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Climate change. Energy scarcity. Economic collapse. Bodily harm from a lifetime of dieting on synthetic foods. Given that these are only some of the dark clouds hanging over our heads, is it possible that what humanity is going through–what Visitors have been warning us about for decades–is nothing short of a cultural near-death experience? That’s what Jesse, an experiencer and scientist who teaches sustainable living, proposes. And on this episode, he also provides some solutions.

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  1. Heh. This guy has read a lot
    Heh. This guy has read a lot of the same stuff I have. I guess that breadcrumb trail is pretty well worn for seekers.

    As far as free energy, it’s coming soon. 5 years ago an Irish company called Steorn claimed that they had stumbled on a property of magnets that allowed them to create an overunity magnet motor. They challenged skeptics and scientists in a very bold way and then held a public demo – where it failed. The device was too fidgety and had to be very precisely assembled and some bad ball bearings managed to publicly embarrass the company. Steorn went quiet and the skeptics cried fraud. 5 years later they are beginning to stir again. They claim now that they reworked their device as a solid state device (no moving parts) and that the law of conservation of energy will have to be rewritten. They are holding demos at Slattery’s Pub (I did say it was an Irish company) where they will be charging people’s cell phones with their little black box. Things are about to change and transportation/energy is a huge chunk of the cost of almost everything, in terms of energy and pollution – of course, energy costs are the only impediment to robots taking all our jobs as well, but perhaps that’s not a bad thing either. When we realize that corporations are inherently top down and fascist and that they are a direct threat to the democracy that we hold dear, then we will democratize them, and you’ll no longer have anything to fear – they will be us.

    Steorn’s “Orbo” – the Never-Die Battery:

  2. Jeremy, a great interview and
    Jeremy, a great interview and I would like to make a few comments.

    Jesse, what I really like about this interview is your enthusiasm for ALL things. In regard to jobs and how to hold on to them…..I think it has always been difficult for unconventional/free thinking people to fit in. Keep at it and maybe your children will inherit that free thinking gene…..Some of the most wonderful technologies and inventions have come from the backyard/basements/garages of such individuals. (Your mind will NEVER grow old).

    While listening to this interview the name “Tinkers Workshop” came to mind. I did an internet search and came up with a few things. Since “Tinkers Workshop” has to do with teaching/children and simply the wonder of ‘being’ and thinking outside the box as children so often do, I have included these websites.

    “Tinkers Workshop”

    Last but not least…..

    I received this e-mail from my younger brother back in 2006. He is recounting an experience he had several years earlier. (Jesse, you talked about a piece of glass/crystal that worked its way out of your mother’s leg).

    From my younger brother…..Probably sometime in the early to mid 1960s.
    …..I felt sort of an itchy slight pain in the heel of my foot. It was like a splinter I could feel with my finger. I pulled it and it came right out and it was about the size and appearance of small nylon fishing line but it was clear like glass. I think it was slightly flexible and about 3 inches long. It scared me a little as I pulled it out and I guess that’s when I noticed it was a little flexible.

  3. Past lives: Exactly
    Past lives: Exactly right—we are living all of these lives simultaneously and I realized that years ago. Also, if you live THIS life with integrity, heal your issues, and learn love, forgiveness and compassion, it will ripple out to all of the other lives that are YOU. As with so much of this as discussed here and on Dreamland, that’s my feeling about us, them, whatever, and I leave it open-ended, knowing full well that I could be totally off-base…:-)

    Once while meditating I found myself sitting on a sunny hillside covered in yellow flowers. As I sat there, I realized that I was surrounded by children. Infants, teens, all ages of children, all races, boys and girls, and other young ones that may not have been human. I felt so much love for every one of them. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a little girl about 2 years old. She smiled shyly, then came over and sat in my lap. I gave her a hug, and she hugged me in return. It hit me at that point that this little girl was me as a child and that all of those children were ME. It hit me very deeply, and even remembering it now brings tears to my eyes. I’ve had many strange experiences, but this one went right to my heart and has stayed there ever since.

    The DOTS—Dreamtime, Australia, aborigines…Electricity, the Sun…’Forgotten Civilization’ by Robert M. Schoch. If Jesse has not read this book, he may want to pick up a copy. Robert Schoch is a geologist and geophysicist by the way, so they have some things in common.

    Sounds like Jesse has been down the path that so many of us have traveled…

    1. P.S. Jeremy, I hope you are
      P.S. Jeremy, I hope you are on the mend. Take care of yourself…Healing warmth and light headed your way…

  4. what and where do you find
    what and where do you find the lighted device for lucid dreaming or OBE’s!!!


  5. Google “light for lucid
    Google “light for lucid dreaming”. 🙂

  6. Wonder if any of this works?

    Wonder if any of this works? I hear so much–grounding, inflammation lED lights for lucid dreaming.

  7. James,
    I am from the


    I am from the ‘whatever floats your boat’ school of philosophy. There are a zillion tools out there for consciousness, awakening, understanding, etc..As Whitley tells us often, it takes work. That work may involve researching methods that work for you. I personally don’t feel that getting to our goals should involve lots of $$$ either, because the best tools are within us.

    Lucid dreaming: Program yourself before bedtime to remember and take charge in your dreams. It may take a while, but it costs you nothing. Practicing meditation helps as well and is also free. Jesse is a scientist, so I can understand his use of technology to get there–that’s what he was programmed to do.

    I had an experience with light a couple of times that produced similar results. I was staying in a yurt while on vacation near one of our area lakes. This yurt had a skylight, with a ceiling fan installed directly below the skylight. It happened to be the Summer Solstice, and at noon the sun was overhead and shining through the skylight. The fan was on, and I happened to look up. Whoa! Did I take an interesting trip! I went back a year later and took a friend along. Same results, and this time I had a witness that had the same experience. I asked the owner of this retreat, “So what’s up with the light show in the yurt?” Her wide-eyed answer: “Oh, so you experienced it too?” She knew about it and had experienced it herself, but I was the first person to say anything to her about it.

  8. Wonderful show. Jesse has a
    Wonderful show. Jesse has a genuine heart is blessed with critical thinking skills, too. I can relate to the first person experience of the Tree dream: I’ve also had similar conscious experiences with trees, fish, worms, animals, etc. Most Experiencers and Contactees are cognizant that Humans are on a threshold of major shifts in societal paradigm. In the year before my experiences kicked into high gear, I became overwhelmingly aware and concerned with sustainable living, fossil fuels, and an impending sense of ‘doom’. There IS something big coming. Very refreshing hearing Jesse’s attainable suggestions for moving through these changes.

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