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Are concepts alive? Are they competing for our attention? Do ideas haunt us until we notice because, like the specter itself, we exist paradoxically in both being and nonbeing, as evidenced by our present only existing with respect to the past? We’ll learn all about the quirky philosophy of history called "hauntology" and whether it applies to the paranormal, from Colin, a listener tapped into cutting edge and fringe ideas. This one is both–but it might not be as out there as it sounds. In fact, it might be the case right here, right now. Hauntings and abductions may be a type of instinct rehearsal or some other form of our deep past calling to us.

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  1. Interesting discussion Colin
    Interesting discussion Colin and Jer. I’m wondering if the “ primitive instinct rehearsal” hypothesis, in regards to Colin’s unfortunate run in with robbers who broke into his home was either precognizant or possibly (and more confusing) “created” through the dream state?

    This maybe slightly off topic, but in your discussion, Colin spoke of “negative spaces” which brought back something you wrote Jer on your blog, in regards to being in the presence of “the other”where there is no “here” because you are “there”,which can make it difficult to remember afterwards( not unlike on the surface, dreams) and in turn the brain tries to naturally fills in the blanks( or some people attempt to retrieve memories, unfortunately through hypnosis).Or possibly it could just be the brain’s way of trying to preserve itself as not everyone experiencing these things might not capable of processing it in the moment( taking in account things such as childhood trauma occurring not being the cause)?

    1. Yeah, maybe negative spaces
      Yeah, maybe negative spaces are that place. Good catch!

  2. So much of this just depends
    So much of this just depends on your personal perception of what constitutes ‘reality’, and also the whole concept of time. I feel that many of us are aware of both past and future memories, when in fact ALL is happening NOW. If you embrace that concept, the idea of ‘spooky action at a distance’, and that ALL is connected, then maybe the theory of ‘hauntology’ is merely us haunting ourselves in an infinite number of possibilities. (I realize this is hard to grasp, and even more difficult for me to explain!) Each individual’s experiences may differ, or be ‘shared’ with other individuals, and maybe it depends on the level of consciousness of the individual, or frequency, and also the brain’s ability to function with what is experienced.

    For instance, for years I have recalled other lives in dreams, during meditation, and even in flashes in a fully awake state by whatever triggers that ‘memory’. I am reluctant to call them past lives (or even future lives), because I have come to sense that those lives are influencing me ‘now’, as I am somehow influencing them with my actions in the now, because they are all connected and entangled and also all ‘me’. Remember my comments from a previous program about the importance of letting go of ego? We are kind of right back there again!

  3. Cosmic, i am with you in some
    Cosmic, i am with you in some similar experiences. I have a younger sister, whom i started calling my twin sister after we were 30+. I saw we look so much alike and we have had the same dream… we live 50+ miles apart! The telling of the dream to me was amazing because i remembered it clearly as i thought it spoke of a past life. When she told me about the dream, she thought the same thing. Interestingly, we both were the “actor/i” in the dream. She is a special lady in many ways and has given me the opportunity to learn some important lessons.

    Also, the whole thing about us haunting ourselves…i thought that too.

    Jeremy, love the shows. There is a lot to think about each time. Fresh ideas for me, anyway. Thanks for the good work. Looking forward to the hour long shows.

  4. “Maybe everything is true”
    “Maybe everything is true” and multi choice answer is D- all of the above, lol.

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