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Fear triggers adrenaline, which alters our perception, slowing time and hyper-concentrating our focus. Is fear being used to open us to other dimensions where we can experience and interact with beings in these realms? That is the hypothesis of this week’s guest, Velvet. And as deeply insightful as that question is, the questions don’t end there.

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  1. The hand positions are called
    The hand positions are called mudras.

    Kriyas are actions.

    Asanas are postures.

    Mark Foster

    1. Thank you!
      Thank you!

  2. A CEO wants a certain
    A CEO wants a certain large-scale reality to manifest (e.g. more billions in profits) and he makes a corporate decision to implement changes to create that reality without realizing/caring about the implications on the smaller levels, such as environmental damage, families crying, impoverished workers, etc..

    I wonder if these “others” exist in a space that can perceive non-linear time and are equally removed from the small-scale here and now. They are desiring a certain changes in us, navigating possibilities to select a favorable scenario, and our momentary experiences of fear or pain are just parts of the landscape on the way to the destination. They just see the results it will have in the future as beneficial, so it’s all good, right? Like a painful shot from a doctor that leaves you healthier. Or an overzealous father wanting to toughen-up his child and ready him for being a gold medalist, but stomping the kid’s childhood.

    You could also apply this to the selection of what images they project about themselves; we see a clown or an owl NOT because that’s what the other wanted us to see (like they went to the alien mask store in your unconscious,) but because they choose the higher-level result of how you will evolve – if seeing weird clowns get you to that point, well so be it. Do they show images of the Earth blowing up because that’s what turns us into warriors for the environmental movement? That they might be “liars” (because we think it’s showing us the future and the Earth doesn’t really end up blowing up) doesn’t even cross their minds and wouldn’t even make sense outside of our real-time/small-time perspective.

    I was thinking about how when lightning strikes a point on the Earth, that point and the the point in the sky are already connected by streams of electrons. Anyone standing there would feel the charge building and their hairs stand up on end and only during the future discharge can we actually experience the full manifestation of the event in our reality.

  3. Jeremy and Velvet, a really
    Jeremy and Velvet, a really good interview and leaving me with lots of things to think about. (NIGHTMARE FEARS/NIGHT TERRORS that still trouble me on occasion). I might have to listen to this interview again just to catch ideas I might have missed the first time. In the end though…..

    That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

  4. I loved the section on the
    I loved the section on the Chinese description of what occurs as souls departs the body at death ~ it seems much of the wisdom/knowledge we seek is out there in some culture’s expressions ~ more reasons to listen ~ more value in all this talk story ~

  5. Fear often creates a sudden
    Fear often creates a sudden jolt, and this may indeed affect the fabric of space-time. It may “thump” on the fabric, creating a vibration. How this may affect the ambient situation is unclear, but many have noticed the “Oz effect” when encountering UFOs.

    What Science should do, in my opinion, is establish where the space-time continuum actually lies, and then they can search for what lies beyond it. The fabric of space-time is not the only thing in existence—the mind can travel to other realms that exist in close proximity to the fabric of space-time. The problem is, while the mind and astral body can travel to other realms, machines or energies from this existence cannot do so. So, Science is stuck with “light being the fastest thing in existence”. Matter and light define the space-time realm only, except in certain special circumstances (quantum entanglement being one of them).

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