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Can ruminating about Trickster Theory cause trickster phenomena to occur in your life? We’ll ask "Emma," cohost of the Meat Mutant podcast. She is a skeptic. She is a scientist. Most importantly, she is an experiencer of chronic synchronicity who has been paying attention to the Trickster Theory.

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  1. I like it when somebody
    I like it when somebody mentions the ‘Trickster’ because it indicates the end of intellectual integrity.

    Is this the same Emma of Emma Woods fame? What should I do with my panties, if so?

  2. Jeremy,
    Another good


    Another good interview. It is interesting to hear about the paranormal from scientists.

    I haven’t heard about trickster theory before these recent podcasts. I wonder if trickster theory could be applied to Visitor experiences in two ways. The first way is that many experiencers seem to know when the Visitors are going to be coming. The second is when, upon awakening after an experience, an experiencer immediately knows where an unusual mark will be found on their body. Could this somehow fit into the trickster theory?

  3. Yes, and many more ways.
    Yes, and many more ways. Here’s a good recent interview with George Hansen that might be a decent primer for those unacquainted. (And keep going for Ted Phillips who is, in my opinion, another in a very small handful doing important research.) ….

  4. Rather unconvinced. Don’t see
    Rather unconvinced. Don’t see the linkage between missing car keys and synchronicity. In view of significant life events, what is so strange about noticing or missing that which is everyday versus that which is stressful?

    Last time my car keys went missing, it was because my aged, deteriorating father figured they were his. Last time my mobile phone went missing, I was surprised to see a crow drop it off, two days later to the same outdoor coffee table I’d left it on the relevant morning ( don’t buy Motorola, way too shiny-obviously).

    When for example, in 2008, I kept on noticing my love interests’ name on the first three letters of number plates, yeah, would of been great to think there was some immense external ‘influence’ making me think of her. Well no, 26x26x26…you will see your partners’ name on number plates a bit more frequently than winning a lottery. Basic psychology/ neurology. People see what they want to see. If they are too busy seeing something else- they don’t see what they are looking for.

  5. The Trickster phenomenon has
    The Trickster phenomenon has appeared significantly in my life several times. It is more than coincidence primarily because of the SYMBOLOGY that gets presented during these events.

    Several weeks ago as my area had it’s first cold weather, the lights in my house began flickering on and off. I am an electronics technician, so I set about to troubleshoot the problem. To make a long story short, it turned out that HALF of my house lost power due to a problem out on the pole. Unfortunately, this also meant that my furnace was not working and I was very worried about not having any heat. It was a weekend and I couldn’t seem to get anyone from the power company on the phone.

    In the middle of all this I noticed that the battery-powered wall clock in my kitchen had also stopped. The battery was at least 3 years old and I put it down as coincidence. Since I didn’t have any spare batteries I put the old battery back in the clock and it has been running fine for more than a month since! Now for the spooky part…

    While half the power was out at my house I got a service call at a local data center for a minor issue and I went to the site and replaced a disk drive that had failed. This is very common and happens all the time. After I had finished and called the support center, had packed up my equipment and was leaving, I received an automated notice that there was another problem that needed to be checked. The details indicated that a different storage array had lost HALF of the power sources to the systems.

    Now, this was not caused by me as the report was about an hour old and I was there only for the last ten minutes or so. I checked the equipment and it was fine. But for this to happen at the very same place I was as well as the nature of the event, it was way more than mere coincidence!!!

  6. I have so many of these odd
    I have so many of these odd coincidences going on in my life, and notice sometimes more than I want to, because they often leave lots of unanswered questions. For instance, and this may be sheer paranoia on my part, I began noticing odd things that happen on my birthday, which happens to be December 26th. On December 26th 2004, I woke up that morning feeling a bit off, and very out of sorts. Of course, that is the date of the of the massive earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Whitley had his first frightening encounter at his cabin in upstate New York on December 26th. The Rendleshom Forest/Bentwaters event in England occurred over a period of a few days, but began on December 26th. On my birthday about 3 years ago, my friend and I had just finished breakfast, and were standing in front of my large reading-room window watching a flock of doves pecking peacefully under a Chinese Tallow tree directly outside the window. My friend walked back into the kitchen as I continued to watch the doves. They continued browsing around on the ground, then all of a sudden, it was like someone hit the pause button and they froze in place. I mean they weren’t moving, stopped in various positions, most with their heads bowed and did not move at all. I asked my friend to come back because I wanted him to see what I was seeing. He watched for a few moments and said, “They aren’t moving. What the…!” (along with a few expletives that I won’t repeat here). We looked up and all around through the window, which is large and affords a large view. The doves must have stood there, unmoving, for a full 5 minutes. Then they just started up as if nothing had happened, acting normally, and resumed pecking around on the ground.

    These events just mentioned I realize probably mean nothing to anyone else but me, and a few people in my close ‘inner circle’ of relationships. They may be nothing more than coincidence to an outsider, but I experience ‘meaning’ behind them. I have also experienced other odd things regarding time, including an accident at an intersection that literally vanished within 30 seconds right before my eyes (NOT on my birthday). I do feel meaning and connectedness between all of these events, and I also feel that I am intended to notice them, but don’t ask me why. Maybe nothing more than paying attention, noticing, and being conscious of all of this is all that really matters…but again, don’t ask me why.

  7. Show length of 23
    Show length of 23 minutes…the guest was surprised when it was over, and so was I.

    1. Huh. I didn’t realize that
      Huh. I didn’t realize that until you wrote it. Ah well, short and sweet. Most have run past a half hour. Maybe it evens out.

    1. Thanks, Carollee!
      Thanks, Carollee!

  8. A couple of these incidents,
    A couple of these incidents, the doves, half the power out in two places, makes me think of the ‘matrix /video game theory”, some scientists hold, that we are in a program, ie some glitch in the ”program” , either accidental or meant to prod one awake to the nature of things ?

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