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Last week we heard all about the near death experience. This week we will hear about the shared death experience. But first, our returning guest, Christopher, takes us through his life as an intermediary in both ufological and near death experiences, which should no longer be considered two different subjects, but factions of the same study.

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  1. What beautiful experiences,
    What beautiful experiences, so moving. Listening has given me a new insight into what synchronicities are: the shine of our inner light reflected in our outer world.

    Regarding the levels of near and after death experience, they exist because the Cosmos respects all levels of consciousness, whatever they may be. We experience these things not because they are right, but because we have a right to experience them.

  2. Christopher, thank you for
    Christopher, thank you for sharing your incredible experience with your your wife as she was dying and how you felt that she was giving you a gift. What a wonderful way of looking at it. Now you have given us a gift as well.
    Rick Man

  3. Awwww, Christopher you are an
    Awwww, Christopher you are an amazing story teller~Mahalo. Rarely have I ever had the honor of listening to a man be so present & vulnerable. The story of your wife’s transition throughout her death and dying journey are incredible. I’m so happy Adrianne got Anita’s download precisely when she needed it!

    There is something about your nature that’s like a rare element, the way you energetically move through your stories in such a dynamic way.

    It’s a healing experience for me listening to you speak. I hope Jeremy invites you back on The Experience again. You strike me as the kind of man who has no shortage of interests or experiences he values. Be well. Aloha.

  4. Wow! Thank you!
    Wow! Thank you!

  5. I’ve heard about shared death
    I’ve heard about shared death experiences before. It makes me wonder and think about to what extent people can have shared hallucinations, shared consciousness (shared anything). Thank you Christopher for your wonderful story about your wife. Having dealt with Loved ones with cancer myself, I know what kinds of emotions are experienced. Prolonged cancer therapy is really tough, it’s such a gradual fall in cases where a person finally dies. Sounds like your experience was ecstatic in the end, a true gift to be relished. I enjoyed the conclusion of this interview, with the discovery of 4 and 5 leaf clovers. You sound like an amiable and valiant soul.

  6. Christopher, thanks for
    Christopher, thanks for sharing a deep part of yourself and who you are on this Earth Walk!

    Jeremy, thanks for allowing Christopher to tell his story in his own words, allowing it to flow without interruptions. There was no need for a lot of questions, since Christoper did a beautiful job all on his own.

    1. How true this felt. Every
      How true this felt. Every time I have been at the deathbed of a family member, after not leaving them at all, the moment I walked out, they passed. It makes me feel like they really do have a choice and do it intentionally. Maybe to protect us, even if we don’t agree?
      How wonderful that Christopher’s wife gave him such an awesome gift. What a gift Christopher has given us as well. I also loved in the first interview, how Christopher talked about how this digital age reflects our evolution as well. Like others have commented here, this has been a wonderful, heartfelt show.

  7. I remember on the day that my
    I remember on the day that my dad passed, it was me, my sister, my mom, and my aunt in the house. Daddy was under hospice care, and decided to stay at home once he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He had slipped into a coma early that morning, and my mother called me at work, and I immediately drove over to my parent’s house. I had not been there very long when my mother and sister went out to the front yard to greet my sister’s best friend who had just arrived in the driveway. I was sitting and watching Daddy when he passed, and my aunt was in the kitchen. My aunt and i remained calm, looked at each other, and she called the hospice people, and I went outside and told my mother and my sister to come back in—Daddy had passed. They were both extremely upset, saying “We were outside less than 5 minutes!”, as they ran back inside. My aunt and i continued to remain calm. After the funeral home came by and left with my dad’s body, my aunt and I ran into one another in the hallway, and that’s when we let it flow! I do think my dad was waiting for my mom and sister to leave the room before he passed, so that he could leave quickly and quietly, without high drama. (If you are familiar with ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’, a quiet passing is preferable, and the best way to leave this world)

    There were events and synchronicities that happened years before, and also the night before, later that day, and for weeks and months afterwards that were special and profound.

    Since that time, my mother has expressed a lot of disappointment about not being in the room when Daddy died, and she has also harbored some resentment about it too, towards me and my aunt. Not long ago, I told her that she should not take it that way, and it wasn’t because he favored me or my aunt over her. My sister was actually grateful about the timing.

    We are students and teachers during our whole lives, and also before, during, and after death.

  8. Thank you so much
    Thank you so much Christopher!

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