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Something big is happening in Hawaii right now that has ramifications for us all. Host Jeremy Vaeni explains Hawaii’s Mauna Kea Protectors movement in terms we have not heard before. Then, he takes us on a walkthrough of a week spent with Lakota activist Tiokasin Ghosthorse that shows the stark contrast between Western brain-mind, which separates self from other selves, objects, and animals, and Indigenous heart-mind, which sees the consciousness of every "thing" in timeless relationship.

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  1. Thank you, Jeremy for giving
    Thank you, Jeremy for giving us what i/we didn’t know. I have not listened to the full download yet, but only the brief one, as i am on my way out. Much to ponder on my drive.
    For the good things we have been given by our ancestors, enjoy the 4th. For that which we have yet to accomplish, may Love, Peace, Joy, and Truth walk with you always.

  2. This was a blessing. It
    This was a blessing. It confirms the road I try to stay upon. Thank you.

    1. and for me it confirms the
      and for me it confirms the path I have rediscovered!

  3. Can you imagine… can you
    Can you imagine… can you just imagine!

  4. Beautiful…this brings
    Beautiful…this brings gladness to my heart, and tears to my eyes. ((((( <3 )))))

  5. Wonderful Jeremy!
    Wonderful Jeremy!

  6. Jerremy, I loved how you
    Jerremy, I loved how you integrated the breaking down of your car into the story. Most Western minded people think of the breaking down of a car as simply a hassle. It does not lead to anything but inconvenience. However, you depicted it as an entity that is capable of weaving itself seamlessly into a story line. An integrated, interconnected being, rather than a dead object. What does the breaking down of a car signify? Does it represent an end, or the beginning of an opportunity? Surely, the way you merged it with your story is evidence that the breaking down of a car can be part of the flow, not merely the interruption or halting of flow, as many people would imagine it. I’m certain that this idea is very spiritual and Hawaiian in nature, when one common and expected scenario gets re-interpreted in a completely new fashion. I’m positive there are many other examples of this that have occurred in people’s lives, where a seemingly familiar situation gets completely changed by unexpected factors that get involved.

    1. The car most definitely
      The car most definitely played a role. In fact, one bit I forgot to mention was that the car took a second to turn over earlier in the day, which never happens. On the way to the first part of ceremony, I just had this feeling of dread like I wasn’t supposed to be a part of this. Originally, we were thinking about going up the mountain for the whole thing even though Tiokasin was exhausted. But I just had this nagging feeling like we weren’t supposed to or I’m not supposed to. In my head I said, “If we’re not supposed to then give me a sign by letting the car make it to this person’s house.” (I thought I’d be cute and not ask for a sign that would include the car dying on the way.) We made it and then back to the cultural center parking area, where it died in the parking spot, as you know.

      It’s interesting that technology has always been incorporated into “high strangeness” and “wild normalcy” phenomena from the beginning. Jacques Vallee has stories of a horse and buggy stalling at, I believe it was a Virgin Mary sighting–back before cars existed and stalled for UFOs. The evening Jeff Ritzmann and I interviewed Collin Andrews and had the air change in the room as the conversation got deep, Collin’s bank of computers shut down one after the other. And we all know about batteries draining in haunted places and UFO/orb/plasma phenomena sucking energy off of power lines. So there’s definitely something there to ferret out.

      1. I am reminded here of the
        I am reminded here of the notorious “energy dampening field” that recurred in various Star Trek episodes and one movie (Star Trek 4). Could it be that the mind/brain can shut off technology deliberately in certain circumstances? There was a story I heard some time ago where an old man died, and his grandfather clock shut off during exactly the same instant. The time of the old Man’s death was preserved by the clock hands. A while back, I was on an International flight. I won’t tell the flight number or where I was headed, for purposes of anonymity. During the final hours of this long flight, I noticed that an older man, perhaps in his 50’s, was not responding to the stewardess. He looked like he was virtually catatonic, and staff soon swarmed around him, trying to help. Did he need heart medication? Some staff hands looked in his baggage. By the time we got to our destination, he was provided with a wheelchair and oxygen. He appeared to be at least alive at this juncture. I don’t know his fate. We all got off of the flight, and I arrived at my hotel. The next morning, my friend and I got into a cab bound for the mall. The driver picked us up, and as soon as we got in, the car stalled. Nothing. The driver tried a few more times, and finally the car got going. I was wondering while this happened, “Is it something in the air causing this? Was I attracted somehow to a faulty car, or was my consciousness creating an “energy dampening field” that was responsible for diffusing the car’s engine? I have heard of a girl who can apparently turn off her TV with her mind, she was featured on a television program maybe 10 years ago.

        Are these events caused by ourselves? Could it be that we can turn off electrical devices with our minds during the proper moment? Can the spirit exert an energy dampening field? Is this what happens with UFOs that turn off car engines in their presence? Can spirit cause physical energy to disperse, becoming subsequently ineffective?

        One more story: I recently went to Thailand for a holiday. After I arrived I checked in at the reservation desk. They provided us with key cards, and we headed upstairs. We entered the elevator, and pressed the button for our floor. Suddenly, the lights went out. At this moment, here’s what was playing on the elevator music: “…..Alone in the dark, and then you come along….and YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE” I’m sure you know the rest of these lyrics. We found out later the elevator was rigged in order to shut down when one did not immediately swipe one’s key card (something they neglected to explain at the front desk). So, this was not an example of an energy dampening field, the shut down was timed and automatically caused. What is very funny is the timing of the coincidence, the references in the song that was playing. Amusing, indeed.

        1. See guys, this is what I was
          See guys, this is what I was referring to in a post from the other week.

          These exceptions or synchronicities are within the probability curve for a 4D space/time continuum that is being moderated (controlled) by a sentient intelligence (Us).

          We humans may actually be the ONLY consciousness alive (aware) in this Universe. It’s no surprise that SETI has NOT discovered any other advanced civilization so far. For, if we are spontaneously creating this reality as a platform for our advancement and the Gov’t scientists are studying it, they may realize it is indeed very fragile.

          What holds it together, you may ask. This currently is unknown. Call it God, but somehow the Universe seems fairly stable (Homeostatic), it preserves itself. The only clue is that it seems to be expanding (and that expansion is accelerating for unknown reasons). Black Holes are where, given enough time, we will all end up –what then?

          Gravity is THE major player in our universe but we don’t understand it. Physicists know that elemental particles (leptons) are the carriers of force fields. But what about the Graviton? How does it carry the Force of Gravity; we can’t seem to put our finger on it. That is because (according to string theory) the graviton requires at LEAST 10 dimensions in order to exist.

          But we still have gravity (forget ‘Dark Matter’ this is a mis-conception). The extra dimensions are HERE all around us, they are just wrapped-up so tight we don’t observe them directly. More importantly, these dimensions are coordinated to our own 4D space/time. So the Earth (and all matter) contain extra hyper-dimensional Mass that exerts an influence on the space we inhabit. If there are ‘other’ Earths superimposed over the one we are familiar with, then they may be inhabitable. If humans are going to understand gravity we need to start thinking hyper-dimensionally.

          1. I believe that “gravitational
            I believe that “gravitational time dilation” is an example of how local frequencies and non-frequencies (the void) change one’s reference to time. When one is nearer to gravity, time slows down. Farther away from a gravity source, time speeds up. Inside the void, time speeds up to an absolute velocity. It makes instantaneous travel possible.

            If you look at your physical activity on this planet, you may find that you are “downshifting” from a connected place of pure potential into a confined, local energy. Such a connected place is usually observable prior to one committing to a task. A priori’. However, the void confluence can also be observed after one accomplishes a task, as energies meld and merge. I believe that when one balances energy so that it reaches the confluence, the void’s attributes can be accessed. The afterlife may be a place where no change is possible, unless it is perfectly balanced. We may be on Earth to learn how to balance energies, with nature acting as our primary teacher.

          2. My perception of our 4D
            My perception of our 4D reality is that it is fairly local. Energy does work because it is confined to an “area of application”. Think about pushing a heavy disk across a table. If one applies force in a focused manner, the task is accomplished. However, if that energy was diffused across space and time, the same task would not be doable. Energy does work, but only when it can be applied directly, if it is overly expanded and of low density, distributed over an area, then the same job won’t get done, even if the same amount of general energy is present.

            Most people assume that because they are older, they have less energy than they did when they were a child. I don’t believe this is so: people have exactly the same amount of energy, only it has changed FORM in due time. And it has changed to something that is not useable on our physical plane. With age, energy diffuses, diffuses. It empties into other dimensions, preparing people for the leap into the other dimensions. Eventually, we die because our energy is no longer compatible with the energy of the Universe.

          3. I believe there is a
            I believe there is a confluence where all energy forms come together. At this point, everything is connected. I call this place the void. It is where all energy forms cancel each other out. It operates in the background of reality. It encompasses a larger view than 4D space-time reality. We can control 4D reality because our minds and spirits exist in the void, our consciousness subsumes 4D space-time . I believe that quantum entanglement is an example of the void’s influence upon our universe. No time exists in the void, it is timeless.

            I have considered the possibility of late that base matter from a craft can be projected vibrationally into the confluence of the void. If this occurred, such a craft could bypass both space and time. It could be a time machine, or a spacecraft. It would be capable of going anywhere and anyplace. It would downshift into our reality, from a more remote plane.

            I believe that quantum physics is actually seeing the influence of the void in action, and that science has partially “peered behind the curtain” and has seen what exists in the void dimension. Terms like superposition and quantum entanglement apply here.

          4. I’m not sure that the idea
            I’m not sure that the idea that “other dimensions are those which are curled up tightly” actually refer to higher dimensions. They may be lower and more local dimensions. I think to access higher dimensions one must stretch one’s consciousness outward, towards more liminal domains. Out on the edge, so to speak. Science’s failure to discover these liminal dimensions may be because it’s focus is turned inward, towards the smaller and more locally defined. They are bound to discover energy denizen of our Universe only, not those which supersede our boundaries. Searching for or expressing local energy forms may make one felicitous, but it won’t lead to any ground breaking advances.

  7. Or, it could mean that once
    Or, it could mean that once technology is turned off (literally, like when your car won’t start) nature can easily begin to flourish. I am reminded that some Hawaiians see technology as an eye sore, and that it is actually damaging. I knew a person who took lots of pictures. She had massive photo albums, thousands of pictures in digital and polaroid form. She was convinced that the best times she had was when she FORGOT to take pictures. She delighted in when her battery ran out, because that meant her life might greatly improve. So, perhaps your experience with the car was an anti-technology moment.

  8. Did anyone else notice the
    Did anyone else notice the small sound in the background that sounds to me like a frog croaking? Nature’s voice behind Jeremy’s words!

    1. That is called the coqui
      That is called the coqui frog. It’s about as big as a thumb nail yet produces this massive sound. It is a newcomer to the island. Most locals can’t stand it. I love the sound. Funny enough so did Tiokasin. He said instead of seeing it as an invasive species, maybe ask why it came here from South America in the first place? What does it have to teach?

  9. I encourage everyone to read
    I encourage everyone to read the blog at Jeremy’s site on the link at the top of this page, regarding Mauna Kea Protectors.

    For years I have wondered why I have the experiences that I have, my connection to nature, and the big one: Why the heck am I here at this particular time and place?

    I went through many synchroncities myself a few years ago, and most of those centered around Lakota legends and the connectedness of all things (Mitakuye oyasin). I happen to live in what may appear to most people to be a typical suburban neighborhood. However, there are some hidden gems here that include a lovely spring-fed creek and ancient burial mounds that are disguised and well-hidden (in plain sight!) within blocks of my home. There is wildlife in the creek and the greenbelt that borders it (fish, turtles, hawks, coyotes, a few foxes, songbirds, rabbits, and snakes) I have lived here almost 30 years and also seen tremendous growth in terms of people and development, yet I still have this little oasis within a mile of my home. I protect this spot, and several years ago I made a few well-placed phone calls to public officials when I spotted a county truck spraying herbicides in the creek. When I explained that killing things like cattails (natural water filters) was destructive to the overall health of the creek and its wildlife, the county ceased using herbicides to clear vegetation. No loud protest, and I am still surprised that someone listened to me and did something about it!

    My point is, find that place in your community. There is a sacred, natural spot near you, but you may not be aware it. And you may not even need to actively look for it, it may find you. It could even be your own backyard, or a spot on your balcony or patio. Of course we all need to protect and speak up about the destruction of natural areas and wildlife. If you can’t do that, you can still contribute to the World Wildlife Fund, Sierra Club, and the Nature Conservancy. We all can do our small part to take care of the Natural World, no matter where we live, and we must also feel it in our heart and souls.

    I have several large pots of aloe on my deck that have become homes for insects and a family of anoles…They aren’t just potted plants to me, they are little pieces of heaven and a sacred spot for other forms of life.

    As for me personally, it hit me a few years ago about where I was supposed to be, since I had questioned that for years. One day I realized that my name is an anagram for the name of my community!

    Mitakuye oyasin!

  10. The car is a living entity. I
    The car is a living entity. I have never owned a new car. Every car I have owned, I have nurtured and never said anything bad about it while in it or out.
    Negative energy can be transmitted to inanimate objects. In Jeremy’s case the car acted as a conduit for an amazing week. Nothing negative about it. I have always thought if the car breaks down it has kept me from a bad accident.

  11. I can go with the flow!,
    I can go with the flow!, great show, thanks.

  12. BEST show so far.
    BEST show so far.

  13. Loved the whole show. So much
    Loved the whole show. So much said, and the comments above so apropos. Synchronicity, being present to the present moment… it is a gift to have a community in which each one reveals a piece of that for all the others. Jeremy, your choices and direction are a gift and invites each guest and listener to presence at this table of abundant love and care. Thank you.

  14. I’m with you Jeremy. It’s
    I’m with you Jeremy. It’s all just beautiful!!!

  15. Very inspirational for me!
    Very inspirational for me! Thanks, I needed that

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