy directly about this one…

    By the way, the most prolific writer in my memory (about a lot of topics) would have to be the late Isaac Asimov. Wowsers…

  2. Great show I like Nick Redfern, it’s even more enjoyable if you’re a Brit because it’s like listening to Ozzy Ozbourne. I’ve often thought Rendelsham could have been a psychological experiment.
    There was a very funny TV show in the UK called Beadles About where he went around setting people up in various scenarios using actors and props, designed to push their buttons. All captured on candid camera. He did a laughably crude one where a UFO crashed in someone’s garden. They victim was quite convinced, probably due to the shock and novelty of the situation.
    I’ve taken my fair share of consciousness altering substances, and if you’re a straightlaced military mind and someone slips you a small dose of psychedelic, coupled with real lights and props…absolutely they will struggle to get their heads round it. The audio of Col Holt saying “this is weird” may well be a hint.

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