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Did you know that near-death experiences and visitor phenomena have a connective thread? They do: kundalini energy. This week’s episode is packed with information straight out of Dr. Kenneth Ring’s near-death and "alien abduction" studies, as brought to us by Christopher, a man who worked on The Omega Project during his college years.

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  1. Wow that was a great
    Wow that was a great episode!!!!! SO interesting!! He really got me when he was talking about the life reviews, where you revisit all you’ve done AND experience it from the other persons p.o.v. I read a book about 20 years ago where this guy had a long NDE and wrote about it, and he had the exact same story. One thing he remembered was being shown when he was like 6 years old and his little brother went in his room and broke his balsa-wood airplane toy, and he screamed horrible things at him and said he hated him, etc etc, but when he had the NDE, he felt exactly what that did to his brother and it broke his heart. That book had a lot of other really interesting things in it; I’ll have to try to remember what it was called and who wrote it. (another thing he saw while “dead” was he ended up in a saloon and people were drunk at the bar, and he could see ‘spirits’ hovering all around, and when one of the people passed out, the spirits all tried to LEAP into the unconscious body, and the guide he was with told him that some spirits (or whatever they are, it’s BEEN 20 years since I read it) would wait for opportunities like that to try to get inside and experience a physical body, but can’t do it to a normal, sober person).
    Also for YEARS I’ve wondered if blind people can see in their dreams, I never thought of NDEs! So interesting. Seems like they really wouldn’t want to go back in their old blind bodies.
    A+ episode! Thanks!

    1. Hi Aligater, of course you
      Hi Aligater, of course you wouldn’t want to go back if it was only a choice between seeing and blindness, but first you would understand that YOU are not blind, but just experiencing blindness, second, the reason you were experiencing it would be made clear to you, the reason YOU chose it, and the greater purpose it serves. You would return to your life with that gift, a gift of spiritual sight, if you will.

  2. I also thought the life
    I also thought the life review description was particularly impactful. It’s not just a life review, it’s a LIFE review. We wouldn’t be shown such things if we weren’t meant to participate in it, to live our lives based on its principles, to feel that interconnectivity in every moment of our lives and act from that center. It amounts to a calling to live more consciously, not for our ego, but for Life itself, to manifest in harmony with its highest principles. That any and all so-called ‘ordinary’ human beings are shown these things means that there are no ‘ordinary’ human beings; we are all meant to to be conscious, aware, compassionate, and to participate consciously in a spiritual transformation of the physical, material level of consciousness.

  3. Thank you, Jeremy and
    Thank you, Jeremy and Christopher for this incredibly informative interview. Fascinating to learn that Kenneth Ring and his team, like the Striebers, were already making the connection between death and the contact experience decades ago. Connecting this now to the kundalini experience is a crucial insight at this time, for me personally, and I suspect to many other listeners. In light of this, I wonder if I might pose a question to listeners that may seem a little out in left field. Does anyone have any experience with or information about the effect of antidepressants on the kundalini experience? More to the point, can antidepressants block or distort kundalini energy? Thank you.

  4. To explain a little more
    To explain a little more where my above question is coming from, millions of people are being prescribed antidepressants, not just for depression, but for anxiety. Of my own experience of intense and ongoing anxiety, I have observed that from an objective perspective, the physical symptoms are often very similar to intense excitement and joy, and also similar to many of the “symptoms” of rising kundalini energy. It’s as if there is an essentially neutral energy or rising vibration there, and if it can’t make itself felt as euphoria – perhaps because of years of depression – it makes itself felt as anxiety. Or perhaps, it is the experiencer who is on some level choosing to experience it as fear rather than joy. This hearkens back to discussions I’ve had with Jeremy, and many of you on this site, about fear possibly being the flip-side of joy and/or love, and this question we keep asking about why some people experience terror when others experience euphoria. So many people are suffering from intense anxiety these days. I can’t help wondering if some of what they are feeling is the beginning of that kundalini energy/ rising vibrations, but they experience it as fear and find it unbearable. If they take antidepressants for relief, is that actually blocking, on a mass scale, the human evolution inherent in the kundalini process that Christopher refers to?

  5. Excellent interview, seemed
    Excellent interview, seemed like it made real progress. I saw the Omega report was mentioned in Super Natural.

    I would add that Kundalini is involved in sexual situations.

  6. There was so much information
    There was so much information here, thank you for this interview. Some questions were ones i have also had. I suspect others wondered as well. Absurd Metaphysician… kundalini energy process… I also have wondered about how medications and emotions effect kundalini/ spiritual development.

    I have thought the process can be “so slow and normal – possibly beginning in early years (well before 20 ) …such that the individual may never even be aware of it. It is just the way life is for them. I know some people well, who have spoken of it. They have very different views on religion(s) yet share similar understandings about “spiritual stuff.”

    Early experiences affect one’s development. The story that “we can make things better for ourselves… our group… our country… our world…. (whichever one is the focus) speaks. Does it matter how long the “story of a people” has been carried and able/unable to create change. Do group aspects have an effect such that leaders are born into such situations to bring people into the light… the story of every oppressed people is our history as human beings. Is this being strengthened by otherworldly experiences/ kundalini / etc? Does leadership develop due to spiritual development and what has been found to support /deny this?

    1. not so much dreamer, it isn’t
      not so much dreamer, it isn’t clear to me if you’re referring to leadership in general or of a leader emerging from the ranks of a suppressed people in order to lead them out of bondage. In any case, I don’t think there’s necessarily a direct correlation between leadership and spiritual development. Leadership is a function of social order. If a society is not inherently or overtly spiritual the leadership that arises in that society isn’t likely to have thus arisen because of the spiritual qualities of that leader, rather they would likely, at least apparently, have other qualities that place them in a position to support and expedite the goals of that society. Depending on the society, those qualities and goals may be quite antithetical to purely spiritual principles.

  7. Absurd Metaphysician:

    Absurd Metaphysician:

    Here’s an interesting tangential perspective from previous guest “Lindsay”….

    I wouldn’t ‘not’ take antidepressants if someone needs them but is worried about how it will affect them spiritually because depression is far more debilitating in itself for any sort of spiritual growth.

  8. Jeremy, for me, I really
    Jeremy, for me, I really connected with this interview. I like the way Christopher used the analogy of connecting the dots. For the past 20 years I have been searching for an understanding of all the unique and anomalous things that have happened in my life, including a near death experience, though was brought back before going all the way. I found Unknown Country to be one of those places where the stories told will often resonate with me. Usually the stories that connect the dots are those related to vibration and energy. One element that no one seems to mention, as far as I can remember, is the nature or quality of those energies and how they move in time and space. Engagement with what I call spirit beings, guides, or masters appear to have been initiated by them. They always seem to approach me in a counter clockwise direction, at a high rate of speed, and contacting my left side. Their energy vibrations are intense, having elements of both high and low frequencies with the mid and high frequencies layered on the pulsing lower frequencies and may be associated with color which is usually a brilliant bluish white. These affect either my heart or my mind, or sometimes both. Heart emotions are often of love, joy, sadness, and belonging. Those that affect my mind are related to affirmation, guidance, instruction, and direction. The heart energy I feel to be feminine in nature being incredibly intense, yet soft and engulfing, like a mother nurturing a child. The mind energies I consider to be masculine in nature with a commanding authority presence, yet protective at the same time.
    Contact with ET, or their craft (or whatever it is), produces intense vibration and energy frequencies that are pulsing and variable and seem mechanical in nature as they lack the qualities mentioned above, though can be extremely colorful. As a child, these energies produced confusion, then fear as an adult, but then later in life, a wild mix of extreme excitement, amazement, and fear at the same time. Like what the heck was that as I fall over. Would this be considered awe? Look it up in the dictionary.
    I look forward to part 2 Jeremy.

    Alex Man

  9. Interesting comments on what
    Interesting comments on what we put into our bodies and how it can affect our energies. I would agree that being able to manage anxiety or fear would be critical in the Kundalini experience. I know that caffeine affects me negatively and reduces by ability to relax. Whitley mentioned that Ann and the visitors have provided some guidelines on nutrition and how it impacts our ability to manage our energies. I look forward to reading about what they suggest.

    On the matter of fear and how it affects one’s ability to manage energy. I reflected back on my NDE which happened over 30 years ago. I had a reaction to a substance that dropped my blood pressure, causing my heart to go into fibrillation. I became dizzy and slowly dropped to the floor. There was an intense buzzing sound and my body vibrated and I felt very tingly. Also, I could hear but not see. Fortunately I was in the presence of medical staff who gave me epinephrine and I slowly came around. In looking back at the experience, I did not know what was happening and had no fear. It felt good and so I just went with it. I’m not sure that one would call this Kundalini energy, but I feel that this was an awakening for events to come. I felt similar energy a few years later when a friend invited me to his Christian fellowship prayer meeting where they practiced the laying of on hands. The energy was powerful, though soothing and lasted for over 15 minutes. I was laying on the ground next to a piano which began to resonate in harmony with my body’s vibrations. Pretty amazing. Fast forward 10 years and the visitor phenomena occurs. In my search for understanding and in an effort to manage my anxiety, a friend connected me with a lady who would teach me to meditate and better manage my breathing. She had the ability to see auras, which she was able to use during guided meditation sessions. Amazingly, she could see the effect of my thoughts on my aura and as such could tell when my mind began to wander and would bring my concentration and focus back. She also informed me that the various energies had different colors and would produce quite a light show. Sessions were conducted in the daytime, though curtains were drawn. In our first session she mention that a ball of energy approached on my left side and stayed in contact with me. She felt it to be a feminine energy come to assist in the process. The result was that the Kundalini energies were released to amazing and beautiful affect. Unfortunately this lady moved away after only 5 or 6 sessions and I have never been able to activate these energies to the same level. I find that the exercises that Whitley describes to be of great help as it brings a wonderful energy to my hands, feet, and forehead, but it stops there. My efforts to move further are thwarted by, either my busy monkey brain, or sometimes a fear that arises when the energy approaches to quickly which just shuts everything down. In hind site I think that being in the presence of those people at the prayer meeting made me feel safe thus allowing their and my energy to flow. Also the lady who coached me through the meditation sessions was able to guide my thoughts, keep me grounded, and feeling safe. The other souls I mentioned in my previous post came so quickly that I had no time to react and their energies were so beautiful and positive that I welcomed them. The energy and intent of the visitors in my life is still something I’m not sure of.

    If you’ve come this far, thanks for being interested.

    Rick (sometimes called Alex) Man

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