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First Half (Free)

In the first part of this week’s episode, Joe Gooch, Melissa Kriger, and Stephen, all of whom shared their high strangeness experiences in previous episodes, come together to give thanks and pay tribute to Anne Strieber for all that she has done and continues to do for experiencers, starting, of course, with her husband, Whitley. In this roundtable discussion you will hear what  she means to people she may not have met personally, but whose lives she has touched deeply nonetheless.

Second Half (Subscribers)

Then, we turn to Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, a professor of microbiology at Midwestern University, a principal scientist at the Sun Health Research institute, and a partner in the Project Core experiencer survey. He speaks to the courage of the Striebers, gives us a glimpse at just how much work Anne put into The Communion Letters, and describes what that book means to him as a scientist.

Anne Strieber did a marvelous show on called Mysterious Powers. Subscribers can explore and listen to the entire run here.

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  1. Anne is worthy of all our
    Anne is worthy of all our love, admiration, gratitude, and respect! Great Jeremy!

  2. YES ! ! !
    I do not wish to

    YES ! ! !
    I do not wish to embarrass Anne or Whitley but….
    Anne has been a gentle breeze that swept over the land, bringing relief to so many as she read their stories and carried them forward in her heart. She is the “wind beneath Whitley’s wings.”

    The world is changed because of her reading the letters and taking the words, experiences, and need of those writers into her heart as well as the loving care and support of Whitley.

    Their heroic & miraculous journey ( both individual and together) changed lives and continues to do so. We are blessed.

  3. Let us ALL give a toast to
    Let us ALL give a toast to Anne Strieber……

    I feel this website and the rich archives will be read and studied for years to come. Anne you have been the other side of the coin for Whitley OR maybe Whitley has been the other side of the coin for YOU. In any case you both make up the whole.

    Thank you BOTH for all you give/have sacrificed and share in trying to understand humankind and our place here in the universe.

    This weeks ‘The Experience’ interviews alone makes me feel honored and happy to be a subscriber.

  4. What first drew me to Unknown
    What first drew me to Unknown Country was an Insight written by Anne Strieber that I came across in a Google search. I was a bit disappointed that she was associated w/Whitley, the UFO/aliens guy I periodically heard on C2C. Well, Art Bell seemed to think a lot of him . . . . While perusing the site, I noticed an interview coming up w/Gregg Braden. I came back for that and at some point discovered the Discussion Board. (Hmmm, more than just aliens and UFOs to this Whitley guy . . . )

    I love what Anne brings/brought to Unknown Country. I loved the simplicity and straightfowardness of her design/management of this site. I think Jeremy’s guests hit on many good points that, perhaps not so clearly showed, how different Whitley and this site wld be without Anne. I like that Jeremy continued Anne’s pet project of interviewing experiencers. I was greatly enjoying the interviews up until the time Anne became ill and unable to continue them. I think he does a wonderful job, but I can’t help but feel sad from time to time that it isn’t Anne conducting these interviews, as one of the guests commented.

    After the insightful remarks about The Communion Letters, which I have not read yet — I am anxious to read the book. The Communion Letters does seem to have been pivotal in the Striebers’ thinking regarding their hard-to-define experiences and the way they seemed to invite the rest of us, via The Communion Letters, into their explorations.

    I hope Anne is able at some time in the future to write a book about her experiences. Whitley and Anne touched on some of these experiences in The Miraculous Journey, but I wld love to hear more about Anne’s “coma” experiences. In addition, I don’t know if the Striebers plan another book together, but I wld love to hear more about their experiences in NYC, as well as the Gurdjieff years.

    1. Blue, i agree how wonderful
      Blue, i agree how wonderful it would be for Anne & Whitley to be able to author a book with her/their experiences as you expressed above. However awesome i think that would be – i prefer Anne to receive the good, the true and the beauty from all – allowing love and care to fill her with that joy and care which she has so generously given to others.

      Anne, you have given us so much already… seems time to give to yourself.

      I am so sorry you were hurt by comments written. If i could replace them with words that fill you with the truth of yourself as we subscribers have come to know you… i would. But the words so many have expressed over the years – especially the last few – how deeply you are respected and loved. Reread them… to your heart’s content… knowing they are our truth.

  5. A well-deserved tribute to
    A well-deserved tribute to Anne!

    I’ve long noticed that many ideas expressed by Whitley (or his guests) have been concepts which I first encountered in the Seth material, the voluminous channelings of Jane Roberts, e.g., Whitley’s suspicion that consciousness permeates all matter.
    But until listening to this tribute I had never stopped to think about how Anne’s vital role in disseminating and expanding Whitley’s work though the compilation of the Communion Letters and the development of Unknown Country parallels the contribution Jane Robert’s husband Robert Butts made to the Seth material by transcribing the Seth sessions and writing explanatory notes and commentary to them. Both contributed their intelligence, attention to detail, insights, creativity, and articulate personal voices to their spouse’s work – along with, of course, devotion to their partners and belief in the reality and value of their spouses’ anomalous experiences, even in the face of a skeptical and often rejecting world. Surely both partnerships were prearranged. (And no accident that Whitley and Jane were both writers by profession.)

    Still praying for you, Anne! Thank you for enriching my understanding of reality.

  6. A really lovely tribute to
    A really lovely tribute to Anne,well done! In regards to the cover of Communion,and at least the major difference IMO with that and the Hopkins reversion is the “Mona Lisa like ” smile on the being’s face, as oppose to the cold or indifferent appearances of others interpretations. There is the stern eyes, yet possibly playful countenance. Great second half with Dr. Kokjohn and looking forward to your discussion of Project Core.

  7. Anne,
    You have touched a lot

    You have touched a lot of people, including me. Will always be thinking and praying for you and Whitley.

    Thanks Jeremy for all that you do. I am just one of those “normal” people that listen to you and Whitley because I like to expand my mind.

  8. When I first saw the title of
    When I first saw the title of this show I began to tear up ~ I feel happy that Anne is able to hear and know that both she and her work are valued and even beloved. Thank you Jeremy for making a space where this can be heard.
    We are fortunate to hear both Anne and Jeremy’s interviews of experiencers. Far from preferring one style over the other, I find that the richness and variety is enhanced by the gift of two such extraordinary interviewers. Where there was once isolation and silence, Anne and Jeremy bring voices and stories to interconnection.
    We are truly blessed.

  9. Courage, patience, love. This
    Courage, patience, love. This is Anne Strieber.

    Regarding the woman on the face of ‘Communion’: I have never, ever thought of her as one of the Greys. In fact, my sense of her is that she is somewhat amused that many believe she is a Grey.

  10. Is Anne Strieber dead
    Is Anne Strieber dead already? Or is this show just anticipating it?

    1. The last time you commented
      The last time you commented on a show thread it was to write this:

      “…. Is this the same Emma of Emma Woods fame? What should I do with my panties, if so?”

      Now you return to write the cruelest thing you can think of? Why are you here? Just to get a reaction from me?

      Do people ever get sick of trolling?

  11. Cosmic L, I’m going to quote
    Cosmic L, I’m going to quote you:
    “Courage, patience, love. This is Anne Strieber.”
    So true. Anne, your willingness to put your issues of dealing with your weight have been a great help to my wife as well. You are a voice of truth and support crying in the wilderness knowing that others are out there that need your wisdom and strength. That goes for both Striebers!

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the show yet, but in light of the stupid comment by Mr. Moltke, I felt support should be given right away. There are other places to give and receive shit Heinrich, this isn’t one of them. Thank you for the good and prompt reply Jeremy. Keep the great shows coming. Can’t wait to get a minute to listen to this one.

    We love you Anne!

  12. Heinrich, your comment
    Heinrich, your comment regarding Anne shows that you did not listen to the show before commenting. It would serve you better to listen to the show before you write.

  13. A great quote…..
    “Never argue

    A great quote…..

    “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

    ― Mark Twain

  14. The fact is it is in poor
    The fact is it is in poor taste to put up a show called ‘A Tribute to Anne Strieber’ when everything we hear is that the woman is recovering. Do a show on her contribution, but call it something else. ‘Tributes’ are usually what are done under very different circumstances.

    As for the Emma Woods remark and ‘trolling’ – which have nothing to do with my comment above – I’m skeptical of people who present themselves as open-minded and ‘keeping the question open’, but who always end up taking dogmatic positions in public UFO debates. So if there’s sarcasm there, now you can say you know why.

    P.S. Other comments notwithstanding, I hope Anne continues to make a recovery and comes back better than ever. She may find that ‘tributes’ were jumping the gun a little.

  15. Heinrich, I do not want to
    Heinrich, I do not want to give this any more energy than this, but this is from

    trib-ute [trib-yoot] noun
    1. a gift, testimonial, compliment, or the like, given as due or in acknowledgment of gratitude or esteem.
    2.a stated sum or other valuable consideration paid by one sovereign or state to another in acknowledgment of subjugation or as the price of peace, security, protection, or the like.
    3.a rent, tax, or the like, as that paid by a subject to a sovereign.
    4.any exacted or enforced payment or contribution.
    5.obligation or liability to make such payment.

    None of these definitions mentions any connection to your implied connection. In fact, tributes are paid every year to vibrant, inspirational people by numerous organizations. Your imagined context does not exist.

    Your other issues with “people who present themselves as open-minded and ‘keeping the question open’, but who always end up taking dogmatic positions in public UFO debates”, has absolutely nothing to do with this wonderful tribute to Anne Strieber.

  16. Heinrich is no longer an
    Heinrich is no longer an Unknowncountry subscriber. Anne read what he wrote and suffered grave emotional agony as a result. We threw him off. The little “fixer” comment later I viewed as snide, and so did she. The internet is full of this crap. We don’t want it here and won’t tolerate it.

  17. Appalling how insensitive
    Appalling how insensitive people can be.

  18. A**hole. Glad he’s gone.
    A**hole. Glad he’s gone. You’re a gem, Anne — just keep on keepin’ on.

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